Thursday, April 25, 2013

Starbox - April 2013


Time for Starlooks again! This is definitely my happy makeup sub. I feel a little posh, sophisticated and fancy when I get to open this snazzy lil box of fabulousness. 

Le Box:

This may sound silly, but I really appreciate the color variety of the boxes and wrapping each month. I think it's just ridiculously cute! This month the theme is Festival and it's a mix of neutral products. The box is a lovely baby blue with a...I'm going to go with black-brown lid (it almost looks black in some light, so it's either a light black or a black-brown). The tissue inside is silvery on the outside and pale green tinted on the inside. Essentially it matches the APRIL Starbox card perfectly! I love that. I'm big on artsy details. ::wink wink:: The point of this box's theme is what would you wear while out at a fun festival in the hot sun and you don't want your makeup melting off your cool, breezy, but gorgeous is the goal.

Le Products:

So what would one wear out to a Festival in the hot summer sun? Why, a transluscent mineral powder, lip balm, lash boosting mascara base under mascara and a soft shimmery lipstick of course! And there's my little quarts crystal, makes me a happy gal.


I have found my new amazing translucent mineral powder. No joke. I completely gave up foundations about a year ago and become obsessed with BB Cream and translucent mineral powder to set my face, and up until now I was CONVINCED that Maybelline's Translucent Mineral Powder was the best I'd ever used...and I have tried several different types, but ladies...THIS is the powder of my dreams. It's light, airy, sets and stays all day (I do use a setting spray as well, but typically my powder will start to fade, however, it did not with this Starlooks powder!) and it blends perfectly into my skintone! Starlooks states:

"This Translucent/Nude powder can be used on EVERY skin tone and is mineralized,
so the ingredients allow the most natural appearance on the skin, while mattifying
and creating a velvety finish." (From Starlooks Starbox April 2013 Card)
I love spectrum products. I have finicky skin at times. I am quite pale, but I also have rosacea, so I appreciate products that work well for multiple tones. They also sent out a Translucent/White powder (same, except white instead of nude) because they felt like some people preferred to use a white setting powder while others prefer to see a skin-tone color, but both are usable on all skin-tones. Now about the look of the product...I love the poof, I do, it's precious...I feel so retro taking out a poof and patting it on my face for powder! I'm such a brush girl though, so I'll admit, I did take out my makeup brushes and use my flat stipple brush to apply the powder, but I learned a trick from a performing friend of mine...for your most oily spots on your face (nose, chin for me), using a powder puff and press a small amount of powder firmly (but don't rub) onto those spot a few times to set it. You don't want to use too much or it'll just flake off, but pressing settles in onto the skin better than rubbing or just lightly patting. This powder definitely is at the top of my stash for every day use! Adore it!


I've sorta kinda tried mascara bases before. I used one of those dual mascara wands, that have the white primer on one end and the black mascara on the other. So you swipe the primer on first, then flip sides and swipe the mascara on immediately afterwards. Honestly, I didn't really see a difference. THIS stuff though. WOW! It's an interesting's full of fibers that attach to your eyelashes and makes your lashes looking thicker and longer. It also is supposed to soothe and moisturize your lashes! Yes please! It was very easy to apply and I only used one coat. The brush is nice and fluffy, so I can really dig into those lashes and apply an even layer. I also loooove the sleek silver tube. I will certainly be using this often. I mean, what chic doesn't love long luxurious lashes?


This was their variety item, so different people received one of three different colors. Either Trinity (appears to be a orange with golden shimmer), Polish (deep pink-mauve) or this one, African Sunset, and I have to say, this color is DARLING. Given the name and the appearance in the tube I thought..hmm..not sure if this is for me, but I was blown away when I swatched it! -

It's actually a berry-mauve! On the right is a single swipe and on the left I swiped about three times. It's shimmery in the sun and it's quite soft as it has shea butter extract in it. There are a total of 24 different shades in the Tendergloss collection and I think I will definitely be purchasing others! It's buildable, but still light, provides nice coverage without popping too much and lasts for a few hours before needing touch-ups (without eating or drinking). One thing that was a definite PLUS for me is that although I am one of those unfortunate few who can't wear lipstick that often and for that long because I get skin and saliva buildup on the edge of where my top and bottom lip meet and when I wear lipstick it creates a line that is just hideous to behold....this lipstick doesn't do that on me! Oh glorious beauty product day! It's a big deal ladies, it really is. ::hugs Tendergloss::


Another Starlooks Exclusive Product! Last month they included a vanilla lip scrub (click HERE to see post) and it was amazing, but I'm even MORE excited for this product. Can I say it, can I swoon? MINT. I seriously can't stop smelling this little balm, it smells so amazing. I popped that little cap off, twisted the stick up and smoothed this baby all over my lips as soon as I opened my Starbox. It even soothed my allergies! I could go on and on about how much I love mint. On a side note, speaking of mint...if you have not smelled a chocolate mint plant or orange mint are missing out. I only wish you didn't have to constantly rub the leaves to smell the fragrance, or else I'd have them all over my front yard! I might look a tad bit like a crazy person constantly walking in and out of my house just to go rub the leaves of my plants every 20 minutes or so...yeah I think so. Anyhow, back to the product...::ahem::...this balm is fantastic! It's super smooth and keeps your lips baby soft for hours. I think it's absolutely perfect to wear under lipstick and glosses as well!


Translucent Nude Mineral Powder: $19

Lash Boost Mascara Base: $15

Tendergloss Lipstick: $11

Mint SPF Lip Balm: $5

Total Worth of Box: $50

This box is even worth more than last month's box? Crazy! If you don't have a Starlooks sub, you seriously need to get one. You can't argue with the worth of this box. Paying $15 and getting a box valued at $50? Go on, try to argue with that...The Translucent powder AND the Mascara Base are both individually worth what you pay for (the powder is even more!). Starlooks, well done and thank you!


I used all of the products, of course, including the powder AND the lip balm under the tendergloss. I actually used Starlook's Lengthening Mascara that I received in last month's box over the Mascara Base!

I really loved the tendergloss, since my lips are naturally a berry color, this particular color just boosted the color a bit.

Here's a closer look at the eyes:

My lashes are typically stubborn little buggers. They slant downwards and are shorter than norm...they also really don't like to curl, so whatever I can do the lengthen and volumize is high on my makeup priority list. This Mascara Base certainly did the trick! I used about 2 generous coats of the lengthening mascara over it, then a third coat just on the tips of my lashes (Helps to lengthen and feather).

All in all, a fantastic summery box. Now if I can only find a Festival to go to!

Happy Makeuping! ::flutters super-long eyelashes::

Love, Cookie


  1. I loooooove the lipstick color you got! I got Polish, and it's so pink/pretty! I swear, Starlooks can do no wrong!

    1. No kidding! I haven't been on the fence with any product of their's I've tried yet! They're all so fabulous <3 I wanna see swatches of Polish!

  2. Your skin looks so flawless, and the lipstick color is a perfect match :) I really loved the products they sent out this month, I may have to resubscribe even though I'm sampled and "producted" out for the time being.