Monday, May 27, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Starlooks


Happy Memorial Day everyone! I have something a little different and incredible fun to show you today. Recently Starlooks reached 3,000 Likes on their Facebook page, so they had a special promotion for their fans!

"MYSTERY LIMITED ITEM FROM OUR MAKEUP LINE! $8.00! - Starlooks is coming out with new and exciting colors of items all the time, but we can't keep them all forever, so some items have become limited! We only have a few left of these items/colors, and after they are gone, we will never be offering that color again! You will be the last person to EVER RECEIVE this item! This is also why we are offering you your item at a much better discount than our normal 20% off coupon codes! Go to the following link on our website, and purchase the mystery item for $8! You will receive a LIMITED color from our Starlooks line that we have offered in the past, including Lip Liner, Eye Liner Pencil, Lip Stick, HD Fluid Blush, and more! Here's your chance... of course the amount of units available is also limited! STARLOOKS LOVES YOU!" - From Starlook's website
Me? Miss this awesome promotion?! I think not! Gotta love a good make-up surprise, so I ordered three! Here is what I received:
  Two lipsticks and a lip liner!
I love them! They are so gorgeous....let's take a closer look, shall we? Here at the swatches:
 Excellent pigmentation from this group! On the left and center are the two lipsticks and on the right is the lip liner (squiggly line and double thick line). The lipsticks were three swipes each. 


Beautiful, creamy and matte, this lipstick is soooo unique in my stash. It's a beautiful smooth pink-mocha color that adds just the right amount of a flushed neutral on the lips. It's very soft, not at all sticky and is easily layered for a deeper shade.

I love that you can wear this with so many different colors. This could go with pinks, greens, browns, blacks, blues, whites, or even silver and golds in my opinion. It lasts a good long while too, I wore this the other day for 5 hours and I only need one small touch-up (no eating or drinking). It's a great lip color to wear when you want to emphasize your eyes, it doesn't draw too much attention from them, but it still looks amazing!

 STUNNING. This shade is certainly the one that popped out at me when I swatched them. It's a darling frosted pink that leans EVER SO SLIGHTLY towards a hot pink. Very shimmery and eye-catching. THIS is the type of lipstick you want to feature in your makeup.
 Isn't the frostiness just brilliant? I think this lipstick would be beautiful with a brown (fair, not deep) smokey eye, and even a little blue for an 80's retro vibe that can be very fresh and bright for the summer (don't get carried away though! lol) Or you could go even more retro and do a black simple cat eye for a girlish 50's style (think Pink Ladies!). The formula is very nice, smooth and pigmented. If you want to lighten the coloration, your best bet is to apply, then blot with a tissue as this can get bright very easily. Love it! *Just to note, Starlooks DOES have a Venus lipstick listed on their website, as far as I can tell, they are NOT the same. The new Venus is matte and appears to be more of an apricot rose shade. 

Am I just crazy because I'm super excited that I now have TWO lip liners?! My very first one is a Starlooks one as well (Thank you Starlooks for finally giving me what I was very much lacking it!). I received it in my Starlooks Birthday Box back in March, here is the link if you want to check it out: March Starlooks Birthday Box

This lip liner is...well...exactly what's is called! It's a beautiful deep brick red shade. It's a little rough for a lip liner, not as soft as the other one I have, but still easy to work with. I tried this with the Euphoria lipstick, a deep red lipstick and even a dark nude and it's works so well with all! I even used the lip liner as an all-over lip color and I love it! -

Nice and matte and lasts FOREVER. It's perfect for those of you who want red lips, but a more toned down version that'll go great with a night out on the town look. Blend in a little Oxblood lip color with it and I think it'll be seductive, feminine and gorgeous!

I was so pleased and happy with my Mystery Items, I think it was so wonderful of Starlooks to provide the promotion for us! Unfortunately, these shades are not available for purchase on their website anymore, but they do have a large selection of gorgeous shades for you to peruse through and fall in love with, including many that are very similar to these. For example, Eva appears to look very similar to Venus, the new matte Venus looks similar to Euphoria and for the lip liners, Voltage Rouge and Blasted Brick look very similar to Brick. Lipsticks are regularly $12 each, and lip liners are $12 each as well. 

Who knows, they may have another similar promotion soon, so don't miss out! Here's their website and facebook:

Happy Makeuping girlies!
Love, Cookie



  1. They all look great on you!
    To bad you won't be able to repurchase them...

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, it's a bittersweet buy. I'm hoping these will last me a good long while!

  2. I want to subscribe to Starlooks more and more every time I see a post about them. This is such a great promo, but it does suck that you won't be able to repurchase it if you love the item. Still a good deal though! :)

    1. You definitely should subscribe! They are so fabulous!

  3. Haven't tried this brand before but I like the swatches and that last lipstick looks great on you.