Sunday, April 28, 2013

Glossybox - April 2013


I'm going to jump right in and quote the card that Glossybox provided in this month's box! -

"This April, GLOSSYBOX has a thirst for beauty wellness and we are
quenching it with feel-good products! After a long winter, it's time to be
good to your body, whether it's an invigorating wash or an indulgent soak.
Feel the sun's warmth and bring on beachy waves and sun-kissed cheeks.
Bare some skin and go the no makeup-makeup route. Work your natural
beauty and be your best you with GLOSSYBOX this month."

Sounds fabulous doesn't it? I mean, I totally get what Glossybox was saying with this theme, but when I first showed my hubby all of my products and he asked what the theme of this month's box was, I simply said: "Work that Beauty". Before I had a chance to explain, he came up with the most hilarious and awesome well-rounded theme that totally takes a different direction, but fits perfectly as well. Care to hear it? Of course you do!


Glossybox's 2013 April Box! WORK THAT for your WORK! We all have them. We all don't really like them. We all wish we could stay at home with a nice cup of coffee, watch a little tv, relax in a hot tub and just take it easy. Unfortunately, if you're like just gotta go make that moolah. You know, cha-ching, the income. Nine to five can be rough, especially on your body. Wouldn't you just love a special box full of special products that's just a perfect pick-me-up for your situation? Fear no more! Have we got the perfect box for you! Let's take a look at some of the items!

Gotta get up early for work? Running late? That one quick little cup of coffee not doing it for ya? It's time to jump in the shower and completely cover yourself with coffee for that extra perk-me-up morning rinse! Wash with Joe! Prepare yourself for a soapy tingle that'll put a pep in your step, with suds that'll lather and cool you down with a scent that'll have you reaching for the sugar and cream (Sugar body scrub, that is ::wink wink:: and body cream...well you get the drift)

Slaving away through the day already have you pulling your hair out with frustration? Have you totally ruined your fabulous 'do from anxiety? Here's just the thing for you...Alterna Boho Waves spray mist! Instead of your coworkers backing away slowly from your crazy yanked out hair sticking in every direction, they'll be wondering when it was you were able to sneak away to the shores to get those fabulous beachy waves! Definitely the best tousleable product for a 2 minute quick-fix! Spritz, shake and show-off that mane!


Did your boss just toss a ginormous stack of paperwork on your desk and casually let you know that he meant to give it to you two days ago, but, oh, by the way, it's due back by 5pm today? OK...take a deep breath...blink your eyes...nod your head....and now we've got to do something about your deathly pale face. Let's get some glow back in your cheeks with Tigi's Glow Blush in Haute! Glowy, bright and a vibrant orange-coral, just sweep this pretty baby all along the apples of your cheeks and even lightly around your chin and nose the blush up your bewildered face. With a gorgeous glow, even you could fool the toughest of bosses. Let them know you've got it handled and flash them a wink to plump up a shimmering beautiful apple of your cheek...and get busy because you've got 3 hours left...

On the phone all day talking to clients? Or maybe it was just one of those days where kissing up to the boss was a must? That'll definitely lead to some serious chapped lips. Honestly, sounds like you could use some Honest Co.! Sooth those aching lips with some Sweet Orange Vanilla lip balm. A super sweet swipe of organic jojoba and oils, rich with Omega 6 and 9, helping you from 9 to 5 to keep your lips moisturized and soft. 
You've clocked out, driven home, dragged yourself in the door, dropped your things in a trail through the front room. Ready to collapse? Drop into a tub of luxury and fragrance with these Bvlgari perfumed bath tea bags. Just slip one of these into a warm bath and settle in for a soothing, elegant, enraptured bath that'll make all of your horrendous work day just slip away. Ahhhhhh, now isn't that better?
I seriously just love my husband, we had so much fun re-imagining this box! In all seriousness though, this box was fantastic! I just love it! Real review this time:
WASH WITH JOE: This body wash is phenomenal! Putting together two of my favorite scents, coffee and mint? Um, YES PLEASE. Also, a definite first for me, this wash left my skin tingly and fresh feeling! I've had shampoos and face washes that have done that, but never body washes. It lathers so well, which was surprising, it's a little more on the liquid side than a gel. My husband also loved it, so this may be something I might have to learn to share. Ahem. (If he can find where I've hid it). The scent doesn't last too long, though, if that's something you're worried about. For me it lasted about an hour to an hour and a half, but I'm perfectly fine with that! Definitely a perky fun shower and something I'll certainly be purchasing often! The only negative thing I'll say about what I received, is that the bottle is hard and you can't squeeze it, but the cap is meant to have the product squeezed out! I had to unscrew the top off and just pour it directly onto my loofah.
ALTERNA BAMBOO STYLE BOHO WAVES MIST: Adore. Just adore. My hair is usually difficult to work with when it's past my shoulders. Part of my hair is straight and part likes to be curly. Sometimes it's nice and curly, sometimes it couldn't care less. You never know what it's gonna do. Of course, I LOVE curly and wavy, so I'm constantly battling for it. I honestly didn't think it would work that well, boy was I shocked! 

