Friday, May 31, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Lorac GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette


Oh my word ladies....I am SO SORRY this post has taken FOREVER to come out! I was one of the few who heard about this palette early on and thought naaaah, I don't need this palette...then I saw swatches and I saw pictures. I was a goner. It is SOOOO pretty. Too pretty. Much too pretty. You want to see it now, don't you? I think I can help with that....
 Yes, the GLOgetter GLOWS lol

 Resist that, if you can...I certainly couldn't, obviously 
The lovely GLOgetter palette is a limited edition Summer 2013 product from Lorac that was made to be sold exclusively at Ulta. It retails at....wait for it...$20. YES, YOU HEARD THAT CORRECTLY. $20! There are 8 eyeshadows, and two highlighters, one light satin and one shimmer. Out of the shadows, some are close to matte, but more of a satin, some are shimmery and two are duo-chrome. You want to know the quality of this little shiny gem? How about some swatches! - 

On the left is the matte-satin highlight, then the 8 eyeshadow shades, and on the right is the shimmery highlight. The peach blending with the aqua turquoise and the cerulean blue, shimmery mocha, mint, die for

These colors are AMAZING. They're fresh, Spring-Summery and full of glow (or GLO, if you'd prefer). They're quite pigmented, as you can see by the picture. I did NOT use a primer for the swatches and each is about 3-4 swipes. All easily buildable/layerable and very soft, smooth to work with. I had no issue with fallout or flaking as well!

 Here is a dazzling close-up of the duo-chromes. There is the fabulous mint shade that has a soft-cool gold shimmer, then the maroon with the purple duo-chrome shimmer. If Tinkerbell had a makeup stash, I do believe this palette would be there. Notice how smoooooth the shadow are. Love it!


My darling, darling not be angry with me, I beg you...but this product is not available on Ulta's website anymore....::ducks::....I'm SORRY, I'm SORRY, I'm SORRY! HOWEVER, please do try to take a look at your local Ulta store, I still have people telling me that they are STILL finding them there. Once again, I definitely should have had this posted forever ago. The good news is, as of this upcoming week, I am on vacation for 2 weeks and I will have ample time to catch up on my posts, as well as the summer as it is much slower for me that the end of the school year. my look with the Lorac GLOgetter Palette! - 

 I wanted something light, soft and airy but still bright since I was going to be outside for most of the day! I used the matte-satin highlight below my eyebrows and in towards the corner of my eye, the peach shade below that, the mint duo-chrome on the inner 2/3 of my eyelids, the mocha shimmer on the outer 1/3 of my eyelids, then I used Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeliner in Psychedelic Sister for my purple eyeliner, and brushed on the maroon shade eyeshadow on top of it to soften it. There you have it!

This palette is the perfect Summer soft, light, but still jazzy range of colors and shimmers that still shine like the sun, but keeps your face fresh and cool.  You can mix and match the colors or just rock one at a time! Easily transformable from daytime to nighttime, just blend a little bit of the darker shades in and you'll be all set for a night on the town. Going to the beach? No sweat, swipe on the shimmery highlight, mint and light brown and shimmer! Evening out with the gals? Mix the maroon duo-chrome with the cerulean blue and get GLOssy and glam! Definitely worth the price paid and then some! A must have in my stash!

No more late posts! That shall be my mantra from now on!

Happy Makeuping and get GLOwing! 
Love, Cookie

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

June REVEAL - Birchbox


NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE YOUR SURPRISE SPOILED FOR JUNE'S really is best that you do not read any further.....

.....but if you get superdupes excited about sneak peeks like I on baby!

It's not even June yet and we already have our first hint at June's Birchbox! From their website, under 2013 June Box info we have..... 

 Summer is the time to scratch the travel itch and hop on the next flight to Fiji (or make like Kerouac and embark on an impromptu road trip). Go ahead and give in to your wanderlust—just don’t leave your beauty routine in the dust. This month, we’ve gathered samples from both familiar and distant locales to keep you looking your best on your next vacation. If you’re not a Birchbox subscriber, sign up now! - Birchbox Website

So there you have it ladies! It's going to be an intriguing box with both familiar and exotic products! Sounds tantalizing already! 

