Friday, May 31, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Lorac GLOgetter Eyeshadow Palette


Oh my word ladies....I am SO SORRY this post has taken FOREVER to come out! I was one of the few who heard about this palette early on and thought naaaah, I don't need this palette...then I saw swatches and I saw pictures. I was a goner. It is SOOOO pretty. Too pretty. Much too pretty. You want to see it now, don't you? I think I can help with that....
 Yes, the GLOgetter GLOWS lol

 Resist that, if you can...I certainly couldn't, obviously 
The lovely GLOgetter palette is a limited edition Summer 2013 product from Lorac that was made to be sold exclusively at Ulta. It retails at....wait for it...$20. YES, YOU HEARD THAT CORRECTLY. $20! There are 8 eyeshadows, and two highlighters, one light satin and one shimmer. Out of the shadows, some are close to matte, but more of a satin, some are shimmery and two are duo-chrome. You want to know the quality of this little shiny gem? How about some swatches! - 

On the left is the matte-satin highlight, then the 8 eyeshadow shades, and on the right is the shimmery highlight. The peach blending with the aqua turquoise and the cerulean blue, shimmery mocha, mint, die for

These colors are AMAZING. They're fresh, Spring-Summery and full of glow (or GLO, if you'd prefer). They're quite pigmented, as you can see by the picture. I did NOT use a primer for the swatches and each is about 3-4 swipes. All easily buildable/layerable and very soft, smooth to work with. I had no issue with fallout or flaking as well!

 Here is a dazzling close-up of the duo-chromes. There is the fabulous mint shade that has a soft-cool gold shimmer, then the maroon with the purple duo-chrome shimmer. If Tinkerbell had a makeup stash, I do believe this palette would be there. Notice how smoooooth the shadow are. Love it!


My darling, darling not be angry with me, I beg you...but this product is not available on Ulta's website anymore....::ducks::....I'm SORRY, I'm SORRY, I'm SORRY! HOWEVER, please do try to take a look at your local Ulta store, I still have people telling me that they are STILL finding them there. Once again, I definitely should have had this posted forever ago. The good news is, as of this upcoming week, I am on vacation for 2 weeks and I will have ample time to catch up on my posts, as well as the summer as it is much slower for me that the end of the school year. my look with the Lorac GLOgetter Palette! - 

 I wanted something light, soft and airy but still bright since I was going to be outside for most of the day! I used the matte-satin highlight below my eyebrows and in towards the corner of my eye, the peach shade below that, the mint duo-chrome on the inner 2/3 of my eyelids, the mocha shimmer on the outer 1/3 of my eyelids, then I used Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeliner in Psychedelic Sister for my purple eyeliner, and brushed on the maroon shade eyeshadow on top of it to soften it. There you have it!

This palette is the perfect Summer soft, light, but still jazzy range of colors and shimmers that still shine like the sun, but keeps your face fresh and cool.  You can mix and match the colors or just rock one at a time! Easily transformable from daytime to nighttime, just blend a little bit of the darker shades in and you'll be all set for a night on the town. Going to the beach? No sweat, swipe on the shimmery highlight, mint and light brown and shimmer! Evening out with the gals? Mix the maroon duo-chrome with the cerulean blue and get GLOssy and glam! Definitely worth the price paid and then some! A must have in my stash!

No more late posts! That shall be my mantra from now on!

Happy Makeuping and get GLOwing! 
Love, Cookie


  1. Such a pretty look, very nice!

  2. Pretty pretty pretty! And your eye color... stunning!! :D

  3. That is such a pretty look! I'm bummed that I missed it but there's always more palettes coming out. Maybe they'll release something similar for fall.

    1. ::looks as serious as possible:: There are ALWAYS more palettes....ALWAYS....and I'll probably get them too! LOL (I may be a TAD palette crazy)

  4. That palette is gorgeous! You have been acquiring some really pretty palettes!

    1. It's so hard for me to resist a pretty eyeshadow palette! LOL