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June REVEAL - Ipsy


Hello girlies! So I've never done a post such as this before, but I've had several requests for them, so I am going to be starting a REVEAL post for (hopefully) all of my beauty subs! These reveal posts will be going over details, sneak peeks and spoilers for next month's subscriptions for subs such as Ipsy, Glossybox, Birchbox, Julep, and Starlooks Starbox! As of this upcoming month, the only one I've already missed to do a reveal for is Julep. Julep has already shown it's June box with the entire collection called: The Nantucket Nostalgia Collection which INCLUDES the very first created DD Cream!

 I will be updating these posts as I receive new sneak peeks and spoilers, so be sure to be checking back often! The easiest way to do this is to subscribe on my email list, which you'll find linked on the right of my page where is says: Get Email Updates! OR you can follow me on Twitter at @CharmngCheshire. (Below my blog picture on the right, you'll see a quick twitter link to click, as well!)

Keep in mind! If you DO NOT WANT to know about what is going to be in next month's box (for any sub!), this is definitely NOT the post you want to read! If you're a fan of surprises....stop reading....right're OK then? Alrighty, so here is today's reveal!

IPSY - JUNE 2013
Ipsy prefers to give little sneak peek pics at the beginning of each month, including the products that will be in that month's bag (not necessarily YOUR bag, there are variations), and the bag itself. Obviously, it's not June yet, so if what I said is true, how can it be that I have a reveal for you?
We have our first clue with this month's SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE OPEN picture on Ipsy's Facebook!
So we've got a bright sunny turquoise background with a tropical looking palm tree!
Hmmm...could this be a beach themed bag? Or a tropical island bag? I dunno, but that cute little pin-wheel palm is making me superdupes excited to see more sneak peeks!
More to come soon! Stay tuned with email updates and twitter!
AND if you're not joined to Ipsy...well for heaven's sake...WHY NOT?! Here is Ipsy's home page, be sure to check them out!:
If you want to see previous glambags that they have sent out, I've reviewed some on my blog, just click on Archives up above and have a look!
UPDATE 5/23!
New sneak peek picture from Ipsy! From their Facebook page today:
Shout out to my awesome gals at! They are super sleuths and we have deduced that these are the one, the only, fabulous NYX products!
In this particular picture there seems to be:


HOWEVER, we have seen a sign-up email that shows more shades! So it appears that there might be variety of colors with each type of blush. They also state that the Nyx blush included in the bag will be a full-size!
ALSO, we have confirmed that there WILL be 5 products in this month's glambag!

So far, this bag seems absolutely amazing. I'm a huge NYX lover. Keep checking back in, more updates will be available soon!

UPDATE 5/24!
I've found the NYX product pages on Ipsy's website! So we do have several color options and variations that will be sent out.

9 powder blushes (NYX has 24) -

7 mosaic powder blushes (NYX has 12) -

9 rouge cream blushes (NYX has 12) -

 Very exciting! The next sneak peeks and hints won't be out till after the Generation Beauty Event, which is May 31st - June 2nd, so we have a while to wait, but what a thrilling start to this month's bag!

UPDATE 6/3  
GenBeauty is over and we have our next sneak peek!

 Lip liners! 
From Ipsy's facebook and website-
"Wild with vivid pencils perfect for your pout await this month"

This is where me and the gals at have noticed a THEME!
Looking back on the sneak peek #1 (Nyx blushes) they also said:
"Your wildside deserves a little hint of color this Summer!"  
So, I'm not sure if the palm tree Subscriptions are Open picture DOES have anything to do with the theme. Normally they do! Unless we're doing some sort of tropical wildlife, whoknowswhatbutI'msoexcited! So the ladies on Makeuptalk mentioned enhancing the picture to be able to read of course, I did! -

 Keep in mind, the coloring is changed in this picture...but if you look at the right side of the pic, you can make out the words: Tickle Me Pink!

Given this information, what we currently know is that the private label manufacturer is Modern Basics Beauty Products HOWEVER, we don't know who the distributing company is sending them out. Modern Basics makes beauty products that many many makeup companies or industries can purchase (wholesale) as is to sell or purchase, brand and sell as their own line. There has been talk if these are possibly from Heidi D., Starlet Cosmetics, Starlooks or even Ipsy themselves! I am so thrilled to see it's from Modern Basics, since I have loved all of the products that I have purchased and used from distributing companies that use them! 

Based off of the sneak peek picture that Ipsy provided, and the colors on Modern Basics (as well as the different distributors) it seems that these three colors could possibly be:

Tickle Me Pink (pink shade) - CONFIRMED
Bare (brown shade) - CONFIRMED
Tipsy (coral shade) - CONFIRMED

Here is Modern Basic's lip liners:

Once again, we haven't confirmed WHO the distributing makeup company is yet, but I'll keep updating whenever I have new info! 

NEW INFO! - THESE ARE INDEED STARLOOKS LIP LINERS! It is also confirmed that they ARE in the shades Tickle Me Pink, Bare and Tipsy! Here is the product page on Ipsy's website:

and here are the pencils:

Personally, I am DYING for Tipsy, how about YOU?!


 Another Update already!? Yes ma'am, and have I got something fabulous to show you!

 Ooooooo, shiny! Here's what's on Ipsy's facebook page for this product:

"The sun won't be the only thing sparkling this summer!"

 No argument here! These babies sparkle like it ain't nobody's business! 

More good news, it HAS been confirmed that these palettes are J. Cat Beauty, and it appears that the two palettes being shown in the sneak peek are VOLTA & SIZIE 


Check out J. Cat's other gorgeous palettes: J. Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palettes 

They are both SO gorgeous, although I think I have a special place in my heart for Volta, but I'd totally be happy with either! So, so far this bag is wild, bright, shimmery, fun and full of crazy awesome products. There has also been talk of whether or not we might finally get an animal print bag! If it's cheetah, tiger or leopard print....uhoh....hold me down! I will have died and gone to Ipsy heaven! 