More info and spoilers as they come! Don't forget to join me on Twitter @CharmngCheshire or subscribe to my email list for quicker updates as I get them!

 So Birchbox has released their sneak peek video of the month!

 They've completely revamped their website and made it more gender-neutral, which in my opinion totally makes sense since there IS a Birchbox Woman AND Birchbox Man. I'm sure the fellas didn't always appreciate going into a bright pink website to get to their profiles! Here is the new Birchbox LOGOS -
*Credit to the Birchbox Blog -

So, they've done some serious modernizing! Also, here is their new website! -

Moving on to this month's June Sneak Peeks, here's what was featured in this month's video. (JUST A REMINDER - All pictures show items in full-size, but products sent in Birchbox will most likely either be foils, travel size or deluxe sizes, with the exception of nail polishes)

From left to right: Reign in Spain, Mod in Manhattan, London Calling & Pardon My French

and according to the video, they are sampling them to ALL subscribers! Each shade is named after one of Birchbox's offices! I think that's darling, and I ALWAYS love a polish!

to Clear Pores





*Picture from
And that's it ladies! Remember, all of these product MIGHT NOT be in your birchbox this month. You might get some, heck you might get none of them! These are only the special featured products for the 2013 June Birchbox - Wanderlust!
Here is the link to the 2013 June Birchbox Sneak Peek Video! -  BIRCHBOX JUNE 2013  
I'd love to get a polish, the Origins, or the Suki! What about you? 



Hello, hello! The sneak peeks and spoilers are flying in this week! Here is sneak peek picture #1 from Birchbox's Facebook! -

Based off of this, the ladies at have determined that this product is:


While I'm not too excited about this sneak peek, as I don't really use dry shampoos and they've sent me some already, it does sound interesting....what about you? Are you looking forward to maybe having this product in your Birchbox?



This should be the LAST update! There have been a couple of sneak peeks that went out, but one was for a product that was featured LAST month (so odd), then the other was for a product that was a featured item in the sneak peek video! I'm not entirely sure why Birchbox didn't just show us new exciting sneak peeks....but what do I know...I don't have a beauty sample subscription service ::grins::

HOWEVER, here are all the links to all of the possible boxes for this month being sent out....if you are receiving a box this of these is YOURS...but which one I wonder. Comment when you receive yours and let me know which one you got!


June 2013 Box 41


Monday, May 27, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Starlooks


Happy Memorial Day everyone! I have something a little different and incredible fun to show you today. Recently Starlooks reached 3,000 Likes on their Facebook page, so they had a special promotion for their fans!

"MYSTERY LIMITED ITEM FROM OUR MAKEUP LINE! $8.00! - Starlooks is coming out with new and exciting colors of items all the time, but we can't keep them all forever, so some items have become limited! We only have a few left of these items/colors, and after they are gone, we will never be offering that color again! You will be the last person to EVER RECEIVE this item! This is also why we are offering you your item at a much better discount than our normal 20% off coupon codes! Go to the following link on our website, and purchase the mystery item for $8! You will receive a LIMITED color from our Starlooks line that we have offered in the past, including Lip Liner, Eye Liner Pencil, Lip Stick, HD Fluid Blush, and more! Here's your chance... of course the amount of units available is also limited! STARLOOKS LOVES YOU!" - From Starlook's website
Me? Miss this awesome promotion?! I think not! Gotta love a good make-up surprise, so I ordered three! Here is what I received:
  Two lipsticks and a lip liner!
I love them! They are so gorgeous....let's take a closer look, shall we? Here at the swatches:
 Excellent pigmentation from this group! On the left and center are the two lipsticks and on the right is the lip liner (squiggly line and double thick line). The lipsticks were three swipes each. 


Beautiful, creamy and matte, this lipstick is soooo unique in my stash. It's a beautiful smooth pink-mocha color that adds just the right amount of a flushed neutral on the lips. It's very soft, not at all sticky and is easily layered for a deeper shade.

I love that you can wear this with so many different colors. This could go with pinks, greens, browns, blacks, blues, whites, or even silver and golds in my opinion. It lasts a good long while too, I wore this the other day for 5 hours and I only need one small touch-up (no eating or drinking). It's a great lip color to wear when you want to emphasize your eyes, it doesn't draw too much attention from them, but it still looks amazing!

