Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ipsy - June 2013


Me-ow! So for this month, we stepped into the wild side with our Glambag! If you missed my sneak peek post for this month's bag, here it is: 

My bag took a little bit longer than usual to get to me, but it finally did and it was FAB! (and definitely a little wild!) Here it is:

I received gel eyeliner, falsies, a sparkling cream palette, lip liner and blush

So if you'll recall last month's Ipsy Glambag, you might remember that it was the first month that Ipsy began it's new ipsyMatch system of having more of a variety of products given out each month, but also more closely matched to your beauty profile (Instead of a majority of people receiving the same thing). This month the variety was not quite as vast as last month's, but still quite a mix! Here are my products I received for my profile! - 

in 11 Iron

Definitely one of the most interesting and coolest designed gel eyeliners I've seen! It comes apart in 3 pieces...

The very top of the lid pops off and the brush is on the end that was on the inside, then there's the bottom of the lid that the brush sat in and of course the jar with the product! I love it! Here is my swatch -

So divine. I will admit, I have never really gotten into gel eyeliners. I only have one (a black one) and I've never really used it. However, this gray shade intrigued me and now I'm just enamored! The brush is fantastic, which I know a lot of people were concerned with. In the swatch I just used the thin edge of the brush for the skinny line on the left...which is QUITE ridiculously and amazingly skinny, in my opinion....two swipes with the brush flat for the thick line in the middle and then angled along the edge for the squiggly line. This brush will give you a wonderfully pointed and precise cat-eye! The color is wonderful, it's a deep blue-tinted iron/gray with a VERY slight shimmer. It's smooth and easy to work with, as well as easily buildable. It lasts for hours with no smudging and it wipes off cleanly when removing with a makeup wipe and/or eye makeup remover.

in EL42

 Well....haha....Ok....Here's the thing with me and falsies....YES, I know how to wear them, YES, I've worn them many many times, YES, I know how to put them on properly and reuse them.....but NO, I don't ever wear them. As a ballet dancer, I've been trained how to use these little babies, but honestly, they're just not for me. My eyes slant down on the outside which gives me a melancholy appearance, and falsies tend to emphasize it sometimes. I also just don't particularly like wearing them! lol I know so many beauty gurus/bloggers/fancy gorgeous women wear them, and more power to ya babes, but just not my cup o' tea! HOWEVER, of course, I still wanted to try these out and see how they look! These are full strip lashes that are softly spiked in lash sections. Because my eyes are smaller than the norm and downward slanted, I prefer to cut my eyelashes into three sections and apply each individually instead of the entire lash. The glue (which as you can see is included!) is a latex-free black glue. I had never used a black glue before...clear or white, absolutely, but I loooooove this black glue! It's not too thick or sticky, it's actually quite thin, but it held the lashes beautifully! I just wiped the glue on with the little flat applicator stick that is a part of the cap of the glue bottle, shook the lash in the air for 5 seconds to get the glue tacky, and applied the lash section! Voila! ::flutter flutter flutter:: This particular style lashes aren't half bad! They actually came out a tad thinner than I expected, they appear to be fairly thick upon appearance. They're pretty natural with the eyes open. I do tend to prefer criss-cross lashes though, similar(ish) to their EL28, as I think those look softer and more realistic, but these certainly were lovely as well!

in Volta (SCP106)

SPARKLIES! I was hoping for this style of the two palettes going out and I was superdupes excited to see I got my wish! Volta is the cooler toned of the two and I'm such a sucker for silvers. There was a lot of discussion on in regards to this palette and it's dangers. According to J. Cat Beauty's website it states under this product's description:

"*This product should be used with caution and attentive application around the eye are and on the body" - From

There was also some concern when this product was listed under their 'Eyes' section on the website, however, shortly afterwards, J. Cat Beauty relocated the product to their 'Sparklings' section. I'm assuming they were concerned that people might take legal action if they were to use them on their eyes and the glitter were to cause medical issues, etc. So many people expressed concern with this and most refused to use it period because of this reason. Me, do you ask? Well....::smiles::.....can I just say, I've worked with a LOT of glitter in my profession. Not just makeup glitter, but glitter glitter craft store glitter! I have DEFINITELY gotten glitter in my eye before, so with that being said...I just went for it! (Disclaimer - I used this product at my own personal risk, fulling knowing all of the dangers involved. I am by no means an expert at using or handling glitter makeup or glitter. If you ever try using such a product around your own eye area, you too do so at your own risk. J. Cat Beauty recommends that you use their product with CAUTION and ATTENTIVE APPLICATION, especially around the eyes.) 

 The colors! A lot of people also had difficulty applying the glitter, even as swatches. The thing about this glitter is that it seems to be in some sort of vaseline-type consistency. It's very soft, though, and if you apply too hard, it will swipe right off. I found it best to use a dab and light swipe style application with the eyeshadow applicators that it came with. If it seems to be rubbing off while you continue to swipe in one direction then vary your direction. So swipe one way for one little dab, then the other. I love the two silvers on the right, they are darling...the bright gold and dark gold are also lovely...the glue/green seemed the least sparkly when swatched, but still a pretty color. The staying power was well with a setting spray. I didn't notice any glitter fall-out or smudging after 3 hours (again, setting spray was used). It wiped off fairly cleanly with a makeup wipe and/or eye makeup remover. There was still a little glitter smeared all over the area when I cleaned it off, but nothing that a few more clean wipes couldn't handle. 

in Tickle Me Pink (K314)

Starlooks! Talk about a fun beauty sub cross-over! I just adore Starlooks products and I also receive their monthly Starbox, so I was THRILLED to see they were going to be featured in this month's Ipsy Glambag! They sent out 3 different shades...Bare, Tipsy and Tickle Me Pink and I pined for Tickle Me Pink...YAY!

