Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - ft. Maybelline Summer 2013 Color Tattoo Eyeshadows


I went on quite a hunt for these babies...that lasted about three weeks! When I heard about the new limited edition Summer collection, I knew I had to get my hands on a couple of them. Then I saw some people post some swatches...and I was obsessed. I'm so glad I jumped in and bought them all, they are fantastic!

Shout out to Jorden (jnm9jem)! She helped me find the two that I was missing! You're the best Maybelline Color Tattoo sleuth ever! 

Here is her blog - Unboxing Beauty

On to the collection! - You want pics, I just know it...

 Across the top row from left to right we have Lavish Lavender, Cool Crush and Sandy Shores. Bottom row from left to right are Seashore Frost, Waves of White and Icy Mint.  

So I'm totally feeling a beachy cool summer vibe in this collection. Relaxed, frosty and fun! A few of these colors are duochrome, but not quite all. They are, however, very versatile and brighter than I expected!

Swatches! - Now you will understand why I had to have them all...

Left to Right: 1) Sandy Shores, 2) Waves of White, 3) Icy Mint,
4) Seashore Frost, 5) Lavish Lavender, 6) Cool Crush
These are made to be adored, really they are. I swiped about 3-4 times each. Some covered more quickly, others were a tad thinner. 
Time to get a closer look!
Slightly leaning towards a yellow-gold with hints of sand coloring in it, this is definitely not your standard gold cream. It's nicely shimmered and goes on quite smoothly, no major creasing. It's not overly bright or thick in coloration, you can easily apply a thinner coat just for some soft golden sheen. In brighter sunlight it has a teensy, barely visible sheen of soft green in it. To me it seems like it leans slightly more towards a pearlescent shimmer than a sparkle shimmer. I'd probably pair this with some warm brown eyeshadows for a rich, relaxed look. 


THIS ladies, was my shocking discovery. Little did I know that this shadow was going to blow me away. I first looked at it and thought...oh, ok...a white...with shimmer. Then I studied it. It appeared to have green hidden in it. Then I saw a blue-ish tint. I opened it up and I saw nothing but white, so I was baffled. Then I put it looks almost blue! It's crazy! Check out a side view of's amazing when you turn it in the light - 
Doesn't look like the same shadow, doesn't it?! Definitely a duochrome, and quite versatile, it has a gorgeous iridescence HOWEVER the formula was not the best. Out of the six collection, I disliked the formula of two, this being one of them. Quite a shame, really, because the color is stunning. You could easily pair this with any eyeshadow to make it pop. It's also fantastic for lightly patting into the inner corners of the eyes to open them up and brighten them. 


This was the other super loved shadow with a hint of sadness. It is a GORGEOUS shade of mint green, which is quite the rage right now. It isn't a duochrome, but it's got a bright shimmer that really pops on your eyes when you layer it, but, unfortunately, the formula was the worst of the bunch. The others were quite easy to layer, but this one smudged and wiped off when I tried to add more. I tried using both my finger and a brush to apply and I found that I preferred fingers but the brush was obviously better for making a perfect line. The shadows seem to be best applied using both! This green would be amazing paired with some rich chocolatey brown eyeshadows, or even black for a more dramatic eye. Or if you want to jump a different direction altogether, peaches and creams for that spring look!



The CROWNING GLORY of ALL Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Eyeshadows! OH MY....MY MY MY....if you ever buy one of these eyeshadows, buy THIS ONE. Where to begin....a fantasmigorical duochrome with amazing shimmer. It changes colors depending on the lighting you're in. It can be green/blue tinted, purple tinted, and it has a gorgeous soft gold shine when the light hits it. The formula is the best of the collection as well. Seriously, I'm not going to say it again. BUY THIS. Here is the jar turned to see the variation of color -

Notice how it looks blue/gold in the first picture, purple/gold in the open jar picture and green/gold here? Soooooo pretty. This eyeshadow really doesn't need to be paired with a powder eyeshadow, but if you want to go all out, I'd recommend some champagne golds to really get some gorgeous rich eyes popping and maybe some bright rich eyeliners, such as gold, purple, peacocks or emeralds.

