Monday, March 18, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Mini Cosmetic Containers

Tiny Empty Cosmetic Containers

What a cute little bundle of adorableness for you beauty product lovers out there! Ever order something from Sephora or Ulta, etc. and you pick free samples of products that come in little foil packets to send along with your order? Or maybe you're a beauty sample subscriber and you receive foil samples in your subs! Are you like me...super excited to try out the product, but hesitant because you know once you open the foil, you need to use up all of the cream/gel or it'll dry out...but there's more than enough for two, three or even more applications? GRRRR, isn't that annoying?! Don't worry, I gotcha covered, girl....


I ordered these little beauties from Amazon! They're tiny (5 grams!) sized empty plastic jars that are the PERFECT size for foil samples! They're solid black except for the top, which is clear so that you can see the product inside..."but gee Cookie, how will you know which jar has which product?"...well darlings, I've gotcha covered for that too ;-)

These, girlies, are your typical 1" diameter Avery Self-Adhesive Removal Labels! I bought a pack of 600 (hey, a girl's gotta be prepared!) for $7.90, but you can probably find them for a cheaper price. It was Amazon Prime (which I have), so I bought it to have it in 2 days! What can I say...I was a TAD excited! Here's the ones I have so far:

 I seriously did NOT want to open the Le Metier without making sure I could keep it from drying out...that stuff is EXPENSIVE! Also, I had two packets of the 100% Pure Green Apple Cream and there was a boatload of product in it...I'm talking maybe 5+ applications for hands and I completely wasted so much of the first packet and seriously over-moisturized lol, so I vowed never again! THUS...the fun little purchase! Each packet fit perfectly in these size jars...some fit almost to the top (100%) and some barely covered the bottom, but I just adore these jars! 

Here is a size comparison! - 

I love tiny little beauty things, don't you? I just continue to stare lovingly at them. 

::chic sigh::

Anyways...ALSO an awesome little addition...these jars are even more versatile! They each came with a little sifter insert in case you were putting powder inside! 

Are you in love yet? Because you should be....

As I said, I purchased these through Amazon for $9.00 (through a separate seller called Myo) and I ordered on March 13th and received them today! I'd say not bad at all!

Here is a link to the product on Amazon, enjoy and get yourself a Fun Little Purchase! - 

Happy Makeuping!
Love, Cookie <3


  1. That's a good idea!!! I'll have to check those out. For some reason I always get eye cream samples(perhaps lack of sleep from the newborn is making me look extra haggard) and they end up drying out before I can use them all.