Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Coastal Scents 120 Palette Two (Part 1)


As you probably can tell, I am OBSESSED with Coastal Scents! I just adore them. I have waaaay too many of their palettes.....oh who am I kidding...I can never have enough! ::Cheshire grin::

I positively loved their 120 Palette One, so when their 120 Palette Two came out...I pounced on it!....Then their 120 Palette Three came out. Guess what I did. Yeah you know the answer. So therefore, I am VERY behind in my reviews! I apologize! Here we are though! I will be doing each palette in two parts, one for each tray in the palette.

Without further ado...

Look how GORGEOUS that color is! The 120 Palettes contain two trays of 60 eyeshadows each, and they are all interchangeable with each other, as well as with the 252 Ultimate Palette. The 120 Palette One contained a lot of primary colors in a fairly broad spectrum of hues and shades, but THIS palette has some mega-pigmented brights! All of the palettes contain variations in shimmer, matte, etc. What I've noticed so far is that each color row of 6 seems to be separated in half with 3 shadows of similar hues with differing shade and tint.

Today we are going to be reviewing and swatching tray #1!

and if that picture doesn't do it for's a fun tantalizing view of these mega brights -

You're welcome.....typically the 88 Palette's and the 252 Ultimate Palette's shadow pan sizes are about the size of a dime, but the 120's come a teensy bit bigger. They're somewhat between the size of a dime and a nickel:

Don't let the size fool you though. These babies are so very pigmented, they'll last a SUPER long time! Speaking of pigmentation and pretty colors,'s time to swatch!

Pretty pretty pretty! This yellows are very vivid, smooth and full of pop! I especially love the golden shimmered ones. The three on the left are obviously a more dull-toned yellow, while the ones on the right are brighter with more primary yellow. Just to note, all of my swatches are WITHOUT primer and were swiped about 3-4 times. 


These oranges are fantastic! From the cooler orange on the left, to the coral shimmer on the right, I was super pleased with the whole row. I was excited to see a lightly tangerine-tinted shimmer (4th from left) and of course....coral. One of my FAV colors. Also, although I don't wear orange that often, that super bright pumpkin orange is gorgeous!

Hello! That chartreuse! Is that not fabulous? I don't believe I have a shade like that anywhere? Or I'm just super in love with it because I'm staring at it. The lime greens are beautiful as well! I'm sorry though...the chartreuse has my heart. Also I love saying it....chartreuse.

The shimmer shadows in this row really are quite fantastic, but I especially love the three teals on the end (right). Most of these I only needed to swipe MAYBE three times. I believe the teals were only two swipes! 

From shamrock green to emerald to pine, this row has you green-covered! See what I mean now about each row being separated into three similar hues but different tints/shades? I guess with different finishes too! I really just adore the dark pine at the end (right). 

Such a great variety of indigos! Also, we've got a sky blue on the left, as well. These blues are very bright, very smooth and perfect for bringing some attention your way. That cobalt indigo on the right end is to die for, in my opinion. You know I'm right.

Normally I do love a good violet or purple, but it's not the color I jump to immediately, however this row blew me away! You've got your fuchsia purple with a bit of berry in it, then your orchids, then purples ranging to a slight eggplant, and ending with an amethyst purple. LOVE. This is a row not to be ignored!

This particular row had me going WOWZA! to Awww. The white I was really pleased with. It's not streaky, it's bright and went on smoothly. The soft pale gold I loved as well, it's shimmery and not overpowering...perfect for inner corners too if I'm doing a cooler gold toned look. The matte black is phenomenal (as you can see!), it's super dark and not streaky at all. It reminds me of an eyeshadowe version of Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner in Perversion! The dark and light steel greys are also amazing, I really love the smooth shimmer in them, it seriously looks like steel when swatched! That leaves one...the dove grey. I kept swiping and it just wouldn't hold much pigment! It was so odd. It's just so light and shimmery. When I hold it into the light and turn my arm, I can see it so much better but it's just not a fuller coverage eyeshadow. This silver would be perfect for highlighting, centering over a color to add shimmer and pop or even inner corners of your eyes or possibly along your eyeliner. 

Ok, quite gawking. Close your mouth. I know, I know. It is HOT! I swatched that hot pink on the right end and I nearly passed out. It was so hot! ::nudge nudge, wink wink:: Seriously, though, these pinks are incredible. Starting with more of a berry-ish pink on the left, moving in to a rosey pink, then a magenta, then BAM! Hot pink! Aw yeah. 

We end the last row of tray #1 with the browns. This is probably my least favorite row of the this tray, but it still has potential. I think if I saw them separately, I'd like them better. You've got a copper on the left, some russet browns, then chocolate browns at the end. The 4th shadow from the left (bright russet) is my favorite of these. I'd like to play it up with some amber and do a goddess-y warm look with it. Very rich with a hint of gold playing around. 
Well I just love it. If you couldn't tell! They're bright, vivid, smooth, RIDICULOUSLY pigmented and full of pizzazz. Hopefully tomorrow or Friday I'll be able to give you tray #2, which seems to have a lot more jewel tones in it...can't wait! For now, here's my look of the day with my Coastal Scent's 120 Palette Two - Tray #1!
I went for the row of purples! It was just too pretty to pass up. I put a little of the fuchsia towards the inner corner of my eye, with the orchid purple in the center and the amethyst purple lighted dusted towards the wing of the cat eye to give it some depth and show some bright color when I have my eyes open! I received a lot of compliments today with this look, so I'll definitely be using them again! 
Happy Makeuping and see you again soon for the next bunch of swatches!
Love, Cookie


  1. I love Costal Scents eye shadow palettes as well, for the price they are very good quality. The palette you got looks great, I love those purple tones.

    1. I agree about the quality. I have NEVER had any pigmentation issues with them or disliked their formulas! Thanks for the compliment :-D

  2. You need to wear eye shadow every day to make good use of these. The pigmentation is pretty impressive. Is their staying power good, too?

    1. Oh yes indeedy! I just love eyeshadow, it's seriously my favorite makeup product! I've never had any trouble with it's staying power, however, I do use UD primer potion on my lids and I always set my makeup with a setting spray. With those techniques, I've gone like....14 hours and my eyeshadow hasn't faded or smudged one bit!