Sunday, April 7, 2013

Positively Polished

Rhinestone Detailed Racing Stripes 

I have been holding off on a polish post until I received my first Julep Maven box and it arrived a few days ago, so let's get to it!

 I'm so ridiculously pleased with this manicure, I'm even a tad smug...ok, maybe I totally can't pull off smug, but I sure am giddy! This manicure actually went through a series of add ons...essentially a thought process of: "Ooo! What if I did this..." repeated a few times. 

These are the two fantastic polishes I used! - 
 Julep in Stefani (gray/bronze metallic) and Robin (robin's egg blue)

My next post will be a full review about the Julep Maven box that these two polishes came in, don't miss it!

I started off with wanting to do all over tiffany/robin's egg blue and have the metallic gray stripe just hand painted down the middle...then I decided I wanted a crisper edge, so I used the same french tip stickers to line my nails that I used in my previous post for Double Striped Silver/Lavender  .   I used two coats for the blue and I actually tried two different methods of painting the nail areas to see which would help set the center gray stripe better. Either leaving the center nail bare or covering it whole:

 Turns out, it didn't make any difference whatsoever! lol That may have been in part of the excellent quality of the polishes though.

After the two coats dried, I placed the tape on either side of where I wanted the center stripe to be and I used two coats of the gray metallic, then quickly removed the tape and let them dry. Here is the result! - 

 Honestly, you could leave it this way, and I almost did...I had planned to, but of course, I had to jazz it up a I went a step further and added some turquoise rhinestones to it!

 I just used tweezers and dipped the back of each rhinstone in topcoat and placed them where I wanted them, then once I was done I applied two coats of the same topcoat over everything! Hopefully that'll keep them in place for a few days. I may add another top coat in a day or two to reset it.

Always gotta have a little sparkle in life, don't you think?

Happy Makeuping!

Love, Cookie

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