Sunday, April 7, 2013

Julep - Introductory Starter Box


I have been DYING to post about this! As busy as my schedule has been and as much as I wanted to get out the Coastal Scents Prism Palette post (click here to see post!), I put this aside for a few days, but I can finally it is!  

Last month I signed up for another beauty sub called Julep, a company which specializes in nail polishes. You can not only buy products from their website, but you can also sign up to become a "Maven", who receive a monthly box for only $19.99 per month with products that are specifically picked out to match your beauty profile. There are 5 different beauty profiles: 

1) Modern Beauty - 2 full-size beauty products monthly
2) Boho Glam - 2 polishes and 1 full-size beauty product monthly
3) Bombshell - 2 polishes and 1 full-size beauty product monthly
4) Classic with a Twist - 2 polishes and 1 full-size beauty product monthly
5) IT Girl - 3 polishes monthly

When starting your sign-up, you take a quiz that gives you your recommended profile, but you have the option of changing it at any time! I was set as Boho Glam, which I am totally loving!

Boho Glam

"You’re a dynamic free spirit with a creative eye."
*Taken from Julep's website,

Oh yes, absolutely loving this...
When you first sign up they send you what is called a Starter Box, and here is the one I received for my profile!

That is just darling. I was so ridiculously happy when I opened it. At first I was are the polishes? Then I noticed how loving and carefully they were wrapped in the pink packaging with bubble wrap around them! Here they are opened:

That is definitely an important little detail to me, the fact that they didn't rush wrapping their boxes and I can feel confident during shipping that I'll receive my polishes in pristine shape and condition! In my box I received two polishes, a full-size foot scrub and a sample hand scrub.


 HOW they knew to send me these colors, it is beyond me, but I am IMPRESSED. I was in a significant amount of shock when I opened the packaging. When I showed my hubster he even said: "You must have picked those colors." NOPE! Julep just KNEW. Girlies, I got some good, good feelings about this company. This is Julep's polish in Robin, which is a gorgeous robin's egg/tiffany blue creme. It goes on SO super smooth, and only took 2 coats for good opacity. What I really love about it (aside from the color!) is that it does smooth itself out when you're brushing it on. Most cremes tend to...well, the best word I can use to describe it is glump on the nail. It's sometimes difficult to keep the polish smooth and when you try to smooth it out by brushing over it again, it removes too much, etc. Not this polish! ::kisses bottle::


 I am so intrigued by this polish! At first glace I thought it was a silver, but upon closer look, I thought it was a bronze. I do believe it's a little of both! It appears to be a grey base metallic, but with bronzey-gold flecks floating in it! I tried so hard to take a good closeup of the flecks, but they were being quite camera shy (plus it doesn't help that all of these are taken with my iPhone!) 

I tried, lol...As far as the opacity with this polish, it was AMAZING. You might even be able to get away with one coat depending on how deep you want the shimmer/metallic to be. I would always recommend at least two though, regardless of the polish (if not more!) This polish is definitely a one-of-a-kind in my collection, and one I'll be using quite often, as it can go with a variety of clothing/jewelry!

  This is a wonderfully sized dandy foot scrub and when I first opened the bottle and smelled it I couldn't smell a thing. I was sad for a moment, then I tried it out and OH HAPPINESS, it smells like MINT! I cannot tell you how delighted I am about this. Out of any smell a beauty product could have, mint is without a doubt my favorite! I'm not one for a foot scrub, though, mainly because of the work that I do...I need to have some calluses, but on the every so rare occasion this scrub will be a very enjoyable treat! It does have a slight warming effect, nothing too strong, but very enjoyable. I did not use very much (like I said, I need my calluses) but I would probably want to use this along with a pumice stone/brush to get a thorough scrub. For someone that constantly wants a nice pedicure, this stuff would be amazing for you!

 I wish I had received this in a full-size and the foot scrub in a sample size! I LOVE this hand scrub! It doesn't really have an smell, but it leaves your hands feeling divine! It has tiny apricot seeds that exfoliate, and by golly, they do an amazing job. My hands felt quite smooth and soft afterwards. I will definitely be purchasing the full-size of this at some point. 

Julep Polish in Robin: $14 (full-size) *($11.20 for Maven subscriber) 
Julep Polish in Stefani: $14 (full-size) *($11.20 for Maven subscriber)
Warming Foot Scrub: $22 (full-size) *($17.60 for Maven subscriber)
Glycolic Hand Scrub: Full-size product, which is 3 fl oz, is $23 ($18.40 for Mavens), the sample I received is .07 fl oz, so that is roughly $0.54, or $0.43 for Mavens.   
Total Worth of Box: $50.54 or $40.43 for Mavens
Either way you look at, it is an EXCELLENT worth for the price! I actually found a coupon for First Box Free, so I only paid for shipping! Julep seems to have wonderful coupons and discounts quite often, so if you're going to be signing up for their monthly sub or just purchasing products, be sure you look for some! Regardless, this box is definitely a fantastic deal!

Were you waiting for this moment? I definitely had a lot of fun with this look...
Ta-da! This manicure was actually quite easy, and is definitely a 'keep-staring-down-at-my-hands-all-day' type of look. The turquoise rhinestones I already had, and they matched the Robin so well I decided to add them on. To check out how I did this manicure, see my post below this one called Positively Polished! 

I hope you enjoyed my Julep post, I'm looking forward to many many more amazing boxes!

Happy Makeuping (Yes, yes, that includes polishing ;-)

Love, Cookie


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  2. I LOVE being a Maven and from some of the rumors I've heard about upcoming boxes... it's a good club to be in hahaha :)

    1. OOoo, I feel like I should definitely look into those rumors. ::eyebrow wiggle::

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