Sunday, June 9, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Rimmel Apocalips Show Off Lip Lacquer


You want to talk about a HOT TOPIC....these lip lacquers are ALL I have heard about from all the ladies I know! Everyone has their shade that they're dying to buy, and everyone was searching all over town to every Walgreens to find them (as different cities brought them out at different times). So of course....I went on.....Mission: Apocalips.

 I'm super pleased and excited to report that the mission was an absolute success! Thank you so much Norther from who gave me the heads up on an awesome Walgreens that had them stocked! 

Originally these beautiful lip lacquers were named Rimmel Apocalips and were only available in the UK with 8 different shades:
  • Nude Eclipse 
  • Luna
  • Celestial
  • Nova
  • Stellar
  • Apocalyptic
  • Galaxy 
  • Big Bang

but there were recently released to the US, renamed SHOW OFF LIP LACQUERS and are available in 14 DIFFERENT SHADES (8 of the original and 6 new ones!)
  • Stargazer - shimmery gold-beige champagne
  • Nude Eclipse - nude creme (warm undertones)
  • Luna - peach creme
  • Comet - pinkish-brown creme
  • Light Year - shimmery light brown with pink undertone
  • Solstice - shimmery light pink-mauve 
  • Out of This World - shimmery cool pink
  • Celestial - pink-mauve creme
  • Nova - pink creme (blue-based)
  • Galaxy - shimmery cool mauve
  • Apocalyptic - bright fuchsia creme
  • Stellar - hot coral-pink creme
  • Aurora - warm coral-red creme
  • Big Bang - bright true red creme

Here is what I fell in love with and purchased -

 I DARE you not to fall in love with these glorious colors!

From the top: Stargazer, Nude Eclipse, Luna, Stellar, Nova, Apocalyptic and Big Bang

Here are the swatches! 



As I began swatching and staring at the phenomenal was then I realized that because of the vast range of shades and bright colors....there was a color here for everyone...every character....every personality. 

and that's when things got fun....

I present to you....the Rimmel Apocalips Show Off Lip Lacquer Ladies

  Always full of wonder and with a twinkle in her eye, Stargazer is imaginative, versatile and full of light. Hoping to bring out the best in everyone, she is always capturing attention with her subtle glow and charm.

 The Show Off Lip Lacquers all come with a doe-foot applicator and a fantastic tube guard which catches the excess product as you slide the applicator out, leaving it clean and saving you from applying too much too fast! You have just the perfect amount of lacquer at the end of the applicator! 

It's difficult to see Stargazer well when you're not directly in the light, but the shimmer is GORGEOUS. This, I think, would be fantastic swiped over various lipsticks, especially darker ones.  The more you layer, the more gold you can see. 

Very obscure and secluded, with definitely a dark side, Nude Eclipse prefers not to stand out too much. Always wondering why everyone seems to pass over her, she still tries to constantly align herself to the fact that sometimes being different can be classic and classy.

I think the ombre effect on the bottles is brilliant. It gives the tube a chic, glamorous feel while still showing off the color of the product. The angled/chiseled cap gives it an awesome galactic look which works wonderfully with the collection.

The cremes that they formulated with this collection are amazing. They're something between a soft lipstick and a lipgloss. They give excellent coverage, are not sticky at all and last for quite a while. Nude Eclipse is a little harder for me to work with since it is quite a bit lighter than my normal lip color. My lips are naturally a light berry shade so when I put on a lighter color, you can tell when I part my lips since the center (where lip product rubs off) is so much darker. I think this shade is excellent for those ladies who have very light lips and want a non-shimmery neutral shade on, also as a nice base if you want a neutral with a hint of can add tons of different shades on top! Wonderful if you're working bright featured eye makeup!

 There's always the unusual one in every family...Luna is bright, whimsical and maybe just a taaaad Lune-ey. Never following trend, Luna isn't afraid to shine out on her own. Big, full of light and constantly circulating in all sorts of social circles, she can be make you stare in wonder (and um...curious awe) for hours.

 Here's an awesome tip for those of you who are about to purchase one of the lip lacquers, but you notice the sticker seal is broken. Right where the applicator is resting in the picture above, you can see a smaller circumference section of the tube (above the black where the lid screws down on). Notice how that section is filled with the product? An UNOPENED bottle will be EMPTY of product in that section. So if the seal is broken, very gently unscrew and pull the applicator up (don't pull it out fast or all the way or else the product will fill that part of the tube and it WILL be considered used!) and if the top section of the smaller circumference tube is clear/empty...then the lacquer has not been used! ::wink::
Luna is definitely without a doubt one of my favorites of this collection. I do not have a true peach in my stash, so I was so giddy with excitement to swatch and wear it. It's such a vibrant peach and it really brightens and warms the face. I've wore this particular shade quite a few times already and it lasts at least 3 hours before fading (without eating and drinking). Love it!

Spunky, bright and energetic, Nova is your go-to girl for anything you need. Give her something to work towards or accomplish and she'll explode with enthusiasm and drive. I know it seems like she's just the lax, girliegirl next door type, but watch out! You get her going and there's no stopping'll be drawn in by her powerful charisma!

Another really awesome feature of most of these products is that if you want a shimmery shade instead of a cream, you can get a shimmery shade close to color you want...or vice versa. So here we have Nova, which is a blue-based pink creme. If you'd prefer some shimmer, go with Out of This's a shimmery cool pink! Also similar-ish are Comet and Light Year, Solstice and Celestial (and Galaxy). You could also mix-match Nude Eclipse with Stargazer!

