Sunday, May 26, 2013

Starbox - May 2013


::Happy Starbox Dance Time!:: My adorable little Starbox has arrived and when I opened the envelope and saw the box itself, I yelped...yes YELPED....with excitement!

It's a bright funky animal print!

 Is this not FAB?! I adore it.

 The prints, tribal pattern, colors, it all just WORKS and looks fantastic. As always, they're all so nicely packaged ready to be bust open by yours truly!

Here are this month's products! -

 Included is a cream blush, pigment powder, mini nail file, brow filling shadows and my cute little quartz crystal! Let's go tribal with these awesome products!....

ITEM 1 - CREAM BLUSH in Emphasize
 This cream blush may look intimidating, but don't be fooled! The color spreads so softly and smoothly, it really does live up to it's name of being creamy. It can vary in hue depending on how much you put on or how much you spread it, if you go thicker it's a brick red, if you spread more it lightens into a bittersweet red, and after more blending it just lightens into a nice flush...perfect for those pale-pink toned ladies like myself!

 See how nicely and evenly it blends? This was just done with my fingertips. This product is very versatile too, I'd say you could use it as an eyeshadow, eyeliner and even lip color! A little goes a long way, so start lightly and work your way into a darker tone if you need to. 

ITEM 2 - PIGMENT LUSTER in Cinnamon Toss
Gah! I LOVE pigment powders! This particular one will not let you down with it's pigmentation and shimmer. It's the most gorgeous golden-brown that really DOES look like cinnamon! 

  Look at that, is that not just incredible. On the left I only used ONE tap of powder from the bottle onto my hand and smeared with my fingertip, on the right, same tap but I swiped side to side to blend it out. I think this pigment powder can be used in SO many different ways. Either an all over dramatic look, or lightly blended with other shades, lined above the eyelashes to give your eyes some depth and sparkle or even under the bottom lashes! So gorgeous. A little seriously goes a long way, so work carefully and I'd recommend using something for fall-out...either swiped a layer of nude powder under your eyes that will catch the fall-out that you can brush away later or even cover your under-eye area with something. I like to use business cards sometimes or just a kleenex torn in two. 

 This is my very first official eyebrow compact! Or Brow Bar, or whatever you'd call it! My eyebrows are naturally arched but they are quite fair and you can baaarely see them sometimes. So the good thing is, I never need to pluck them or shape them, but I DO have to fill them in sometimes. Most of time I leave them be since I have thick fringe, but now that I have this awesome compact...I just MAY have to pull it out more frequently than not! It comes in four lovely shades, that are all quite soft and nicely blendable. The great thing about this compact also is that they can be used as eyeshadows as well! Versatile products really are fantastic...apparently Starlooks agrees! This compact comes with a small rectangular mirror on the top, near the clasp, as well as a small angled brush.

*I apologize I do not have swatches to all actually I DID. Somehow, the pics I took have magically disappeared and I'm at a loss. By the time I had realized this, the sun had gone down and I really wanted to get this post done today, so once again, I apologize. If you still require swatches, please let me know and I'll try to fit them in an edit for this within the next few days! I do use these in my Finale pics though, so you shall see what they look like!

 Cutest bonus item EVER. I'm almost tempted not to use it, it's too adorable! It's so perfect for popping in my purse. I get constant shoulder aches lugging around my big ol' purse, so anything I can do to lighten the load and minimize the items inside is a GOOD THING....and this mini file is excellent! It's about 2 1/2 inches long, which I think it's great for getting into those curved round-edge nails!


Cream Blush in Emphasize: $17

Pigment Luster in Cinnamon Toss: $17

Eyebrow Shader Compact: $21  

Mini Nail File (Tribal print): This product's price isn't listed, so I'm going to take a wild (hehe, wild) guess, going off of average prices listed online at different companies and sites that it's about $0.25, but since it's patterned, possibly $0.50. 

Total Worth of Box:  $55.50

Every month Starlooks totally outdoes themselves with the worth of boxes! It's incredible. I really do believe that one day Starlooks will be the next big name brand makeup line. Their products are amazing, well worth the price and are excellent quality. Plus, you can tell Starlooks CARES about their customers. A wonderful trait and definitely making me a life-time buyer!


I AM the Charming when I saw it was a tribal box....well of course my inner lioness came out.....grrrrr, darlings!


I used the eyebrow shader for, not just my eyebrows but my eyes as well! I swiped the lightest shade below my eyebrows and towards the inner corners of my eyes, then the tan shade below it by my crease, then the dark brown shade on my entire lid. I wet the black shadow and used it as my eyeliner, as well as using it again dry to soften the cat-eye. OF COURSE I used their Lash Boost Mascara Base and Lengthening Mascara for my eyelashes. (Check out the boxes I received them in here! - Lash Boost Base & Mascara). Then I blended in the blush on my cheeks and dabbed it also on my lips!

Here's a pic my hubby took when I wasn't watching....he's sneaky and he made me promise I'd use it! -

Love that man lol

Happy Makeuping! Hope your Memorial weekend was puuuuurrrrfect! (Grrrrr lol)
Love, Cookie


  1. you look gorgeous! love the candid shot - great job hubby! That box looks awesome too! I might try that box subscription one day =)

    1. Thanks Jackie! lol, I'll be sure to tell him! and you should DEFINITELY try out this box, it's fantastic.

  2. wow!!! Amazing. I can't wait to get my box.

    1. Hopefully you'll get it soon! I know you'll love it!

  3. Awesome! Thanks I can't wait to get my box and try everything too! Also I love the lioness look!

    1. Thank you very much! It's definitely an awesome box!