Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Coastal Scents 120 Palette Three (Part 2)


I finally have tray #2 to show you! I promise my darlings once June starts I will be more on top of things for you, I know it's been much, much to long between this post and Part 1. If you missed Part 1 and have no clue to what I'm referring is a quick link! -

I love you all for being so patient! Here is tray #2:

This tray was full of glorious rich earthy shades. As a matter of fact, I had the grand idea of trying something a little different today. Instead of naming just the colors of each row, I'm going to connect it to a corresponding place on earth that it reminds me of. Earthy, traveling inspiration you could say. So pack your bags ladies....let's do some traveling!

I shall keep you waiting no longer......


 This row was full of cool neutrals that are definitely what's in style at the moment. Taupes and bronzes are being seen everywhere in magazines, on the runway, etc. I definitely adore the bright ashy grey cream on the far left and the cool taupe-gold and brown on the right end are divine. If you want that rich, luxurious desert-travel look that looks cool in that blazing warm, sun-beating weather, then this is for you!


 Nobody can deny the fabulousness that is Moscow's architecture. St. Basil's Cathedral, for example, I think, is nicely represented in this row of warm, luxurious tones. Several of Moscow's buildings contain that lovely burnt sienna shade (3rd from left) and have beautiful gold and white details. This row you could play up brightly with the shade on the left, then for nighttime, you could add in some of the darker shades for a sexy smokey eye! 


 Ah, Paree! Put on this row of chic shades and take a little stroll along the Seine or a jaunt down the Shanzelize. When the sun goes down and Paris twinkles with life, your eyes will shimmer and delight, blending with the cool crisp evening sky. C'est magnifique! 


Whether you're on a cruise or vacationing on the beach, make your eyes ocean-ready with these shimmery blues. The blue-tinted steel grey on the far left is amazing and so pigmented. If you check out Allure's June issue, you'll see a fabulous article about blue eyeshadows called Moody Blues, including a beautiful picture with colors very similar to these...bright, smokey blue and shimmery! 


Imagine a firefly filled lagoon, with night flowers and waterfalls. THIS is where you'd wear these hues. The shadow on the left (which is a cool matte grey) is the one and only Coastal Scents shade that I've ever had trouble with as far as pigmentation. This shadow I think would be best as a lightener on a darker one, such as the one next to it. However, the turquoise and dark navy blue on the right end are SO beautiful, especially together. 


 The deep green exotic shades of the trees and leaves to the dark blue wonder of the rainforest night-time sky, these colors are deep, pigmented and dazzling. I'm madly in love with the deep dark forest green and shimmery rich blues. 


The magnificence of the Grand Canyon or the outstanding brightness of Bryce Canyon, you can hike in style with this row. The copper shadow (2nd from the left) has an incredible gold shimmer that can keep up with any canyon sunrise!


 Take a "Roman Holiday" and have a life-changing trip to the Colosseum, the Mouth of Truth or just hang out and enjoy some gelato (Audrey Hepburn style) with these soft neutrals. Like the ruins themselves, these shades have a romantic feel that can flatter any eye color and can easily be blended from a daytime smokey eye to a nighttime sexy smoulder. 


 With the dark, smudgy blacks on the right worthy of Cleopatra's eyeliner and the golden goddess shades on the left, you can't go wrong with Egyptian glamour. Even Isis herself would be jealous. Use the dark shades as your eyeliner (think Elizabeth Taylor's Cleo!) and sweep on the golds!


 Dark flowing black hair, pink rosy cheeks, dark gold patterned robes...the geisha's style is unmistakable and awe-inspiring. Once again, you can easily use this row to go from a light, airy daytime look with the creamy browns and rosy mauve, then add the darker shimmery tan and luxe gold with a black eyeshadow eyeliner for a seductive orient nighttime look. Look at the beautiful soft golden shimmer in these shadows:


I hope you enjoyed a glamour trip around the world! I'd love to hear how all of these different shades inspired you and of course, I HIGHLY recommend this beautiful palette of bold shades to one and all, no matter if you're a trendy traveler or a chic homebody. 

Currently, the 120 Palette Three is on sale on Coastal Scent's website for $17.95 + shipping and handling (regular $29.95) so snatch it up before it's out of stock! (The 120 Palette Two currently is!) Link -

And of is my look for the 120 Palette Two, tray #2! -


 For this look I went deep, dark but richly hued smokey with the Shades of the Rainforest row. I used the dark cobalt all over my eyelid and blended it out, then I lightly dusted some of the shimmery dark sky blue to brighten it up in the center and towards the upper edge. I also added some of the deep forest green to the end of the cat-eye to give it some dimension and depth. 

Hope you enjoyed the whole review of the 120 Palette Three! Now, I'll just wait impatiently for Coastal Scents to decide that they MUST make a 120 Palette FOUR! ::teehee::

Happy Makeuping my glamorous traveling companions!
Love, Cookie


  1. OMG I love that palette! I think I need to get some more palettes from Costal Scents too! Your eye makeup looks so beautiful!

    1. Thanks Erica! You're so sweet, as always! And yes, yes you do need can never have enough Coastal Scents lol!

  2. Beautiful pallete, and you made a beautiful look!
    Although it cannot be so difficult when you have souch lovely eyes :)

    My nail polish blog

  3. Awesome swatches! & I absolutely looove how you described them! My favorite rows are Paris at Dusk, Shades of the Rain Forest, and Regal Ruins of Rome. Those colors look so beautiful! And flawless eye makeup! I wish I could pull of blue *sigh lol

    Also, thank you for following me! Appreciate it! <3

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post!

      Of course! Your blog is awesome!