This was a pleasant surprise. Not a duochrome, but a rich lavender purple that has hints of blue/silver shimmer throughout it. The formula was OK, not the best, but certainly not as bad as Icy Mint and Waves of White. It's soft and shimmery when layered thinly...providing a nice lavender sheen....or you can thicken it for a slightly more plummy lavender. I think this is one of the best colors for all skin tones to have. It seems quite universally flattering! Especially for all eye colors as well. I'd pair this with some mauves for a girly flirty look or a some bright aquatic blues for a vibrant summer eye.

Another solid gorgeous duochrome, this was definite favorite of mine in the group! People say not to wear blues if you have blue/grey eyes, I say Noooooo, DO IT! So being one with grey/blue eyes, I LOVE getting these types of colors. This particular cream is mainly blue, but it has purple/silver shimmer through it. It seems like the opposite of Lavish Lavender. They both have similar formula and I had no trouble applying this one at all. Side view! -
See the hints of silvery lavender in it? It looks a lot more purple when turned sideways. Just darling. This would be pretty paired with some silver and/or black eyeliner or some navy to dark blue eyeshadow!
So I HAD to try these out, but rather than do an individual look for each eyeshadow, I combined two for one look....creating three different looks!
For this look I put Cool Crush from my crease up to my eyebrows  and Lavish Lavender on my eyelid and winged it out a bit to open up my eyes. See how very similar they are when paired together? But you can see the purple better when I close my eyes. 

I wanted to go a little dramatic and retro with this look and this was the most difficult one to do because of the formulas. I put Waves of White in my inner corners of my eyes to about 1/3 of the way across my eyelid. Then I blended Icy Mint from there and out to a winged cat eye. It took a lot of convincing and smudging with my fingertips to get the colors to not be smudgy looking and creased and I still wasn't completely happy with it, but oh well. I got a lot of compliments on how bright and pretty my eyes looked! One girl at my dance studio said it looked like I had snow on my eyes! lol

This one was SO HARD to photograph! These pictures don't do it justice by far! I really wanted you to see the differences with the coloration of Seashore Frosts, so I took one in a daylit room defused by a white see-through curtain and one with the sunlight hitting my eyes directly. I used Sandy Shores right below my eyebrows and around towards the inner corners of my eyes to highlight and believe it or not, that ENTIRE variation of colors on my entire eyelid is JUST Seashore Frosts. Told you it was incredible! In the first picture where my eyes are opened, doesn't it look more blue/green? Then in the closed eye picture where my eyes are directly in the sun, it looks purple and gold! I LOVE THIS EYESHADOW!
All in all, I'm definitely happy I purchased these eyeshadows and if you love them now too, be sure to go grab them immediately, because they ARE LIMITED EDITION! I would highly recommend Seashore Frosts (obviously), Lavish Lavender, Cool Crush and Sandy Shores. Or just buy them all, why not....::wink wink::

Happy Makeuping!
Love, Cookie 


  1. wow these are beautiful! thank you for sharing.

    1. You're very welcome! I hope I don't look too sickly in these pictures, I've been fighting off some horrible nasal stuff for a few days and my nose and eyes hate me momentarily lol!

  2. I picked up 4 of them & really like them! They're sooo pretty. & they look AMAZING on you!!!

    1. Thanks Shelby! Which ones did you end up getting? :-)

  3. I agree with Shelby, they look amazing on you! I'm gonna be on the look out for these now when I pass by CVS and Walgreens and Rite-Aid and Target aaaah busy weekend I guess hehehehe

    1. Thanks! It's never too busy to shop for makeup lol! Which ones are you going to try to get?

    2. I'm loving the lavender one and the duo chrome seashore frost!

  4. I love these shadows as well, I didn`t know they were limited edition....Since I am going on a shopping trip to the U.S this weekend I think I am going to get some of these, they may be easier to find there. Thanks for info :)

    1. Absolutely! Hope you get all the ones you want! So where are you at now if not in the U.S.?

  5. Well darn it now i HAVE to have Seashore Frosts! Thanks for the review these are amazing! And you do not look sick at all! You look fabulous!

    1. I will admit, that one is HARD to resist! And thank you very much for the sweet compliment! :-D