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Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Maybelline Summer 2013 Color Tattoo Eyeshadows LE Duo



This is sooooo late in coming, I mean, my goodness, I've had them since I reviewed the other six limited edition Summer 2013 shades! ::blushes shamefully:: but let's just be cliché, shall we? Better late than never! If you missed my first post about the six shades - Lavish Lavender, Icy Mint, Cool Crush, Sandy Shores, Waves of White and of course, the very popular, very elusive, Seashore Frosts - then fear not! I have supplied you with a quick and easy link...cause I love you like that ::mwuah!::
Now here we've got their specialty limited edition shades! These two were even more elusive to track down, and even more limited in quantity when stocked but if you can find them, nab those pretty little babies, because this certainly is an gorgeous beauty item you won't want to miss!

On the left we have Precious Pearl and on the right is Blue Paradise

Retailing at a little over $6, these creamy dreamy shadows are worth every penny. They glide on so smoothly and can either be softly swiped for a soft sheen of color or can be nicely layered for some snazzy cool and breezy pop! The formula is phenomenal, definitely some of the best out of the color tattoo range and what's great it that even though you layer it, it doesn't get cakey or wipe off in glumps (globs+clumps, don't argue with me, you knew what it meant). They are both also duochromes, which I adore.

Time for a closer look!


Here we have a gorgeous multitasking, multi-usage soft and spreadable jar of joy. It's definitely unique although it looks similar to Barely Branded and Barely Beige, however, you'll find it's quite different. Barely Beige is much warmer with pink tones, and Barely Branded has yellow tones. Precious Pearl looks quite white compared to them. Also, this shadow is very different from Waves of White (part of this Summer 2013 collection!) Waves of white picks up various colors, mainly blues and greens while this color goes on cool, crisp and pearled white. It does have a slight pink shift duochrome effect when layered though. This cream is excellent as an eye highlighter...inner corners of the eyes, under the eyebrow, below the bottom lashes, etc. It's also great for gently patting over a regular eyeshadow to give it some shimmer and dimension. Or you could put it on your eyelid and swipe on a shadow into a fade starting light just beyond the inner corner of your eye (1/3 across from center) and deepen/darken the eyeshadow color to the outer corner. SO many different things to do with this gorgeous shade!


I have a serious love affair going on with this eyeshadow. It has my heart, truly it does. It is stunning! If you were to get just a few of the color tattoo limited edition summer 2013 shades, I'd totally recommend Seashore Frosts, Precious Pearl and Blue Paradise. Not that they're not all beautiful, but these two are simply breathtaking! Once again, do not confuse this with other shades, such as Cool Crush. Cool Crush is much icier with a lot of silver shimmer and the duochrome effect is much subtler. This cream looks darker in the pot but swipes on brighter and cooler. It has a gorgeous shift to purple as well.

See the luscious purple now? Divine.

This eyeshadow can also be used so many different ways. A subtle pop of color behind the eyelashes, washed over the entire lid, blended with other shades, etc.


Aren't they scrumptious? I love the shimmery pearlescent quality. This was about 2 generous swipes each. Both eyeshadows can be applied either with fingertips or with a brush. Obviously fingertips helps blend it better, and a brush is excellent for layer and achieving tighter lines. Heck, go rogue and use both fingertips and a brush! Can't let one applicator have all the fun!


I repeated the same technique I used for my previous post for the other shades in this collection and used TWO creams for a single this case, obviously, the only two I reviewed!

I used Precious Pearl under my eyebrows and smudged it towards the inner corners of my eyes. I also used a light lavender eyeshadow on my eyelid to darken it slightly and make the colors pop, then I applied Blue Paradise with an eyeliner brush as a cat-eye eyeliner. A girl with blue eyes wearing blue eyeshadow shades? Yeah, I'm rebel like that.

These eyeshadows (with primer and setting spray) lasted over 10 hours with no touchups required at ALL. The colors did not fade or smudge!

From all the reports I get from all over the US, these shades are still out there! So hurry and snag them now before they're gone! Also, just a reminder, they MIGHT not have them located with the permanent Color Tattoo collection, they may be in a separate display or separate aisle for that matter. Check around or ask a sales clerk for assistance before you give up! (Point - I went to an Ulta to find some of the shades and I SWEAR I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find them....lo and behold I spoke to someone who walked into that store not 2 HOURS later and the display was oddly hidden away in a center display in a random don't be shy, be sure to ask!)
Happy Makeuping!
...what are you waiting for? Did I mention LIMITED EDITION? GO!

Love, Cookie      

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