Friday, May 10, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Coastal Scent 120 Palette Two (Part 2)


aaaaaand I'm back! Hope I haven't kept you waiting too long. For those of you who missed Part 1 of this palette, here is the link to the post: Part 1

.....and here is tray #2:

Hello Gorgeous
and of course, this just wouldn't be the Charming Cheshire blog without an obligatory tantalizing eyeshadow photo! -
Ooooooh, yes.
This tray, unlike the first, has a lot more jewel tones in it, and extra metalics and shimmers. I've been especially impressed with the shimmers, formula-wise. They very pigmented, smooth and easy to work with. The size of the pans are exactly the same as the first tray, between a dime and nickel (see previous post of Part 1 for an exact sizing picture).
But why am I chit-chatting? You want to see the swatches!


This white, compared to the white from tray 1, is a lot less pigmented and softer. I think it's great that they provided us with two different whites in one palette, that way if we WANT that pigmentation, we have it or if you just want to brighten softly, there you go. I think the taupe is especially lovely (4th from left). The gold is definitely more of a sandy soft gold, and the gray on the end shifts towards a blue tint or brown tint depending on which way you tilt it.
Wowza! I adore these. So much. They were all super pigmented, only two swipes each! The brick colored metallic is definitely my favorite, but it's so hard not to just love them all! I love that they include so many different browns. Some that are cooler and some warmer with rich reddish tones.
The greens are so spunky! Nice and bright and good variety. I mean, we had so many greens from the first tray and now we have even more that are totally different, I love it! From lime to emerald to...can I say it?....chartreuse. Oh, heavenly. I'm really loving the matte lime greens, especially the lightly pearled one (3rd from left).

Have I mentioned how gorgeous the shimmers are yet? Those first three caught my eye immediately! The first is more turquoise tinted, the second is more of a peacock, and the third is a lot more like an azure. Then you've got the gorgeous mattes to go with them with teal, sapphire and that pretty bahama blue.


These are just so elegant and rich looking to me! So you've got some pretty sea greens on the left (with a tint of teal), then you've got some rich luxurious olive greens on the being a straight-up olive shade and the one on the end being more of a fern green.


Matte blue, cornflower blue, Parisian blue, peacock blue, navy blue....this row has got you covered with the fabulous bright blues!


::speechless:: Lavenders to that ::swooooooon:: deep violet on the end. I...I just can't say anything about this....this photo speaks for itself. BUY THIS palette for this color. Look at it. Stare at'll seriously get lost in it's violet glory.


A lot of people overlook reds but, I mean, look at these? How CAN you?! They're so fantastic. Cardinal, vermillion, crimson, cerise, bittersweet and orange-red. I think that bittersweet is amazing, personally. I want to see people wearing red more often! ::smiles::


Those golds! They make me think of Dolce and Gabbana's runway for Fall and Winter 2013. Very rich and warm and very old-fashioned gold. The grey has a nice warmth to it, which is nice since I usually get cooler greys. I also love the mahogany brown!


I think it is so awesome that they included these. For those days where you just want to make your eyes brighter, add a little pop without adding color...or maybe just feature a brightly colored lip...these are PERFECT for that! So you've got your ivories on the left, peachy tones, yellow-tone, and tanned and mocha! Excellent range. I've never really seen a palette with a row such as this. Very commendable Coastal Scents!


This amazing tray, along with tray 1 (120 eyeshadows total!) are for purchase on Coastal Scent's website:
AND if you hurry now, they're currently on sale for $19.95 plus taxes & shipping! (regularly $29.95 plus taxes & shipping). As I said, I highly recommend this palette, I think the colors are fantastic. It is quite different from the 120 Palette One, AND the 120 Palette Three (which I will be reviewing soon!). Just the selection of brights and metallics makes this palette incredible. Coastal scents also adds a little bonus gift of a free eyeshadow quad and an adorable bumper sticker that says I <3 Makeup...if you're weren't convinced already. ::wink wink::
and now for my look of the day using the 120 Palette Two tray #2 -
Since tray #1's look was very bright, I decided to go with something neutral and warm today. I'm wearing the rich gold shades from the warm metallic row as well as the browns from the rich metallic row on the outsides of the wing. I wanted something that would blend with my hair for that neutral look but still had some warmth and shine!
Happy Makeuping! and I'll be bringing you more Coastal Scents soon!
Love, Cookie