 I've recently added new information to Sneak Peek #2 above (lip liners, scroll up, you won't want to miss it!)

So which of these shimmery sparkling palettes are you hoping to snag? 


Ipsy just added this to their Facebook page:

 OH MY!!!!!! Are YOU feeling a leopard print bag, CAUSE I TOTALLY AM! ME-OW!

I'm back! With more exciting (and very tantalizing I might add) sneak peeks! This time we've got a multiple product pic!
 Isn't that exciting?

Ok, so, there are 4 different products in this picture, we've got the red box bottom left, the white (bottle?) top left, the pencil in the center and the two cream jars (one open, one closed) on the top center and right. 

Here is what we've come up with so far:


(It seems as though Ipsy may send out 10 different variations of falsies, with this set possibly being one of them. On Ipsy's website they list these ten sets for the J. Cat Eyelash & Eyelash Glue: EL47, 747M, 747S, C32, EL01, EL20, EL33, EL42, EL46, and EL600. To see J. Cat Beauty's different sets click  HERE.


In the sneak peek picture is shown this gel eyeliner in the color Violet Purple, however, it's unknown whether that might be the ONLY shade sent out. Obviously by this picture above, Cailyn makes many different colors! So they may be sending out different shades!  

EDIT later: I just found the product on Ipsy's seems that they will be sending out either Violet Purple or Noir Black  Iron!


Still unknown at this point, but there has been talk about whether this might be Anastasia Beverly Hills, Pixie, Nailtini or possibly Benefit....more info as it comes!

 EDIT 6/10 - Based off of the recent unwrapping video (see below), we have determined that the brand is Chella, and now we have guessed exactly what it could be! For more info, see Update 6/10 below...


Still remains a mystery...the ladies on Makeuptalk, as well as myself, have been trying to manipulate the photo to see more detail, alas...this is the best I have come up with:

  It could possibly be hairspray, mousse, who knows. To ME it looks like a hair product spray can and that is the back of it. I also think that that is a bar code at the bottom, but heavens is it difficult to figure out what product it is by only seeing the back! It seems like the lettering in pinkish in tone, but it's hard to say.....mysterious! 

EDIT 6/10 - We have our answer! A video popped up on youtube with a bag opening and the can is Psssssst Instant Dry Shampoo Spray.....see below on Update 6/10 for details!


MORE exciting info! So the fabulous Zadidoll has graciously provided me with this awesome photo, giving us absolute proof that the J. Cat Beauty lashes will indeed be in this month's bag!

(Photo courtesy of's Ipsy June Sneak Peek #4)

The bottom layer of this image is the 4 product sneak peek from the update above. The two pictures layered on top are from Zadidoll who happens to own some pairs of these lashes herself! If you compare the design/detail of the packaging, these are WITHOUT a DOUBT the J. Cat Beauty lashes! Thanks Zadi


Ashley (aka Beauty-Flawed, from Makeuptalk gave us a heads up on this video that one of her followers found:

in it at 7:35 we get to see what LOOKS LIKE to be the June Glam Bag!

 The reason we are suspecting this is because the person who filmed and is IN this video is Sam Schuerman! Sam Schuerman has recently become a new Ipsy Stylists, so it stands to reason that she be given the bag ahead of time! AND if we skip to 7:38, we see this:

In the baby's right hand is a Nyx Powder Blush that is featured in the June Glam Bag!

Also you can BAAAAARELY make out what APPEARS to be a J. Cat Beauty Eyelash set IN the bag. 

Well I don't know about you, but if that IS this month's glambag, I am STOKED! I LOVE the bright neon zipper!



and it is CONFIRMED, girlies!

From Ipsy's Facebook today:

"Get ready to go wild with the FIVE items in this bag!"

So, this is INDEED this month's glambag! ALSO, this will be a 5 product month! It looks like the bag might possibly be made out of some sort of maybe nylon canvas? Hard to tell, but in my opinion....WHO CARES! It's LEOPARD, BABY! The design is different from their usual top zipper, this time it features a high side zipper in a bright neon yellow! Way to go starting off the Summer, Ipsy!


The mystery of the white can and the pencil is solved!

The can is Psssssst Instant Dry Shampoo!

Check out the back....PERFECT match in design/writing for the manipulated photo!

So all that is left that's a mystery is the light colored pencil, but we should know soon....

ALSO, Ipsy posted this cute picture on their facebook, for Ipsy bags shipping soon:

 That's a very fancy and "Wild" looking mail carrier, right there!


From the card with product names shown in the video, we see the brand CHELLA listed:

 Here is the Chella brand name:

As you can see, they match! So I did a little's what I found! -


 I think that looks a LOT like the pencil in the sneak peek picture! What do you think!

To watch the entire unwrapping video on youtube, click HERE



  1. I have Tipsy (it's beautiful!) and I don't wear browns often if at all, so I'd looooove Tickle Me Pink :)

    1. Tipsy looks GORGEOUS on you! I really hope I get that one :-)

  2. I really can't wait to get it, in a weird way, I am really excited for the glitter palette

    1. I know! Me too! I don't know why so many people are upset about it....BRING ME THE GLITTER! lol

  3. Feel free to use my images Cheshire. You're more than welcome to. I have a new one up - - comparing the top of the J.Cat lash box to the sneak peek pic since Ipsy is claiming no lashes. I also posted the pic of J.Cat's lash glue packaging on MUT so feel free to use it as well. :D