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Glossybox - May 2013


Congratulations to Glossybox! May was their one year anniversary of sending out those luxurious, exciting, and fabulous boxes! ::throws confetti::

Well, this month has certainly been a mystery for the whole month! Everything was very hush hush and we only received a couple of little previews, so when our boxes finally starting arriving, majority of the products were quite a surprise!

Here is what Glossybox wrote to us:

Welcome to May, Glossybox's first birthday!

In celebration of our momentous first year, we extend a warm thank you to the amazing women who have made us the success we are today. That means you! Our subscribers, beauty industry friends, editors, bloggers, and our ever supportive fans.

This month, we put together a special collection full of treats that embraces both our past and future, with a fun nod to New York City, our hometown. Here's to many more years of sparkle! - from insert card in the May 2013 Glossbox 

and the goodies inside! - 

 Woowooooo...glossy goodies!

We've got a hair product, perfume, face primer/moisturizer, foundation, face mask and foils for waxing/shaving

Here is this month's Glossybox Magazine! -

 Last month they did not include it in the box, it was only available online at their website. Very in-the-moment, this month's Mag includes an interview with US Creative Director of TIGI, Heath Grout, a Q&A with Katie Holmes (who's not just an actress, but the co-owner and spokeswoman of Alterna Haircare!), more insight and info on Dallas Shaw who is collaborating with Glossybox on next month's box, "American Beauty" (Click HERE for more info on the Dallas Shaw "American Beauty" Box!), a fabulous page filled with glorious pictures of Gatsby inspired 1920's glam jewelry, as well as other wonderful product tid-bits, recommendations, picks and pictures!

and now, on to the product reviews! -

 Glossybox definitely loves paring up with Sebastian Professional, and that is A-OK with me! I fell madly and deeply in love with the Potion 9 and I'm sad to say, I JUST ran out of it! (::gasp, stagger, shock::) but...OH MY...Glossybox was kind enough to provide a coupon in this month's box for Sebastian Professional at Ulta that definitely gives me incentive and drive to go get more! Now, in regards to this product. I wanted to love it SOOOO much. Volume spray? ABSOLUTELY, pump me up! Did it work for me? Ehhh, not so much. Not as much as other products I'm currently using. Will I get rid of it? No. I'll try different combos with it, I'm sure I'll find some great use for it, but for now, it did not plump up my hair as much as I would have liked. What I tried was letting my hair air dry, then when it was about 75% dry, I spritzed this product on my roots to about half-way down my hair, blow-dried it all completely, then tried spritzing a bit more around roots. It just didn't wow me. My hair can be quite stubborn when it comes to volume. 

in Parc de 59   
The packaging of this product is fabulous. It is chic, stunning, sleek and super feminine. Nicka K has 8 perfume sticks, all inspired by the spirit and style of New York. They are: Dream 42, Affair 102, Lux 369, Rhythm 125, Noblege 5, Free Spirit 100, Very Chelsey 350 and this one. According to Nicka K's website, the Parc de 59 stick perfume is:

Clean, Sunny, Bright. Parc de 59 is a surprisingly light and radiant breath of fresh air. Gentle green tea echoes crisply, sweet and floral notes for an amazingly refreshing combination. - From Nicka K's website

Definitely hints of green tea, but it also has a musky, mossy fragrance that borders on earthy. I ALMOST like this aroma. ALMOST. So close, but not quite. It's a little too musky for me, although, the stick works wonderfully. With this fragrance, a little goes a long way, so you barely need to brush this on your wrist and you can press your wrists together and also press it against your neck and you're good to go (Never rub your fragrance between wrists or on neck, it will actually disrupt the aroma notes by creating heat which will cause the perfume to evaporate faster and therefore, react differently to your skin). It it was a sweeter, lighter heavy note, and less musky, I would be all over this. I do still want to try out the other sticks though, especially Free Spirit 100, Very Chelsey 350 and Rhythm 125! They sound divine! These sticks are perfect for tossing in your purse for an extra fragrant pick-me-up after a long work day, when you want to go out for a drink with the gals or off to an exciting date! 

I was so stoked to receive this product in my box as I knew it was not going to be included in all boxes and I missed it in a previous Birchbox! Good news! I really did like it! I've tried quite a few primers and this one is definitely up in the top contenders. It's smooth, creamy, blends nicely, although a little bit thicker and stickier than my current favorite primer, it still works excellently! I first noticed that it seemed to smooth out my pores and my BB Cream layered on wonderfully over it. It did indeed keep my makeup on and fresh for hours and I as far as I could see, I had no oiliness or issues with shine, so the mattifying properties worked as well! I also love that it has anti-aging ingredients with omega fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E. I will certainly be using this product up! 

in 208 Amber Gold
 Now we come to the utter fail/disappointed product in my box. You can tell already, can't you? The AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact was the most highly anticipated, exciting item that was coming in this month's box....and I got the darkest shade available. I know, I cried inside a little. It comes in 4 shades, starting from the lightest - 104 Tan Blush, 106 Almond Blush, 204 Tan Gold and 208 Amber Gold. This product is essentially a CC Cream that also has intense hydration and SPF protection. It's a full-coverage cream that provides light to medium coverage, filling in micro lines in the skin, brightens and prevents irritation. You ready for the utter sadness? -

 Oh, the horror ::hides face in hands:: It's not even close, at all. I contacted Glossybox in the hopes that they could send me the correct shade, since my profile does list me as the fairest skintone, but unfortunately, they informed me that they were out of stock of the AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compacts. I am a little down about that, it seems like an awesome product to try out and just swiping it on my skin, I was intrigued by the formula....alas. Can't always have a winner apparently!