Please excuse the differences in lighting for these two pictures. The top pic is in front of a window with only daylight, and a few minutes after I took it, it began pouring rain. It became much to dark outside to take good pics that showed the awesome texture of my hair, so I went into another room and turned on the lights. This light, unfortunately, casts a somewhat yellowish tone in pics, but since it doesn't effect the actual texture and look of my hair (other than coloration), I just went with it. My apologies! Back to the hair...WAVES! Look at the fabulous waves! I let my hair air dry, and while it was still damp I spritz some of the mist through it and scrunched my hair with my hands, then I let it dry about 70% of the way. Afterwards, I blow dried and brushed my bangs and gently blow dried my hair (scrunching with my fingers, since I don't have a diffuser) and reset my hair with some more of the Alterna mist and voila! It's not crunchy (a big plus) and the waves lasted for the entire day, with only a few shakes and tosses to vamp back up the volume! Excellent product!
TIGI COSMETIC GLOW BLUSH in HAUTE: When I first pulled this product out, I thought, "Oh looks so dark!" This was a differing item in the box. Some people received different shades. Thus far, I hadn't seen this particular shade in other people's boxes, only pinks and pink-corals. This was looked bronzey-orange with some light gold shimmer. It actually came out really nice and I was shocked! Swatched it looks beautiful and turns out to have some coral hidden in it - 
Once again, slightly yellow-tinted lighting. SO sorry. On the right is a single swipe and you can really see the softer coral tones in it and on the left I swiped about 4 times. 

EDIT 4/28 (next day): Here's another pic of the same swatch in daylight. HOWEVER, it's still pouring rain and dark outside, so it's not that bright of a pic, but it's a lot less yellow:

Obviously, this blush is very buildable and I'd use it for an eyeshadow as well! The shimmer in it definitely puts a lovely glow in your face.
HONEST CO LIP BALM in SWEET ORANGE VANILLA: Mmmmm, it smells like an orangesicle. So tasty! I was hoping for this scent, there were two others that were sent out, Lavender Mint and Purely Simple (soothing and relieving), but Sweet Orange Vanilla sounded so fabulous! It works quite well, softening the lips and swipes on smoothly. Love it!
BVLGARI BATH TEA BAGS: Oh heavens, glossybox. They sent out a Bvlgari soap in this exact same fragrance in the February 2013 box, and it was just much too much for me. It had such a strong floral aroma, that I had to throw away the glossybox box it came in because it reeked of it! I ended up giving it to my mother, who just love it. I know I can't even open this packet, I know I won't like it. So I'm definitely going to gift it to someone. Mother's day is coming up, if she loved the soap, maybe I'll put this in a fun little Mother's Day basket for her! It's a shame, really, lounging in a warm bath with a fragranced bath bag sounds so nice!
I was a little confused with this beauty extra, since we just recieved the exact same thing back in January 2013 with the Man Repeller Box. Same foil, same size, etc. I mean, I'm certainly not complaining, since this lotion costs a small fortune! I still have so much left from the first foil. I'm somewhat scared to be using up anything so darn expensive. Maybe now that I have two I'll feel better about it! Perhaps I'll gift this as well though...share the fine things in life so to speak!
Wash With Joe Body Wash: Full size $28 for 16 fl oz, I received 1 fl oz sample, so $1.75.
Alterna Boho Waves Mist: Full size $22 for 4.2 fl oz, I received 0.85 fl oz sample, so $4.45.
Tigi Blush in Haute: $22 (full-size!)
Honest Co. Sweet Orange Vanilla Lip Balm: 3 pack is $10.95, so $3.65 for a single. 
Bvlgari Bath Tea Bags: $9.50 (full-size)
Le Metier De Beaute Replenishing Daily Solution: Full size is $225 for 1.7 oz (I KNOW, RIGHT?), and this sample is 0.10 oz, so $13.23 roughly. 
Total Worth of Box: $54.58
So, no where near as much as last month's box, but still, a good deal for what you pay! 
I washed with the fantastic body wash, spritzed my hair with the Boho Waves, and all that was left for me to try out was the Lip Balm and I did...and here's the pic to show! -

