The Charming Cheshire beauty blog is a personal beauty blog created with the express purpose of giving information and personal reviews/ideas regarding beauty products. The opinions/ideas/reviews on here are mine and not those of any advertiser of any beauty company. 

I am not affiliated with and/or a spokesperson for any beauty company.

I do my best to provide accurate information but, fair warning, I am not a professional makeup artist, hairdresser, beautician or expert in any beauty field! 

My blog is not guaranteed to be completely correct, although I will do my utmost best to make it so. If you see any bit of information that you know for a fact is incorrect, please inform me and I will happily research your info for validity and if it is in fact correct, I will gladly edit my post! 

Information on my blog may change without notice and is not guaranteed to be complete, correct or up-to-date. While I try to update the blog on a regular basis, it may not always reflect the most current developments.

My blog is not meant to harm, anger or malign any individual or company. As I said, these are personal reviews of my personal experiences with product...this does not mean you may not have a differing experience.  

My blog, including it's pictures, are protected by copyright and any unauthorized copying, reproduction, republishing, uploading, posting, etc of any of it's material is prohibited without my permission. NOW, that in mind, I will probably happily grant permission to anyone who asks, so feel free to! However, no watermarks are to be removed from any pictures if permission is granted to use. 

I hold the right to delete any rude, mean or angry unnecessary comments throughout the posts. You are more than welcome to have opposing views, but please be respectful to all individuals involved, including myself! 

Except when otherwise noted, all content throughout the blog is my own and is not influenced by any company or individual, even in cases where I have received free samples for review by a company. Unless otherwise noted in the post, all products, boxes, bags, etc. are personally purchased by me.

If there are any referral links added to any post for any beauty subscription company, I will always note in the post that they ARE in fact my personal referral link. Using my referral link to sign up for the beauty subscription service is not a requirement in any way for any service. If I do not note that a link is specifically a referral link, then it is not one.

I know this disclaimer has been tedious, and I'm sure everyone will be kind and respectful in regards to my blog. I sincerely hope everyone enjoys my personal reviews and posts and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this disclaimer!


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