The creamy goodness is to die for. No joke....

What a glorious medium pink shade! It's so soft and smooth, with no tugging at the skin during application. The awesome thing about these lip pencils is that you can either use them AS a lip liner...or as an all-over lip color! They are moisturizing so they don't dry your lips out too much. Starlooks is also offering a deal to Ipsy subscribers for the lip liner pencil they receive. You can go and purchase the matching lip gloss and lipstick for a discounted price! How thoughtful! The color is matte, pigmented, rich and long-lasting. I wore mine for almost 4 hours without needing any touch-ups!

in MPB12 Dare

Another big score for me! This month Nyx sent out either a cream blush, powder blush or mosaic powder blush in the Glambags and I prayed to the Ipsy gods for a mosaic...not only did I get one, but it's gorgeous!

Here are the individual colors, starting from the top left (then clockwise) is a very slightly peach-tinted nude/brown, then a deep rose pink on the right that tints a little on the brown side, then a light pink on the bottom, a warm nude/brown on the left and in the center is a light mauve-pink. They are all soft shimmers.

 Now mixed TOGETHER....WOW! 

Is that not just dazzling? It blends (using all 5) into a rose-gold leaning towards a coral tint. SUCH a flattering shade, especially for us alabaster ladies! Whats great about this mosaic though, is you can blend in different if you want it a little more on the brown side, lean towards those colors or more pink etc. The formula is excellent as well, it blends nicely and is very very easily buildable. You can work lightly for a soft flush or swipe on more for a rosy glow. 


1) Cailyn Linefix Gel Eyeliner in 11 Iron:
  •  Full-size is 0.14 oz - $21 
  • I received full-size!

2) J. Cat Beauty Eye Lash in EL42:
  •  Full-size is a set with glue - $3.99
  • I received a full-size!

3) J. Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette in Volta: 
  • Full-size is 0.1 oz - $4.49
  • I received a full-size! 

4) Starlooks Lip Pencil in Tickle Me Pink (K314):
  •  Full-size is 2.4 g - $12
  • I received a full-size!

5) Nyx Mosaic Powder Blush in Dare (MPB12):
  • Full-size is 0.22 oz - $7
  • I received a full-size! 

Total Paid: $10
Total Worth of Box: $48.48

Woohoo! Well done and thank you Ipsy! Definitely a high worth bag this month, and that's not even including the worth of that awesome leopard bag itself! Also, how awesome is it that ALL of the items are full-size? ::happyipsydance:: High five yourself this month, Ipsy, you deserve it!


I had some fun with this look...went for a little wild but glam night out...

I'm wearing...well...everything! I used the tickle me pink as an all-over lip color, isn't it gorgeous? 

I used the Cailyn gel eyeliner and blended it with a brush to make a wider cat-eye towards the outside, and I applied the falsies. Then I patted on the silver glitters both on the cat-eye and a little on the top of the lashes towards the roots to give it a little sparkle when I blink my eyes! I'm also wearing the Nyx the rosy glow!

That's it for this month's Glambag, I hope you enjoyed the review and SOON, VERY SOON there will be a sneak peek for JULY (oh my goodness!) so stay tuned!

Happy Makeuping Glittering RAWR! WILD!!
Love, Cookie


  1. I am just not into my bag this month. I think if I'd gotten the Cailyn liner, itd be a different story! I did like my blush (I got a pretty cream, though I was hoping for a mosaic), but the glitter (which I personally disliked the texture of, and threw out), the lashes (which I can't apply to save my life) and the lipliner that I love but in the color I already own just made it...pretty blah for me.

    But, every month can't wow everyone! Excited to see what we get next month. :)

    1. Aw, I'm sorry this bag was a bust for you! BIG BIG hopes for next month's bag :-D

  2. Thanks for the tips on the sparkling cream palette! Your swatches looked great, so it's nice to know that it can be done. :)

    1. You're welcome! I hope it helps! I'm so glad my glitter "experience" has proved itself useful finally LOL XD

  3. I got Ticke Me Pink as well and have been wearing it all over too since it's not drying, love it! Great look btw =)

    1. It is SUCH a pretty color! So bright! and thank you! <3

  4. that pink lipliner looks great on you, the whole look is just gorgeous! Love it! I didn't understand the cream glitter, I realize you used it anyway but if I was subscribed I'd wish it was a product that was actually safe for the eyes. That said Ipsy is winning me over and I really want to sign up :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, the glitter palette, I'll admit, was a bit of a mess for Ipsy...You should definitely sign up though! I've loved Ipsy from day one, and I haven't had a bag that I don't like yet!