Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Coastal Scents 120 Palette Three (Part 1)


My love of Coastal Scents shall never cease. Well you really didn't think I'd show you the 120 Palette Two and miss the 120 Palette Three, did you? What's that? You missed seeing my review for the 120 Palette Two? Well, heavens, we can't have that. Here's the links:

As I've mentioned before, I really love the versatility and range of these palettes. They offer so many different combinations, not just in color, but in finishes, shades and hues as well. This particular palette contains a lot more earthy tones, and shades that are excellent for smoky eyes. Once again, I'm going to be doing two reviews, one for the 1st tray and one for the 2nd. Today, obviously, we are going to be taking a look at the top tray of shadows in the 120 Palette Three! What are we waiting for! Let's get started!

They have their more colorful shades in the first tray and their darker/deeper shades on the bottom. These shades, compared to the other 120 palettes, are very bold and full of rich deep color. They range from matte, to satin, to shimmered finishes and as always, the pigmentation is outstanding.

The Charming Cheshire Cherished Photo:


...and now for your beautiful, must-have, colorful and stunning swatches! -


These golds just POP out! As I've mentioned before, you will never be disappointed with Coastal Scent's shimmered finish shadows. Other brands sometimes tend to be thin and almost translucent, leaving only some shimmer, but not much color. NOT THESE! Each shimmer only required two swipes for this pigmentation. Their satins sometimes require three, and their mattes, depending on the shade, need three to four. Out of all of these I really adore the light cream on the far left an the deep goldenrod on the far right!


Another great thing about the palettes is that even most of them come in rows of 6, they also are separated into three shades that blend well with each other. This row for example...on the far left you've got your linen cream white, that BARELY has light gold shimmer in it that you can use with the cool pale yellow gold next to it and deepen with the darker yellow gold next to that. The same goes with the three tan/browns on the right! So even if you're not comfortable with mixing totally different colors, you've still got three that can be your perfect three eyebrow highlight/eyelid color/eye crease deepen color shades!


Soooo pretty. The peaches are very soft and smooth, I really adore the matte peach (2nd from the left) as well as the shimmered golden shimmered coral (2nd from the right). The mattes in this row were very pigmented and easy to work with and blend on. I think corals are a wonderful color to work with in your stash, in my opinion they are very flattering on so many different skin tones. Plus they can be used in all seasons! For Spring, with some pastels and brights for that flowered effect, in Summer with some cool tones for a pop of color, in the Fall with some browns or blended into some orange for a more feminine harvest-time look, and in the Winter you could blend it into a red and work it with an emerald green (instead of a bright red, which can sometimes make your eyes look tired) or you could softly blend it with some iced silver and blue to give your eyes a little soft blush in the center or towards the inner corners of your eyes.

I love the vibrancy of this row! That bright salmon coral (2nd from right) is GORGEOUS. Even the pale pink (2nd from left) really stands out. This row in particular is excellent from Spring season into Summer. Very feminine, fun and colorful!


Such a variety of corals! These pale pinks range from a frosted pink on the left, to a pale creamy pink, then a soft bloom pink. I really think those two brown-tinted corals on the right would be excellent mixed with some copper or even throw in a small splash of turquoise for a bohemian vibe!


Mainly shimmers in this row, and having gorgeous pigmentations, these range from orchid, wisteria, dull mauve, heliotrope, amethyst and even close to a beautiful iris! These all only needed two swipes for this build up, NO primer!


You want some bold, rich you go! A vibrant sea-foam green on the left, with a bright pear green and apple green to it's right. Shimmery sky and deep sky blues, and a satin royal blue. I normally would pick blues over greens, but I'm really in love with those pear and apple shades! They're very bright and flirty to me!


I don't think I'd QUITE call them ALL lime tinted greens, but majority of them all. First you have a pale sea-foam green on the left, followed by pale emerald, then a yellow-green, with another one of those glorious chartreuse shades (::swoon::), then a light Kelly green, finished with a green/yellow-tinted gold.


This row can be very versatile. You've got such a variety of browns, so you can mix and match to so many other colors. The only one that would be a little more difficult to work with, would be the fire engine red on the right. For example, the ochre brown on the far left would be beautiful with some deep blues, the pale orange would be gorgeous with a deep chocolate brown, and the red tinted brown (next to the red) would be great with some black or even deep greens.


The final row of tray #1! I always love having pretty nude shades to play with. Especially with the mix of the satin on the left, shimmer to it's right and even darker matte following it. These three all have pink undertones, which is excellent for my coloring. We've got a rogue sepia that snuck on in there too for good measure! To finish up, there's a bittersweet orange-red, and a bittersweet red. This row feels more like Fall to me, warm and earthy.


Not QUITE the full finale yet! We've still got one more tray of gorgeous darker, rich eyeshadows to go! Just to summarize this one tray though, I absolute love it! There weren't any shades that were difficult to swatch, all showed up beautifully with no primer whatsoever! I also love how different this palette is from the first two. Definitely bold, full of bright colors and very workable.

Here is the look I created with the 120 Palatte Three, tray #1! -

I used the beautiful pale sea-foam green!....but wait...I have a little surprise for you....
you don't see it you?

AHA! A hidden little swish of coral! For that fun and bright little surprise when I blink my eyes. (No, I did not mean to rhyme, but yes, that was awesome)

I wanted to do something that was great for Spring into Summer seasonal change. Light, cool, but fresh.

I hope you enjoyed Coastal Scent's 120 Palette Three, Tray #1! Stay tuned, Tray #2's post will be up in the next couple of days!

Happy Makeuping!
Love, Cookie


  1. Love the whole look especially the hidden pop of coral! I think I need/want this palette!

  2. I am SO excited. I got this set for Christmas; these colors are beautiful and can't wait to try them!