Wednesday, May 22, 2013

June REVEAL - Glossybox


The second revealing spoiler post for the month of June is an exciting collaboration box from Glossybox!

I've already begun my June Ipsy Reveal post, so if you missed it, here is the link!:

For those of you who don't know what Glossybox is, it's a beauty subscription that sends you 5 travel-sized luxurious and glamorous upper-end brand products monthly. There are a few monthly plans to choose from, you can pick their month-to-month rate which is $21 per month, their 3 month plan which is $60 (discount of $12/year), their 6 month plan which is $115 (discount of $22/year) or their 12 month plan which is $220 (discount of $32). I've received fantastic brand names from this sub, including Sebastian Professional, Bvlgari, Alterna, La Mer, Tigi, Ko Gen Do, Tarte and so many others. 
and now for the amazing June Glossybox REVEAL! -
This month will be a collaboration box with amazing It-Girl Illustrator and Style Expert, Dallas Shaw! It's called American Beauty. 
The last time they did a collaboration box, it was incredible! They featured Leandra Medine, an incredible author and fashion blogger with her celebrated website "The Man Repeller" in Glossybox's January 2013 "Man Repeller" Box. My particular box contained:
Narciso Rodrigues - Her Eau De Toilette Spray
Sebastian Professional - Potion 9
OPI Liquid Sand in Can't Let Go
Tarte Glamazon Lipstick in Fierce
Estee Lauder Sumptuous Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara
Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum
a foil of La Mer De Beaute Replenishing Daily Solution Cream
See? AMAZING. So I am certainly looking forward to more sneak peeks! Stay tuned! I will be updated this post as soon as I hear anything more!
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UPDATE 5/25! 
This is a pretty big update with some big spoilers, so ONCE AGAIN, if you don't want your surprise to be spoiled...don't read on! has featured an article with specific information on Dallas Shaw and her collaboration with Glossybox, INCLUDING certain products that are going to BE in the box!

Here's a darling pic of the box! -

 Couldn't you just die? I am so in love with this box. I showed my hubby and he said: "Well, she has your legs, that's for sure." lol...I love this man. Dallas Shaw herself states that she illustrated that design! This box will definitely be a special Glossybox collectable, in my opinion. 

As for the products, there will be one of six different colored nail polishes from Bondi New York:

Notice how each bottle has the same Dallas Shaw illustration on it! She designed the whole collection herself! 

 EDIT 6/15 - Bondi New York collab with this box has been withdrawn! Scroll down for more info!

There will also be a Tarte Complexion Enhancing lipstick and a sample from Oscar de la Renta's Essential Luxuries fragrance collection. 

Are you drooling yet? If you haven't subscribed to Glossybox for June, you certainly should...the collab boxes are NEVER a let down and certainly worth MUCH more than what you're paying for! I'm all giddy with excitement and I haven't even received my May box just yet! More updates as they come!

MORE exciting info! This time from an article at! They've noted that there will indeed be a Tarte lipstick included and they've graciously shown a pic of it as well! 

This lipstick is supposed to have a glossy tinted core that will give you the appearance of fuller lips. According to other articles, it also contains complexion-enhancing pigments and emollient waxes. It comes in two complexion enhancing colors - Fair-to-Light: a brightening soft pink shade and Medium-to-Tan: a brightening soft berry shade. I wonder which one we'll be receiving! Or maybe they'll send both, one in some boxes and one in others!

ANOTHER Exciting piece of news...the box will also contain a product from the C. Booth Apothecary-inspired Body Care AND Phillip B Botanical Luxury Hair!

If you're not currently subscribed to Glossybox, this month's box subscription opens within 8 hours, so....I don't know about you...but I wouldn't miss it!

Here's the link to Glossybox's website for the American Beauty Box! -

As always, I'll keep everyone as up to date as possible! 

UPDATE 5/30 

Hello again! Just this morning I received an email from Glossybox and it had some awesome extra info in regards to the Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxury Fragrance line....