 STUNNING. This shade is certainly the one that popped out at me when I swatched them. It's a darling frosted pink that leans EVER SO SLIGHTLY towards a hot pink. Very shimmery and eye-catching. THIS is the type of lipstick you want to feature in your makeup.
 Isn't the frostiness just brilliant? I think this lipstick would be beautiful with a brown (fair, not deep) smokey eye, and even a little blue for an 80's retro vibe that can be very fresh and bright for the summer (don't get carried away though! lol) Or you could go even more retro and do a black simple cat eye for a girlish 50's style (think Pink Ladies!). The formula is very nice, smooth and pigmented. If you want to lighten the coloration, your best bet is to apply, then blot with a tissue as this can get bright very easily. Love it! *Just to note, Starlooks DOES have a Venus lipstick listed on their website, as far as I can tell, they are NOT the same. The new Venus is matte and appears to be more of an apricot rose shade. 

Am I just crazy because I'm super excited that I now have TWO lip liners?! My very first one is a Starlooks one as well (Thank you Starlooks for finally giving me what I was very much lacking it!). I received it in my Starlooks Birthday Box back in March, here is the link if you want to check it out: March Starlooks Birthday Box

This lip liner is...well...exactly what's is called! It's a beautiful deep brick red shade. It's a little rough for a lip liner, not as soft as the other one I have, but still easy to work with. I tried this with the Euphoria lipstick, a deep red lipstick and even a dark nude and it's works so well with all! I even used the lip liner as an all-over lip color and I love it! -

Nice and matte and lasts FOREVER. It's perfect for those of you who want red lips, but a more toned down version that'll go great with a night out on the town look. Blend in a little Oxblood lip color with it and I think it'll be seductive, feminine and gorgeous!

I was so pleased and happy with my Mystery Items, I think it was so wonderful of Starlooks to provide the promotion for us! Unfortunately, these shades are not available for purchase on their website anymore, but they do have a large selection of gorgeous shades for you to peruse through and fall in love with, including many that are very similar to these. For example, Eva appears to look very similar to Venus, the new matte Venus looks similar to Euphoria and for the lip liners, Voltage Rouge and Blasted Brick look very similar to Brick. Lipsticks are regularly $12 each, and lip liners are $12 each as well. 

Who knows, they may have another similar promotion soon, so don't miss out! Here's their website and facebook:

Happy Makeuping girlies!
Love, Cookie


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Starbox - May 2013


::Happy Starbox Dance Time!:: My adorable little Starbox has arrived and when I opened the envelope and saw the box itself, I yelped...yes YELPED....with excitement!

It's a bright funky animal print!

 Is this not FAB?! I adore it.

 The prints, tribal pattern, colors, it all just WORKS and looks fantastic. As always, they're all so nicely packaged ready to be bust open by yours truly!

Here are this month's products! -

 Included is a cream blush, pigment powder, mini nail file, brow filling shadows and my cute little quartz crystal! Let's go tribal with these awesome products!....

ITEM 1 - CREAM BLUSH in Emphasize
 This cream blush may look intimidating, but don't be fooled! The color spreads so softly and smoothly, it really does live up to it's name of being creamy. It can vary in hue depending on how much you put on or how much you spread it, if you go thicker it's a brick red, if you spread more it lightens into a bittersweet red, and after more blending it just lightens into a nice flush...perfect for those pale-pink toned ladies like myself!

 See how nicely and evenly it blends? This was just done with my fingertips. This product is very versatile too, I'd say you could use it as an eyeshadow, eyeliner and even lip color! A little goes a long way, so start lightly and work your way into a darker tone if you need to. 

ITEM 2 - PIGMENT LUSTER in Cinnamon Toss
Gah! I LOVE pigment powders! This particular one will not let you down with it's pigmentation and shimmer. It's the most gorgeous golden-brown that really DOES look like cinnamon! 