I felt a little bronzed goddess with this blush. It's a very pretty shade though, not my favorite, but I have a feeling I'll be using it again when the time is right! And don't my lips look kissable soft? My husband certainly thought so...he was just dying for an orange creamsicle afterwards though ::giggles::
Happy Makeuping! 
Love, Cookie 


  1. I haven't gotten my box yet, and I can't decide if I'm excited about this one or not. The body wash sounds amazing, as does the lip balm (though the last thing I need is another lip balm...)

    I'm scared of the blush! I never do well with bronzey shades, they always make me look dirty, and so I'm sure this is the shade I'll end up with ;). It looks really great on you, though!

    I'm hoping I like the spray! My hair has never been fond of cooperating when it comes to the sexy-messy look, instead opting to look dirty...but I so want to give it a shot, because yours looks HOT. :)

    1. Thanks for the compliments! Let me know how the spray works for you :-) I was so terrified of the blush at was SO DARK. lol Maybe you'll get one of the other shades though!

  2. ooooh those beachy waves looks gorgeous!

  3. I like that blush, it looks like it would compliment many skin tones.
    Your hair looked fab!

    1. Thanks girl! Yeah, I was surprised about the blush, I thought for sure it was only for darker skin tones, but it's not bad :-)

  4. I love your review :)
    I've laughed so much when I saw how your hubby interpreted "work your beauty" :D

    My nail polish blog

    1. Thanks! Yeah, that's why I keep him around ;-) He's not just handsome, he's amusing lol!

  5. I really liked this box. I thought it was funny that we got the $75 dollar off coupon for that moisturizer though. Even at $150 its still a bit too much for me. I have this St. Ives collagen elastin moisturizer that works just as well for me and its only $5 so I think I'll enjoy the sample and stick with my cheaper version. lol
    I do love the blush though. I'm really not a blush person so when I get a new sample I like its really exciting.

    1. Yeaaaah, I'm definitely never going to buy the Le Metier. While I do enjoy being given a sample of such an expensive item, there's no way I can justify paying that much for something that can be as cheap as a few bucks (as work just as well!) lol It took me a long time to become a blush person...I have rosacea on my nose and cheeks so I used to figure, hey, why bother adding more redness lol then I became better at concealing so I branched out into blushes!

      Thanks for reading my review!

  6. You know, I've been looking at past boxes of Glossybox and I've just NEVER been impressed. I don't imagine ever using anything from this box - the same is true for most of the past few from this year. I did sub for May though because it's their anniversary box, so I am hoping they will do something amazing. I have a feeling it might be my first and last box though.

    I love your blog by the way!

    1. Thank you very much! I'm sorry you don't like the past boxes...what about them don't you like? I'm hoping, too, that the anniversary box will just wow everyone! Glossybox is tough for pleasing everyone since it's really very selective products that one either loves or hates and doesn't have very many options as far as personalization for the individual. I totally understand :-)