If I'm correctly understanding the email, it appears that we will be receiving ALL 6 of the fragrance samples! If that is the case, bravo Glossybox. Typically when I receive a fragrance sample, about 80% of the time, I don't like the fragrance. Well, with SIX samples, chances are I'll find something I love! Isn't that little black bag just to die for? 

Dying to get this box now? SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE OPEN!

Here is my referral code, I'd love it if you could use it:


Here is a CODE for a free ModelCo Eyeshadow Palette for new subscribers! Use it when you sign up! (While supplies last).

Don't miss out, I know this box will be quite popular and will sell out fast!

Keep checking in for more updates!


UPDATE 6/15 

So, we are well within the month of June...and disaster has struck.
 The June Dallas Shaw Collaboration Glossybox American Beauty will NOT be featuring the 6 Bondi New York nail polishes. There seems to be quite a bit of brewhaha concerning the true story as to what exactly happened though. It began with a message on facebook and went on from there. Richard Annington (who is the CEO and Founder of Bondi) states that it was an issue with a partner attorney being over-zealous and that he had to pull the deal because of it. He also goes on to say that there was an issue on their part with getting the inventory to the correct location in time and that although they offered several solutions, it eventually came down to Dallas Shaw's attorney pulling the plug on the deal. From this chit-chat an article was written by someone a part of the conversation. Here is the article -

The Day That Glossybox Lost Their Gloss

The interesting thing about this article is that first of all it states that the 30,000 bottles commissioned have Glossybox's name on them. I don't believe that is quite the case. From what I understand it has Dallas Shaw's name and illustration on it, not Glossybox. Also, this article seems very geared towards putting down Glossybox as a whole. In fact, after this article was written, Richard Annington thanked the writer and offered to send her a thank-you gift for making his day with her article. Here's the kicker though....this is the statement from Richard Annington himself on Bondi's Website regarding the withdrawal of the deal - 

A Statement From Our Founder Concerning the June Glossybox & Dallas Shaw Collaboration 

On one hand the Founder is stating that this should not influence your decision to continue purchasing and subscribing to Glossybox, that they are wonderful and provide great products and a great experience and that it's just a business snafu, but then he personally thanks a writer who bashes Glossybox completely! However, I'm not sure that he reread his statement as it says:

"The disappointment you may be experiencing about the failure of this collaboration should not influence your decision to continue a subscription or start a subscription with Glossy Box" - Richard Annington

Now wait a moment didn't you just say that Glossybox is great and it's just a business disagreement? But you just said that the disappointment should not influence your decision to START a subscription? I'm hoping that he means END your subscription....because I'm so confused at this point! 

Regardless, it seems we will not be receiving the greatly anticipated Bondi New York Dallas Shaw & Glossybox collab polishes. An interesting thing is, not that long ago, this picture went up on Glossybox's website:

 If you look closely at the item 2nd from the left, it appears to be an OPI shaped bottle, instead of the Bondi. A few days later, the picture was adjusted to show the silhouette of the intended Bondi polish but I first I believed it to just be a stock photo of a nail polish silhouette, but who knows....

So what are your thoughts on this fallen collaboration between Bondi New York and Glossbox's Dallas Shaw box? I myself am a little sad, the polishes looked amazing, but...well...that's business for you! The only thing I'm now concerned about is: How late are the boxes going to be going out at this point? It IS already the 15th! 

   Whew! The drama! 


UPDATE 6/17 

 So are DEFINITELY going to want to read THIS! Bondi's CEO & Founder has put all of my concerns to doing one thing...having excellent customer service and reaching out to the individual. He tells the honest truth and I'm now a Bondi fan....take a look:

 If below and see that that Richard Annington himself addressed my blog post in my comments!...seriously...

