Saturday, March 30, 2013

Positively Polished

Half Matte Blue - Half Sparkled

Ok, so I confess, I've tried a couple of polishes and looks since my last Positively Polished post (P3!) but I've been ridiculously busy at work to post them here! Bah....I had just enough free time to post the March Starbox and March Glossybox ones....but fear not! I have time! I am cuddled up in a Starbucks with my hubsters and we're doing our coffee-comp chillaxing and it is bliss. My favorite drink? Well, girlies, you MUST try it...a marble mocha latte with peppermint. It truly is a chocoholics happy little warm treasure in a cup! 

Back to the nails! So here is my new trial and error....mostly error and fix, error and fix. Took me almost six hours to polish this idea that SORT of made the final cut...but I'm not convinced that I love it yet. I'll probably be changing it for Easter (which is tomorrow lol). Regardless, I felt the need to

I had the most awesome idea that started with using my new GORGEOUS Frostbite from China Glaze and it branched out from there. I have quite a few new glitters that I've been dying to try and at first I wanted to use OPI's new Oz glitter polish called Which is Witch (picks up EVERY color!), but then I kept looking at OPI's which complimented the Frostbite so well, so I went with that instead. THEN I felt like I wanted to try something inspired by the new geometric patterns I keep seeing on the Spring runway from stylists such as Louis Vuitton, Marni, Alexandre Herchcovitch, etc, so I tried out a design that including a half nail on one finger, a diagonal half nail on the next, a vertical 1/4 blocked nail on the next and a center square on the fourth, etc., but it was an absolute disaster with this particular glitter! I DID however, like the effect of a half nail, so I went with that! I think the colorblocking would be pretty (after seeing this effect) with this blue and say...a royal purple...that'd be FABULOUS. 

Anyhow, so I painted my nails blue, and it took 2-3 coats for opacity. The formula is amazing, one of the best I've tried. It looks streaky after the first coat, but the second evens it out perfectly!

and taped off half my nail, switching from taping top/taping bottom:

 Then I brushed on 4 coats of the glitter to get it to really stand out. NOTE: When using scotch tape to tape off a section, work fast, because the tape CAN leave a sticky residue after time. So I only left it on for the first coat, then just carefully brushed coats 2-4 without it. 

I tried so hard to get a good picture of the glitter up close for you to see, but alas, it's just working with me! So I just downloaded a picture of the glitter online...SORRY!

 My photos seriously don't do it justice on my person it is STUNNING! To make it stand out even more I decided to brush on Essie's Matte About You to mattify the Frostbite and OH MY WORD...I will ALWAYS mattify this blue from now turned into this royal cobalt blue that is just....UNBELIEVABLE. I now totally want to colorblock this with a royal purple and maybe a gilded gold! 

Well, that is that, I hope you enjoyed my newest nail post...let me know if you liked it and what ideas you might have for similar looks and link any designs that this may have inspired for you!

Happy Makeuping - and polishing ;-) 
Love, Cookie <3


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