 I think every girl needs a blue-based pink in her life. It's such a feminine color and it really gives you a nice girlie flush. For those of you who want to tone it down a bit, try put on this color, then dabbing it with a tissue. You'll still get that nice deep pink hue but without the shine. This color also lasted several hours on me without needing any touch-ups (no eating or drinking).

 In walks the beauty (and drama) queen of the bunch. This woman will rule your world. Demanding of attention and unbearably dramatic, cross her or get in her way and there WILL be catastrophe and a matter of fact, it's best that you never bother her....ever. Period.

The darker cremes are beyond this world. They do actually stain your lips to some extent after a certain length of time from applying, but I actually like that feature. When they fade (which will take HOURS), they don't fade splotchy. They also lighten up evenly with no smearing/smudging towards the center of the lip (from talking/eating). The colors are vibrant and not sticky at all. 

As a matter of fact I wore Apocolyptic to the ballet the other day (which was about 5 hours of wear from the house to the ballet, out to eat, back home) and DURING the ballet I couldn't tell I had it on at all...I had to look in my compact mirror because I thought I had smudged it off, but it looked like I had just applied it! Then after eating I still had a fuchsia stain like I had applied it and blotted it lightly with a tissue. Apocalyptic is a fabulous shade...I HIGHLY recommend it. It's romantic, goes with many looks and is very flattering on many skin tones.

  The show off and star of the show (and life in general...::rolls eyes::), Stellar is always striving to be the center of attention. She likes to shine in the limelight, and is vivacious and bright enough to do it. A little bit of a trouble-maker, however, one might also find her shooting off her mouth at the others or crossing Apocalyptic just for fun. Such a hand-full.

 One thing I appreciate about these lacquers is, believe it or not, the smell! They have a very light candy/fruit scent that isn't overpowering or too sweet. I've ended up not liking several glosses/lipsticks JUST because of the aroma. Some smelled like plastic, others like chemicals and I've even had one smell WAY too much like flowers that I could have sworn it gave me hay fever! Well done Rimmel with the awesome scent!

Stellar is BY FAR, my ultimate favorite of the ones I purchased. As soon as I saw it swatched on (Thanks Vicki! I knew I had to have it! It's SO colorful and is a fun blend of hot coral/pink/orange and a hint of red. Depending on how the light hits it, it can look a little more red, a little more orange, etc. ADORE! The same as the others, it also last 4+ hours without touch-ups! I think this color (because of the range of hue) can be used with so many different looks as well!

Classic and timeless, she is always in touch with her emotions, the world and her friends. She always looks at the big picture in life, and is constantly open to opportunity and development. Unique and rare, she can change your world and capture your imagination, sending it soaring to new wonders and one thing's for sure....with is never boring.

I think this is the best doe foot applicator design I've seen. I love the little indention at the end for capturing the liquid. It gives you the perfect amount each time for a single application. It also helps keep the product from dripping off or smearing all over the brush!

The perfect red. Not too orange-based, and not too blue-based. You NEED this red, my friends. You just do. This formula lasted the longest out of all of them for me, about 6 hours (no eating, drinking) and left the perfect red tint stain afterwards. The stain will last forever, until you purposefully wipe it worries about next day staining!


I hope you enjoyed the Lip Lacquer Ladies and it put a little (lip lacquered up) smile on your face! They certainly had a lot of fun showing off!

The lip lacquers are available only at Walgreens stores and some online stores at the moment and retail at around $5-6 each. (0.18 fl oz / 5.5 mL each). The product has a 2 year shelf life and the tube twists then clicks close, so they seal excellently and should last that long very easily. 

I think the collection is fantastic, and definitely worth the purchase. I'm even tempted to go find the other shades and add them to my collection! If you constantly love to wear lipgloss over lipstick, then these are definitely the products for you! If you love bright, eyecatching lip color, then these are definitely the products for you! If you just thought this post was funny...well then...these STILL might be the products for you! 

Happy Makeuping and remember, sometimes it's ok to SHOW OFF!
Love, Cookie



  1. I haven't seen these here (in Toronto) we may never get them who knows, I have no idea who selects which products will get here and which won't but I have contacted Walmart about this numerous times. We only have one MAIN drugstore chain (Shoppers Drug Mart) and they are about 2-3 times more expensive than Walmart. We don't have Walgreens CVS or Rite Aide here. So I guess I will have to make note of these and head across the border as usual. Thanks for the post :)

    1. Maybe it'd be easier to just order online? :-) I'm not entirely sure what online stores carry them, but if it's difficult to find them where you're at, that'd be my best suggestion :-D

  2. Oh. My. God. Stellar is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. I am so making a Walgreens run in the morning!

    Also, LOVE all of your different looks. It's amazing how something as simple as a lip color can completely change your look. :) Great post!

    1. Thank you very much! I had so much fun doing this one! So are you just going to get Stellar? ;-) Or are you going to fall madly in love with many like I did! lol

  3. I definitely want to try at least one, just to see what all the fuss is about!

    1. Absolutely! Go become's fun! lol

  4. Stargazer is now on my list! It looks so great on you!

    1. Thanks Louise! You'll post about it when you get it, right? I want to see pics!

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