UPDATE 6/19 

This should be it! The final update! From Dallas Shaw's Blog,, we found this post and picture! - 

c.Booth - Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist (bottom left)
Oscar de la Renta - Essential Luxuries Fragrance Samples (top right & center)
Phillip B. - Lavendar OR Nordic Wood Hair & Body Shampoo OR Peppermint & Avocado Volumizing and Clarifying Shampoo (bottom right)
SpaRitual Nail Polish - different colors (unknown which & variation) (top left)
tarte - Complexion Enhancing Lipstick (center left)

  Both the tarte and the SpaRitual will be full-size! Still very unfortunate in regards to Bondi, but I've never tried out SpaRitual before, so I AM very excited. I still, however, recently placed an order for 2 Bondi polishes so I can't wait to receive those soon! 

Also, Dallas Shaw commented on the same post about the polish switch, here is what she said:

I would like to share a small change in collaboration with my followers, fans and friends

When the nail company we originally planned to include defaulted on their plan to provide the polish, we decided to replace it with a different product on my love list (one that has also been personally chosen by me and which I feel confident that you'll enjoy). 

I apologize for any confusion this caused subscribers and I thank you for the amazing faith you always placed in me and in my brand.  - From

Does that print look small to you? It's because it is. That is how it looks on her blog and it's at the very very bottom of the post about the box. I nearly missed it! I'm not too keen on her presentation of the situation and especially since she didn't even state the name of the original chosen polish brand. Maybe it's a business issue, or who knows, but in my opinion everyone already knew what was in the box originally....don't tippy toe through the tulips! Hmmmm....well that's my take on the matter....what are your thoughts?

I'm still excited for the box though! I probably won't be cancelling my Glossybox subscription because I do believe they've done their job and still created a great box with great products but that doesn't mean that I'm going to forget a great brand polish (we all know which I'm talkin' bout!) that has excellent customer service and a straight-forward honest CEO! 

Glossybox DID mention in an email that there WILL (obviously) be a delay in shipping, so here's hoping that we get them by the beginning of July! 

Keep your eye out for my Glossybox Dallas Shaw "American Beauty" review in the next few weeks! 


  1. Love the shoes in this post!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster award. I see you already have it but if you would like to participate you can find the info here

  2. I agree, the last collab with The Man Repeller was a smashing success, hopefully this one will be, too.

    1. So far, I am IMPRESSED, I'll tell you that!

  3. Do all subscribers get the American Beauty box, or do you have to purchase that separately as a limited edition box? I just signed up this month (May) and am still waiting on that one...wasn't sure how the American Beauty box worked.

    1. From what I understand, the American Beauty box IS this Dallas Shaw box and all regular subscribers will be receiving it. I know they have some special featured boxes that cost extra, but I don't believe this is one of them! So if you're a monthly subscriber you should be receiving this Dallas Shaw "American Beauty" box!

  4. Hi there,

    I thought I'd jump in on this post to clarify a few points as between some blog posts and conversations on there seems to be confusion on what was actually said.

    Bondi New York has been involved with this collaboration since March of this year. The original concept was to provide Glossy Box subscribers with a polish from our existing Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

    This idea then evolved into Dallas Shaw curating a collection of six colors. It has always been our intention to make the collection available for purchase for customers who do not subscribe to Glossy Box and also to those Glossy Box subscribers that may wish to complete their collection.

    Unfortunately, on Friday we received communication from Ms Shaws attorney informing us that we are not permitted to sell the polish.

    This twist coupled with other difficulties that occurred through the collaboration lead me to withdrawing from this months box.

    My team and I realize this is a serious disappointment for many and it is not a decision we took lightly. As a start up company we could not allow a $50,000 investment go out the door when terms were being changed at such a late stage.

    I stand by my statement in which I feel Glossy Box is a great company and from time to time difficulties come up in business which cause situations like this. The comments made in a string on Facebook were thanking the blogger for raising awareness of the difficulties surrounding this partnership. As the blogger has gone on to clarify, the comments relating to Glossy Box were her own and relate to her experiences with the business.

    I hope this helps to clarify what has occurred and I trust that Glossy Box will make its subscribers aware at some point this week.

    My team and I are available via the Live Chat on our website, our email, Facebook fan page and Twitter to answer any questions or concerns.