  Look at that, is that not just incredible. On the left I only used ONE tap of powder from the bottle onto my hand and smeared with my fingertip, on the right, same tap but I swiped side to side to blend it out. I think this pigment powder can be used in SO many different ways. Either an all over dramatic look, or lightly blended with other shades, lined above the eyelashes to give your eyes some depth and sparkle or even under the bottom lashes! So gorgeous. A little seriously goes a long way, so work carefully and I'd recommend using something for fall-out...either swiped a layer of nude powder under your eyes that will catch the fall-out that you can brush away later or even cover your under-eye area with something. I like to use business cards sometimes or just a kleenex torn in two. 

 This is my very first official eyebrow compact! Or Brow Bar, or whatever you'd call it! My eyebrows are naturally arched but they are quite fair and you can baaarely see them sometimes. So the good thing is, I never need to pluck them or shape them, but I DO have to fill them in sometimes. Most of time I leave them be since I have thick fringe, but now that I have this awesome compact...I just MAY have to pull it out more frequently than not! It comes in four lovely shades, that are all quite soft and nicely blendable. The great thing about this compact also is that they can be used as eyeshadows as well! Versatile products really are fantastic...apparently Starlooks agrees! This compact comes with a small rectangular mirror on the top, near the clasp, as well as a small angled brush.

*I apologize I do not have swatches to all actually I DID. Somehow, the pics I took have magically disappeared and I'm at a loss. By the time I had realized this, the sun had gone down and I really wanted to get this post done today, so once again, I apologize. If you still require swatches, please let me know and I'll try to fit them in an edit for this within the next few days! I do use these in my Finale pics though, so you shall see what they look like!

 Cutest bonus item EVER. I'm almost tempted not to use it, it's too adorable! It's so perfect for popping in my purse. I get constant shoulder aches lugging around my big ol' purse, so anything I can do to lighten the load and minimize the items inside is a GOOD THING....and this mini file is excellent! It's about 2 1/2 inches long, which I think it's great for getting into those curved round-edge nails!


Cream Blush in Emphasize: $17

Pigment Luster in Cinnamon Toss: $17

Eyebrow Shader Compact: $21  

Mini Nail File (Tribal print): This product's price isn't listed, so I'm going to take a wild (hehe, wild) guess, going off of average prices listed online at different companies and sites that it's about $0.25, but since it's patterned, possibly $0.50. 

Total Worth of Box:  $55.50

Every month Starlooks totally outdoes themselves with the worth of boxes! It's incredible. I really do believe that one day Starlooks will be the next big name brand makeup line. Their products are amazing, well worth the price and are excellent quality. Plus, you can tell Starlooks CARES about their customers. A wonderful trait and definitely making me a life-time buyer!


I AM the Charming when I saw it was a tribal box....well of course my inner lioness came out.....grrrrr, darlings!


I used the eyebrow shader for, not just my eyebrows but my eyes as well! I swiped the lightest shade below my eyebrows and towards the inner corners of my eyes, then the tan shade below it by my crease, then the dark brown shade on my entire lid. I wet the black shadow and used it as my eyeliner, as well as using it again dry to soften the cat-eye. OF COURSE I used their Lash Boost Mascara Base and Lengthening Mascara for my eyelashes. (Check out the boxes I received them in here! - Lash Boost Base & Mascara). Then I blended in the blush on my cheeks and dabbed it also on my lips!

Here's a pic my hubby took when I wasn't watching....he's sneaky and he made me promise I'd use it! -

Love that man lol

Happy Makeuping! Hope your Memorial weekend was puuuuurrrrfect! (Grrrrr lol)
Love, Cookie

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Coastal Scents 120 Palette Three (Part 2)


I finally have tray #2 to show you! I promise my darlings once June starts I will be more on top of things for you, I know it's been much, much to long between this post and Part 1. If you missed Part 1 and have no clue to what I'm referring is a quick link! -

I love you all for being so patient! Here is tray #2:

This tray was full of glorious rich earthy shades. As a matter of fact, I had the grand idea of trying something a little different today. Instead of naming just the colors of each row, I'm going to connect it to a corresponding place on earth that it reminds me of. Earthy, traveling inspiration you could say. So pack your bags ladies....let's do some traveling!

I shall keep you waiting no longer......


