Sunday, April 21, 2013

Positively Polished - Featuring OPI Liquid Sand Bond Girl Collection

Wanna know the best technique to keep your polish's oil and color from separating? Just remember this one little tip....

"Shaken, not stirred..."

OK, actually, that's not true, the best thing to do is roll it. If you shake it, it can form air bubbles...but that joke had to be done! 


This past week I placed an order on Ulta's website for 5 of the 6 polishes in their collection. I had originally heard that they weren't going to be available till May, but lo and behold, they were on the website and yesterday when I went to Ulta to pick up a few things I saw them there as well! The collection is named after famous Bond Girls from the entire span of Bond movies, from the original (and best in my opinion!) Sean Connery to the newest Daniel Craig. They are: Honey Ryder, Tiffany Case, Jinx, Vesper, Pussy Galore, and Solitaire. I didn't purchase Vesper, which was tough because it's a collection! However, every swatch I looked at, including professional swatches, big blogs, etc., couldn't make it look appealing! It's supposed to be a dark deep purple, but with one coat you can barely see it (and it's still streaky) and with TWO coats it turns black! Granted, black with a slight purple hue along the edge...still...a little too goth for me. If it had been a TEENSY bit more purple, I would have loved it, but I already have a purple liquid sand (OPI's Mariah Carey Can't Let Go).

Let's get started!

 This is just one coat! I knooooow, right? These polishes are amazing. I just adore them. I applied a base coat (Nailtini), then just swiped on each polish. 

Here is two coats:

Two coats definitely smooths the polishes out a bit. The only one I would say might NEED two coats is the white (Solitaire). It was a tad see-through, but not overly so. 

Time to go through the pretty colors! - 

 I love this polish! It's a lovely muted champagne gold, with tiny shiny flecks throughout. It goes on very well, and can actually easily be a one-coater! I believe the majority of these polishes are perfect for that quick 5 minute manicure that needs to be a one-coater and dry you go! This is one of the softest gold polishes I have and is very classy, elegant and a perfect Honey Ryder match!

This is two coats in slightly shaded daylight.

Tiffany Case is definitely has the most sparkle of the bunch. Several have mentioned that it's a dupe for OPI's other blue liquid sand Get Your Number, but they are quite different, I assure you. Get Your Number is a much deeper richer blue and there are large holographic glitters that can pick up other colors when reflected. Tiffany Case is a softer more icy metallic blue. Once dried, Get Your Number looks more rock-like and chunky while Tiffany Case is a lot more sand-like in texture. The blue is uniform throughout the glitter and it was a great one-coater as well, but smooths out evenly with two!
 I actually much prefer Tiffany Case to Get Your Number!

This was the only polish that I'd consider to not exactly be a one-coater. As I said, you could get away with it in a pinch, but it's better with two coats, possibly even three. It's a lovely white (but not too stark) with tiny silver glitter specks in it. The application was a bit gritty on the first coat and a tad streaky, but the second coat softened it a bit. It's frosty looking when the light shines on it directly, but more sparkly in softer light. 
 I could see this polish being GORGEOUS with a top coat! I bet it would look like a diamond! All in all, a lovely clean looking liquid sand polish!

I saved my favorite two for last! This is a baby pink liquid sand and let me tell you, this pink is divine. It is quite frosty looking when applied, with an iridescence throughout the liquid. The sand is fairly uniform, there aren't any larger pieces of glitter. It goes on very smoothly, dries gritty with one-coat and with two has an interesting, not quite smooth, frosted effect. 
  This would be what Queen Frosting from Candyland would wear...definitely.  

The most fabulous in this collection, in my opinion, is this amazing coral-orange! It's bright, vivid and goes on so well! Easily a one-coat, I actually didn't notice much of a difference with two, other than being thicker. It has small sparkly gold flecks throughout that really make it pop and shimmer in the sun. I bet this one would be amazing with a top-coat as well!
 I'm sad this picture doesn't do it justice. I can't make my iPhone behave today. It's really stunning, I promise!


These polishes can be purchased for $9 each and I've currently found them only at Ulta, but I'm assuming they'll be out in other stores come May. I HIGHLY recommend adding these to your stash, they are amazing...even better than the first group of Liquid Sands that OPI came out with for the Mariah Carey collection. I'm crossing my fingers that OPI continues in this direction of awesomeness! Well done!
Here's my fun little manicure I came up with - 
 I wanted to go simple, elegant but with a twist and I really loved the way Jinx and Honey Ryder looked together. So here is my twist half-moon! Or really high curved gold french tip...or whatever you'd like to call it! lol
 The 1st picture was taken in shade and this one is in brighter light. See how the Honey Ryder brings out the gold flecks in Jinx? Loooooove...
Happy I must go drool over Sean Connery in You Only Live Twice...because only HE can say "Bond...James Bond." in the sexiest way possible! Me-OW!
Love, Cookie


  1. I really want Tiffany Case and Jinx. Great manis!

    1. Thanks! Those two are just gorgeous, definitely the brightest of the bunch!

  2. Such a great post! I agree with you, Vesper just isn't doing it for me either.

    1. Thanks! I felt so bad...I felt like my collection was sad without the final polish...I just couldn't convince myself though! lol

  3. These are such nice colors, the polish looks textured is it? or is it just the glitter? I like the blue and the orange, very pretty.

    1. Hey girl! The polish itself is textured, yes and the glitter is dispersed throughout :-) The blue and the orange are definitely gorgeous!

  4. I really like the blue, red, and pink colors. I have one liquid sand in a purple color that I got in my Jan glossybox. I really like it. The texture squicked me out a bit just because I have a newborn and it always felt like they were getting snagged on diapers but they didn't chip and so I was able to handle the snag feeling.

    1. I received that Glossybox as well and I was worried about snagging too! lol These are quite as textured, they're much smoother :-) The graininess is a lot finer.

  5. These look so pretty! I'm going to have to go out and buy myself some now lol! I have not used a sand textured polish before!

    1. Every girl should have at least one of these lol! The textured polishes really are quite fun!