 We're back to a happy, exciting product! I LOVE face masks, love love love them! I don't know why, I assume it is because it reminds me of going to a spa (which I've never been to, hush, but I can imagine). This mask did not disappoint! Made in Germany, this mask delivers INTENSE hydration with tons of aloe vera. It was just FULL of moisture when I applied it and it felt FABULOUS. It's an entire face mask with cut outs for eyes, lips and nostrils, and it had several slits around the circumference that make it easier to apply for different face shapes. There were no instructions written on the packet as to how long to leave it on, so I just left it on till it felt mostly dry. When I took it off afterwards, my skin felt slightly sticky, but I just lightly patted the remainder of the cream onto my skin and a few minutes later, it soaked the rest up. I went to bed about 10 minutes afterwards and when I woke up, my skin felt amazing! Soft, supple, well-hydrated and smooth. Stop my beating heart, Etre Belle also has collagen and aloe vera eye masks! That just went to the top of my must-have list! If you want a spa experience at home, you will be wanting this product!

The Exfoliate & Slow It Body Lotion
 Glossybox included 2 out of 3 European Wax Center foils in each box, you could receive: The Exfoliate, Slow It Body Wash and/or Slow It Body Lotion. 

The Exfoliate - This refines and polishes your skin without any harsh abrasives.

Slow It Body Lotion - Nourishes and softens skin while decreasing hair density to allow for softer, thinner hair growth.

(DID NOT RECEIVE:) Slow It Body Wash - Prevents ingrown hair, leaves skin clear, deters bumps and blemishes while hydrating the skin.

(All quotes taken from Glossybox's May 2013 Box insert card)

I thought these foils were very interesting, and I actually received the two that I would have preferred to try out. Unfortunately, I do not wax, I shave, so I'm not sure if you could say I fully tested these products. I did want to try them out, regardless! So I went all experimental and tried a packet out on a single leg each! The Exfoliate on my left leg and the Slow It Body Lotion on my right! Very interesting results! They both seem to be fragrance free, except for The Exfoliate having a fresh, light waxy scent. I shaved my legs in the shower, then lightly dried them. Afterwards I smoothed on each foil product on a single leg. The Exfoliate definitely provided light exfoliation, nothing too severe. It brushed on easily and lightly and left a slightly sticky feel for a few minutes then finished into a smooth, soft, touchable leg that was very impressive. The Slow It Body Lotion was very a little sheer and lightly creamy for a lotion, but it also left my leg smooth and nicely moisturized. Here's the kicker though (leg joke!)...the next day, my left leg, which had The Exfoliate, felt smoother and softer! ALTHOUGH, 3 days later, my RIGHT leg feels smoother, softer AND the hair doesn't seem as prickly as the left! My suggestion? USE THEM BOTH! They both seem to have great properties and both have their purposes. I was pleased to try them both and actually see (and feel) good results! Perhaps one day soon, I'll bite the bullet and try out a wax. You never know, stranger things have happened! Yes, yes I'll blog about that...I'm sure it will be WILDLY amusing! ::facepalm::


Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray: Full-size is $19.95 for 5.07 fl oz. I received a 1.7 fl oz sample, so it's worth roughly $6.69. 

Nicka K New York Absolute! Perfume Stick: Fullsize! (.29 oz) $14.99 

My Prime Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer: Full-size is $68 for 60 ml. I received a 10 ml sample, so it's worth roughly $11.33. 

AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact: Full-size is $60 for 15 g & 15 g refill. I received a 4 gram sample, so it's worth $8.

Etre Belle Collagen & Aloe Vera Hydro Mask: Full-size is $39.50 for 10 masks. I received a sample containing 1 mask, so it's worth $3.95.

European Wax Center - The Exfoliate: Full-size is $38 for 2 oz. I received a 4 ml sample foil, so it's worth roughly $2.57. 

European Wax Center - Slow It Body Lotion: Full-size is $20 for 8 oz. I received a 4 ml sample foil, so it's worth roughly $0.34.  

Total Worth of Box: $47.87

So this is one of the lower priced boxes that I've received, but STILL double the price of what I've paid...BUT...I can't use the AmorePacific. So it's still a good buy, not amazing, but still worth it in my opinion.


Sorry, my darlin's! No pics today, I'm afraid. The AmorePacific was WAY too dark to use, the Sebastian Volupt Spray did nothing for my hair and although the My Prime was really can't tell a difference in pics compared to my usual! All in all, I'm fairly satisfied with this box, although it might be one of my least favorites. I'd say the mask and the My Prime were my most exciting items, although I'm sad there was only one mask. The perfume I will not be using, it's not QUITE my style, the AmorePacific I DEFINITELY won't (more like can't) use. As I said, I will still play around with the Volupt Spray and see what I can do with it. If I ever feel the need, I might purchase the European Wax Center The Exfoliate, however, I feel like I have exfoliating products that work well too. 


Have you seen NEXT month's upcoming Glossybox though? It's going to be OUTSTANDING and I can't wait. If you don't mind spoilers...check it out:

 I'm counting down the days till this next box as it looks phenomenal! Have a wonderful start to your summer ladies and as always....

Happy Makeuping! 
Love, Cookie

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