 This row was full of cool neutrals that are definitely what's in style at the moment. Taupes and bronzes are being seen everywhere in magazines, on the runway, etc. I definitely adore the bright ashy grey cream on the far left and the cool taupe-gold and brown on the right end are divine. If you want that rich, luxurious desert-travel look that looks cool in that blazing warm, sun-beating weather, then this is for you!


 Nobody can deny the fabulousness that is Moscow's architecture. St. Basil's Cathedral, for example, I think, is nicely represented in this row of warm, luxurious tones. Several of Moscow's buildings contain that lovely burnt sienna shade (3rd from left) and have beautiful gold and white details. This row you could play up brightly with the shade on the left, then for nighttime, you could add in some of the darker shades for a sexy smokey eye! 


 Ah, Paree! Put on this row of chic shades and take a little stroll along the Seine or a jaunt down the Shanzelize. When the sun goes down and Paris twinkles with life, your eyes will shimmer and delight, blending with the cool crisp evening sky. C'est magnifique! 


Whether you're on a cruise or vacationing on the beach, make your eyes ocean-ready with these shimmery blues. The blue-tinted steel grey on the far left is amazing and so pigmented. If you check out Allure's June issue, you'll see a fabulous article about blue eyeshadows called Moody Blues, including a beautiful picture with colors very similar to these...bright, smokey blue and shimmery! 


Imagine a firefly filled lagoon, with night flowers and waterfalls. THIS is where you'd wear these hues. The shadow on the left (which is a cool matte grey) is the one and only Coastal Scents shade that I've ever had trouble with as far as pigmentation. This shadow I think would be best as a lightener on a darker one, such as the one next to it. However, the turquoise and dark navy blue on the right end are SO beautiful, especially together. 


 The deep green exotic shades of the trees and leaves to the dark blue wonder of the rainforest night-time sky, these colors are deep, pigmented and dazzling. I'm madly in love with the deep dark forest green and shimmery rich blues. 


The magnificence of the Grand Canyon or the outstanding brightness of Bryce Canyon, you can hike in style with this row. The copper shadow (2nd from the left) has an incredible gold shimmer that can keep up with any canyon sunrise!


 Take a "Roman Holiday" and have a life-changing trip to the Colosseum, the Mouth of Truth or just hang out and enjoy some gelato (Audrey Hepburn style) with these soft neutrals. Like the ruins themselves, these shades have a romantic feel that can flatter any eye color and can easily be blended from a daytime smokey eye to a nighttime sexy smoulder. 


 With the dark, smudgy blacks on the right worthy of Cleopatra's eyeliner and the golden goddess shades on the left, you can't go wrong with Egyptian glamour. Even Isis herself would be jealous. Use the dark shades as your eyeliner (think Elizabeth Taylor's Cleo!) and sweep on the golds!


 Dark flowing black hair, pink rosy cheeks, dark gold patterned robes...the geisha's style is unmistakable and awe-inspiring. Once again, you can easily use this row to go from a light, airy daytime look with the creamy browns and rosy mauve, then add the darker shimmery tan and luxe gold with a black eyeshadow eyeliner for a seductive orient nighttime look. Look at the beautiful soft golden shimmer in these shadows:


I hope you enjoyed a glamour trip around the world! I'd love to hear how all of these different shades inspired you and of course, I HIGHLY recommend this beautiful palette of bold shades to one and all, no matter if you're a trendy traveler or a chic homebody. 

Currently, the 120 Palette Three is on sale on Coastal Scent's website for $17.95 + shipping and handling (regular $29.95) so snatch it up before it's out of stock! (The 120 Palette Two currently is!) Link -

And of is my look for the 120 Palette Two, tray #2! -


 For this look I went deep, dark but richly hued smokey with the Shades of the Rainforest row. I used the dark cobalt all over my eyelid and blended it out, then I lightly dusted some of the shimmery dark sky blue to brighten it up in the center and towards the upper edge. I also added some of the deep forest green to the end of the cat-eye to give it some dimension and depth. 

Hope you enjoyed the whole review of the 120 Palette Three! Now, I'll just wait impatiently for Coastal Scents to decide that they MUST make a 120 Palette FOUR! ::teehee::

Happy Makeuping my glamorous traveling companions!
Love, Cookie