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Beauty Things I Suck At!

Beauty Things I Suck At - Tag from Heather Mathers of Beautylogging

Let me start off by apologizing for not posting more this week! As some of you may know I work at a ballet studio and currently we have TWO recitals coming up this weekend then two more at the end of the month, so needless to say, life has been a little crazy busy....but enough of that...let's get to this awesome tag post!

The lovely Heather Mathers from Beautylogging ( has graciously tagged me in her hilarious post entitled Beauty Things I Suck At. See, even us beauty bloggers have our embarrassingly hopeless moments of inevitable failure with our own beauty products. 

Here is her superdupes cute post: BEAUTY THINGS I SUCK AT

I just adore her hilariously adorable pictures. ::giggles::

and nooooow, the moment you've been waiting for...hope I put a chuckle in your day....

Beauty Things Cookie Sucks At

1. Getting my hair to do what I want it to....EVER.

I know this doesn't sound so serious....but let me tell you....IT IS. My hair is an interesting mix of half curly/half straight. Sometimes my hair is like 'Well, well, I feel like being curly today, why not...' and it bounces and comes to life but other days no matter how much I scrunch, put curl enhancing gels/creams, serums, etc. in it, it just won't do it. So I really never know what's going to happen when I start styling my hair. I promise you, I will style it EXACTLY the same way I did the day before...totally and completely different result. ::le sigh:: I realize that humidity/weather, etc. has a lot to do with it, however, it's still SUCH a difference. My hair hates me, that's all there is to it. It mocks me with it's indifference. I should totally blow dry it without using a heat protectant spray...that would show it who's boss....right? Um...right?? Well phooey. 

2. Using hair styling tools

The first thing I suck at actually leads right into the second! So here I am, using a curling iron...because my hair is naturally wavy and sometimes curly, so one would THINK that a curling iron would work awesomely, right? Wrong. I have tried SO many different things. Spraying hairspray before I curl, after I curl, before and after I curl, using serums, gels, creams, mousses, etc. The one and only thing that works for me? Hot rollers! I do love my hot rollers, but sometimes a girl just wants to use a curling iron. And yes, I have tried various times of how long I hold the iron on. I've even tried different size irons, 1/2" to 2 1/2". Apparently my hair and the curling iron are in cahoots. That's the only logical explanation. 

3.  Curling my lashes well with a lash curler

Speaking of I essentially have deep-set eyes that slant downward and are smaller than normal. They also have short lashes. All a recipe for disaster for curling them. I've tried several tricks for obtaining that sassy, sexy curl and the best I've found yet for myself is to hold for 20 seconds as close to the lashline as possible, then again for 10 seconds after switching. I do get a fairly decent curl, but somehow...I miss lashes! Especially the end ones, they end up pointing down or outwards or multiple different directions! Bizarre. I do believe my lashes must be cringing every time they see the lash curler coming towards them. Perhaps THAT'S the reason! Voila! They run and hide! Obviously that is why they end up underneath around around the obnoxious curler! Glad I cleared that up.

4. Remember to Contour my face

This is going to sound crazy, but typically you're supposed to contour right after you put on your foundation, or even right before blush. I however get so caught up in how I want to do my eyes that the contouring just goes by the wayside! My poor poor contouring brush. I don't do a lot of contouring, ALWAYS alongside my nose to make it appear slimmer, and I learned a trick to brush my contouring powder right underneath my bottom lip in that curve before the chin (it makes your lips appear fuller). Sometimes I'll contour in the hollows of my cheeks depending on what blush I'm wearing, but since I have thick fringe bangs I don't need to contour my forehead and I choose not to contour my jawline for day to day use. You'd think a quick little contour on my nose and bottom of my lips would take 2 seconds (cause it dooooes) and I'd remember to do it? Naaaaah. That's just silly talk.

5. NOT doing a cat-eye

Oh stop laughing. Nono, stop it...I'm not joking...somehow MAGICALLY I end up doing a cat eye with my makeup. I go in with all good intentions, thinking TODAY, yes, TODAY I'm going to do a smoky eye with rounder eyeliner to make my eyes look Twiggy-like and round and...drat...I did a cat eye. Not that it looks bad and it is actually my signature style. One of the things my husbands remembers most about our first date is how much he loved how I did my eyeliner (cat eye!) and it's his favorite part of my makeup routine to this day. I know this seems unimportant and inconsequential but it's just one of those things that puzzles me to no end.

Well that's it girlies! I hope you enjoyed this goofy, fun little post and special thanks again to Heather Mathers from Beautylogging! This was so much fun!

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Happy Makeuping Darlings! and don't let those eyelash curlers, curling irons and all that jazz get ya down!
Love, Cookie


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