Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Starbox - March 2013


Oh my,...my, my, my. 

I have fallen magically in love with a new beauty sub! STARLOOKS STARBOX

Starlooks is a makeup line, created by makeup artist Marci Star and features a monthly box subscription called Starbox. For $15 a month (plus small shipping fee, possible to change per USPS), you receive a box with 3-4 full size Starlooks makeup products and sometimes even a little bonus! Unlike Ipsy and Birchbox, there aren't any sneak peeks, however, they do have a section on their website entitled Looksbook that features models wearing the makeup products that will be in that month's box! Sign up too late and miss a fabulous box the month before? Not to worry! You may still be able to purchase it! They list past boxes on their website for purchase ($10 more than monthly price) while they still have them in stock.  

Ready to check out my first box? Breathless anticipation? Get your giddy glamour on....

Look how absolutely darling the packaging is! It is very well wrapped and padded inside, with each product still in it's boxed packaging, which I really appreciate. I'm a sucker for fab packaging, and these slick matte black boxes are just DOING IT for me! On the post card picture is the model that was shown in the Looksbook wearing the makeup included! Love it. Also, note the little piece of what looks like broken glass/plastic in the bottom of the box....know what it is? It's an adorable piece of quartz! Quartz is great for balance, energy and clarity which I think totally pulls this box together. Gather enough of these little beauties and how fantastic would it be to put them in the bottom of a gorgeous glass to place makeup brushes in?! Oh yes. OR, if you're feeling super creative, you could try your hand at some wiring and makeup some earrings or a necklace out of this. I'd even go as far as looking up a see-through or cage locket to place the quartz inside for some extra balance in your day! 

Back to the fabulous makeup....

Included in the box this month is a gorgeous shimmer lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow and a lip scrub! Let's do some fantastic evaluating, shall we?


The tube for this mascara is just so sleek and chic, I honestly didn't care what the mascara was like, I just wanted to see this gorgeous tube hanging out in my makeup case! The product did surprise me though! It does indeed lengthen your lashes and can be layered relatively nicely. I found it did dry fairly quickly though, so the best way to build is to keep switching eyes after each layer and not wait in between...by the time you finish a layer on one eye, the other eye has dried enough. The one and ONLY thing I wish this mascara did, was volumize. I have relatively short and downward slanted eyelashes, so I'm always on the hunt for a volumizing, lengthening and good curling AND non-smudging mascara. I know...I ask the impossible, phew! I have come pretty darn close to god-like mascara though! I do highly recommend this mascara for it's staying power, layering, lengthening and coloring though! Oh...and the classy tube....did I mention I love the tube? 


I'm normally not a lipstick fan, I'm big on playing up the eyes, but this lipstick....well it makes my heart Flutter! Ok, I'm a tad ashamed of myself for that joke...::slaps hand:: Regardless of how awful my pun is...trying this lipstick is a must! It's a darling shimmering rusty coral with hints of gold. Quite pigmented, but can be layered easily. It also lasts a great long while...I'd say nearly 4 hours before needing touch-ups (without eating, drinking etc.) Here is a swatch of it in daylight: 

I only swiped it lightly twice. Look at the bottom! See the gorgeous flakes of gold shining through? So kissably delightful! 

ITEM 3 - EYESHADOW in Disarray

This eyeshadow may look deceivingly calm, serene and nonchalant in it's little container but when you brush it on...WOWZA! You will just love it! Very, very pigmented and smokey when light but deep and colorful when layered, this dark navy blue is a fantastic neutral shade that everyone should have in their stash. People usually jump for the blacks or browns and completely forget about navy blues, but let me tell you, they're are quite flattering. I think, by far, this eyeshadow is one of the best navy blues I've come across. Swatch!:

Told you it's amazing on...::wink wink:: This picture was taken in partial sunlight and I put about 3-4 strokes on. See how much the color builds up in the center and it actually turns bluer the more you put on. It's great for dry or wet application and can be used for full lid, partial lid or even smokey eyeliner effects.


I could eat this, it smells so good....actually, come to think of it, it tastes good too! A little of this stuff goes a LOOOONG way! I just placed a teensy bit on my finger tip, rubbed it on, and even rubbed my lips together for good measure and mmmmm, my lips felt and tasted scrumptious afterwards! It does a fantastic job of exfoliating and I personally think that since it's so tiny and adorable, it would be great for keeping in your purse! And, no, I didn't personally kiss that little cap from sheer and utter delight...it came that way. I always love a good exfoliating product and amazingly enough, I had been searching for a great lip one! I tried a do-it-yourself lip scrub that involved olive oil, brown sugar and other ingredients...it ended up being a huge, gloppy, runny mess...that did leave my lips feeling good, but heavens...I had olive oil dripping down my chin and somehow even managed to get brown sugar in my hair! This little jar is much, much better! Thank you Starlooks!


I perused Starlook's website and here's what I came up with...

Lengthening Mascara: $15

Moisture Rich Lipstick: $11

Eyeshadow: $9 
           *(The shadow's packaging on the website differs from what we received, online the pan is in a larger black container, but the pans appear to be the same size from what I can tell, so I'm go to go ahead and keep the pricing the same. The container we received ours in is great quality!)

Lip Scrub: I can't find it on the website! Eep! Oh well...we'll say...$3. Purely speculation and guesstamation from pricing other similar lip scrubs that are roughly the same size/quality, etc. 

Total Worth of Box: $38

Can you believe it?! I'm just....speechless...and that's saying a lot....or not saying a lot technically then. For only paying $15 (plus shipping), that is amazing. I will be staying with this sub for a loooooong time, it is phenomenal!

So, obviously, I had to try out ALL of the products! Mascara, eyeshadow, lip scrub and lipstick!

I felt very earthy-glamourous with this look. Would have been the perfect look to accompany an American Indian patterned blouse or pant. If only I had some...being half Cherokee, you'd think I would. Well now I just have to go shopping...

 Happy Makeuping! Go get yourself a Starbox!
Love, Cookie <3


  1. You look gorgeous! Great blog post and photos!

    1. Thank you very much, so kind! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post <3

  2. I love the shadowy liner the best!