Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Positively Polished - Ft. Julep & Sally Hansen


Happy Wednesday everyone! So today's Positively Polished post is a happy/sad, semi-sweet one. I came up with a gorgeous combo of colors....and promptly ruined my mani towards the end. Don'tcha hate it when that happens? I'll probably be doing this combo again soon, however, I have SO many polishes to review/try, etc., that I need to move on for now....BUT I did just so happen to take pictures before it was ruined! (before 2nd coat and top coat though). I call it Fireflies in the Moonlight!

Left:  Julep's Bunny & Right: Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Firefly

Bunny is one of Julep's new summer polishes that was a featured add-on to their Nantucket Nostalgia Collection from this past Julep Maven Box. If you want to check out the box I received and get more info on the collection, click HERE! Bunny is a crisp white linen creme with fine gold shimmer. YES, I said gold shimmer....take a look...

In the bottle, you can TOTALLY see the gold shimmer. It is to DIE for. On the nail, however, is a totally different story! It magically disappears! Even after two coats you can BARELY see anything in the plain white. It turns out to be more like off-white leaning towards cream yellow flecks. A very exaggerated version would be similar to Jelly Belly's popcorn flavor coloring! All in all though, I still LOVE Bunny! The fact that is has that shimmer (non-shimmery on) makes the white much warmer and less stark. A very summery haute white!

Now Sally Hansen's Lustre Shine in Firefly.....OOooooooo

I kept trying to take pictures of the bottle and I could not do it justice (curse you silly iPhone 4 camera!). It is the most fabulous polish I've picked up this summer! Here's what Sally Hansen's website says about this collection:

"An intense and radiant nail lacquer infused with real silver. Inspired by the lustrous color flip of molten, liquid metal and the iridescence of a peacock feather." -

They are SO right. I have decided I must have all in this collection! They are:

    • Moonstone - opalescent pearl, pink/blue/green iridescence sheen
    • Gilt - light gold with heavy pink iridescence sheen
    • Firefly - bronze with heavy copper/green iridescence sheen
    • Azure - deep inky blue with purple undertones
    • Plume - antique gold with bronze sheen and green undertones
    • Lava - copper with pink/red undertones and fine rose-gold shimmer
    • Scarab - peacock blue with yellow undertones and fine turquoise shimmer
    • Copperhead - red-brown with green/gold sheen

So gorgeous! 

Well that's it for now! Hopefully soon I can bring you a NICER, FINISHED manicure...that would be awesome of me, I'm sure. By the way, did you totally get why it's called Fireflies in the Moonlight? Hm? Firefly polish? Half-moon mani? Get it?.....OK....::blushes::

Happy Makeuping!
Love, Cookie



  1. Love, love, love this! Such a beautiful mani! :D

  2. So pretty! I was not blessed with a steady hand so it seems no matter what I do I'm never able to do anything more than a single color. Luckily I have a little sister who went into cosmetology so every once and a while she'll throw me a bone and give me a pretty mani. lol

    1. It took SOOOOOO much practice, but I'm slowly getting better lol I've been working on trying not to pool. That's awesome your sister does that! Must be handy to have a pro around! :-D

  3. Love it! And you did it so neat.

    1. Thanks Erica....I was so terrified of the's such a glaring can TOTALLY tell if you mess up! lol

  4. Love the nails, i thought it looked kind of blue until you explained that it was white. I wish I was that good doing my nails.

    1. Practice, practice, practice lol I'm NOWHERE near as good as I'd like to be...still a loooong way to go!

      and thanks!

  5. I know I already told you, but I just love this so much!

  6. Hi Cookie, I just wanted to let you know that I have tagged you to do the 7 deadly sins of beauty tag :) If you would like to participate you can find the info here:

    1. GAH! I LOVE THIS! I'm going to do it tonight! :-D