Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Starbox - Birthday Box 2013!


Words cannot describe the girlish giddiness I displayed upon receiving this fantabulous little box of goodies for my birthday month! March is my birthday and Starbox was EXTRAORDINARILY kind enough to sent me a special birthday box...absolutely FREE! Apparently when you are a monthly subscriber, they send you this extra box during the month of your birthday along with your regular monthly box. I have to say...that seriously impresses me, compared to other companies. Not that I'm saying that every beauty sub should be doing this (not that that wouldn't be superdupes awesome!) but still, I find that to be very sweet. It's not personalized for you, it seems that it is different yearly, so all the birthday boxes this year will be the same, however, it does still have that certain personal touch, plus, GRACIOUS, it's whole box of free gifts!

 A black and silver box? Please, Starlooks, you spoil me. JE T'ADORE!

 How darling and delicious looking is that little card with sugar lips? Really makes me want to use the sugar lip scrub they gave me in the March box! The present includes a lipstick, lip liner and eyeliner!

ITEM 1 - LIPSTICK in Kinky

You know, usually when I see a red lipstick, I just kinda shrug, but this red lipstick is da bomb! It's such an unusual red. It's definitely more of a orange based red (compared to a blue based) but maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me but I see hints of coral BARELY blended into it! It's super smooth upon application and lasts SO long. I actually barely blotted my lips after taking pictures, wore it to work and after 3 1/2 hours, it was still fully covering my lips! (and I have to talk a lot at work lol) It's stays moist, doesn't dry out your lips, doesn't smudge and most important to me, doesn't goop up after hours of wear!  GORGEOUS! Definitely my favorite orange based red!

ITEM 2 - LIP LINER in Kinky

Ok, don't make fun of me, but....this is my FIRST lip liner...ever. Not only that, but good gracious...IT MATCHES MY LIPSTICK! My makeup box doesn't know what to do with itself, it's so excited. It's definitely a lovely liner. It's BARELY lighter than the lipstick itself, not to where you can tell when applied on lips though. Gives a smooth, even line, doesn't dry out or smudge and wipes off clean when you want to remove it! A great addition to my stash!


  I love kohl eye pencils! This particular black is just lovely. It's not overly shiny, but it's not completely matte. It goes on smooth, not ridgy and it doesn't drag on your eye (that is so ridiculously bad for your eyelid, I cannot even begin to tell you). It lasted me the entire time at work without touch-ups, which is nearly 5 1/2 hours! The ONLY non-glowing thing I'll say about this product, is that is does smudge a little. It's understandable though, it isn't waterproof, so I was expecting some smudges, but actually, it smudged much less than I thought it would! The smudges weren't at all hard to remove though, I just barely brushed under my eye with the tip of my ring finger and it cleanly wiped it away. I think this is a fantastic black eyeliner for getting that perfect non-shiny or shimmery black line that you want to achieve. 

Here is a swatch of all three products:
 The lip liner is on the top left (thin and thick line), eyeliner on the top right (thin, quick, curvy) and lipstick on the bottom. Smooth, no drag with the liners and look how soft, moist and deep that lipstick is! I only made two swipes with it. The thin lines for the liners are one swipe, and the thick ones are double. It all came off very easily with makeup wipes, with no staining.


Lipstick: $11

Lip Liner: $9.50

Kohl Eye Liner: $8 

Total Worth of Box: $28.50

I think that is incredibly kind and generous of Starlooks! You'd better believe I am now a firm and promoting buyer of their products now! Not just a wonderful box because it was a free gift, but the products are great.


Now, when I think of red lips and black eyeliner, I admit, I immediately think RETRO
So here's some modern 50's glam for ya...

 Ok, I may have had too much fun posing in these red lips and cat eyes...

 My 50's pin-up girl face:

 and of course, gotta end with the 50's bombshell wink:

Ok, I'm done now...::blushes::

Happy Makeuping!
Love, Cookie <3

P.S. I have no clue why my phone decided to be all fuzzy for the 2nd and 3rd pictures, but the 1st pic is accurate for lipstick color! Silly phone...I really MUST get my camera back from my mother lol


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    1. Thank you so much! It was a fun look to do :-D

  2. that lipstick looks awesome on you!!!

    1. Thank you! It certainly brings out the ME-OOOW in me! lol

  3. Hey lovely! I stumbled upon your blog via MakeupTalk and I'm loving it so far :) I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check it out here:


    1. Thank you so much! I'll definitely come check your blog out! I know you from makeuptalk as well ;-)

  4. I've been so back and forth about whether I want to try this box or not. They do seem to send some awesome things in a large variety of colors, and I definitely need to experiment more with colors. Those colors look absolutely amazing on you!

  5. Thanks for the sweet compliment! I really recommend this sub, especially if you love makeup. Their products seem to be excellent quality and it feels like they go the extra mile for their customers!