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Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Coastal Scents 120 Palette Four


Me? Obsessed with Coastal Scents? NEVER......

Alrighty, so if you've read my blog before you'd know what I absolutely adore Coastal Scent's eyeshadows (especially their palettes!). If you're new the The Charming are the links to my Coastal Scent reviews! -

Now we have the 120 Palette FOUR! (and just in case you were wondering, if you keep up with Coastal Scents...there IS a 120 Palette Five, I DO have it, I WILL be reviewing it....don't you worry your pretty little head 'bout it, mwuah!)

So this post, I decided to hang off and bit and actually give you an exciting, grande, extraordinarily exciting......WHOLE REVIEW OF THE ENTIRE PALETTE INSTEAD OF IN TWO PARTS! ::GASP!:: I are taken aback by this. I assure you, I am not joking. This is serious business here. There will be a ridiculous load of swatches, my dears. Prepare yourself. Are you sitting down? Good. 

 Oh yes.

Their first whole 120 Palette that contains all satins and shimmers! (No mattes) I was so excited to see it in person. The satins and shimmers, in my experience, are HIGHLY pigmented and rich in color, saturation and are excellent in consistency for blending. They're soft, smooth, easy to work with and can be layered nicely. As far as the other 120 palette's coloration goes, the 120 One consists of a lot of primary colors in a range of hues, the 120 Two has a lot of richly colored deep brights, and the 120 Three has some bold neutrals and earth tones. The 120 Palette FOUR however, is mainly a lot of bold shades and jewel tones with some variation in shimmer and satin and even some hidden duochrome gems!

To the swatches!


 For the record, I'm getting a new camera soon so you will have AMAZING pictures instead of fuzzy ridiculous ones. I've spoken with Hubsters and it has been finalized. ::happydance:: 

So just for fun, today I'm going to do a I'd-pair-this-with post. For every row of colors, I'll give you my take on what it inspires me to create with it or use it with. I'd love to hear everyone else's inspiration AND see everyone's inspiration pics! If you have this palette, or planning to buy this palette or just have colors that are similar and want to try out something new...then go to The Charming Cheshire's Facebook Page and show me your look! If I get enough looks, I'll update this post with them as well as link up your blog if you have one!

Obligatory Drool Pic of Tray #1...Success! 

My inspirations....


 I don't know why but this just screams summer at me. The bright dandelion yellow with the shimmery gold. I'd totally love to see some pale turquoise paired with this to give some cool contrast or maybe even a lavender tinted lipstick with the pale yellow shades on the left for a fun, bright unexpected twist!


 Do I have to say it again? Ok, I will...I used NO primer and these swatches are about 2-3 swipes each! Yes, they're that amazing! So for this row I'm feeling some sexy cat bright cat eyes with eyeshadow. The very modern, graphic shadow cat eye with hard edges! (in other words, don't blend so much, work that edge baby!) When doing a hard-edge cat eye, it's best to go up just barely above your crease with that edge (enough to see it when your eyes are fully open and relaxed) but don't go up too high towards your eyebrow, that will completely overwhelm your eyes. You could go with a warm caramel lip or decadent deep almost oxblood red for a darker nighttime appropriate look. 


 I'm not entirely sure why....but I'm just feeling some sort of 60's vibe from this row...especially towards the middle! The orange-tinted corals remind me of the shades you'd see in the funky paisleys of that era. So even though they didn't really wear these shades at that time, I'm going to blend a bit of the hippie culture fashion with modern makeup. I'd pair it with a Twiggy-esque style, so some heavy heavy layered mascara with the "fake" bottom eyelashes (from eyeliner) and some heavily lined eyeliner on both the top and bottom. Light eyebrows, a nude lip and some bronzed sunkissed contouring for a sunny glow. 


 Tangerines and oranges are sort of becoming a thing right now in the beauty world, I've noticed. So, you know what I'd do...I'd totally put on the pale tangerines, and some tangerine lipstick while wearing all white and be like...yeah....I matched up my eyes and what...I'm awesome like that. You bet! ::rocking the orange shades::


 Airy, light and feminine pastels...they can be worn SO many different ways! Oddly enough, I'm feeling something a little different today. I'd do a completely black eyelid (just lid, not entire eye) and blend one of the pastels lightly on the black and heavier for pigmentation on the upper edge and up towards the eyebrows. Then do a matte baby pink lipstick (or pale bubblegum). Totally. It's like...rocker meets pastels.


Alright....this is going to sound so bizarre....I want to see someone pull off a strawberry look. I want to see the four shades on the right be used for the eyes and a light soft green used underneath the outside bottom lashes. Paired with a bright red lipstick. I want to see joke. I think it'd be the cutest thing ever. Can YOU pull off the Strawberry Shortcake?


I want to just dye my hair silver with a pale lavender tint and pop these gorgeous colors on! LOVE IT. Seriously, give me this with a little bit of pearly white satin eyeshadow for highlighting up by the eyebrows, inner corners, etc. along with some pale mauve matte die for. One day I'll day my hair's gonna happen.


It could be that I'm craving chocolate right now...who knows. Well actually, I do, because I'm ALWAYS craving chocolate! I think these (especially the ones on the left)would be gorgeous blended with some that beautiful chocolatey brown! For a rich, romantic raspberry chocolate eyeshadow look with some rosy mocha lips. Pair it up with some brown espresso mascara and eyeliner for a more natural, warm look and some gentle contouring.


I would work in a futuristic glam look with this row. Add some sky blue shimmer blended in it and top it all off with a shimmery gold flake that picks up the light. Along with a dark eyebrow and a nude lip that has a soft golden shimmer. I'd also use that dark color on the right end for thin soft eyelining. Very vibrant, eye-catching and mod. 


Chocolate? Chocolate! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Chocolate. What? Hm? Oh...yes, right, the look....I'd love to see these shades with teal! So I'd do an outer blended cat eye (meaning you blend a "V" shape starting with the windshield blending at the crease with the brown, then out and winged up slightly, then connect that edge of the triangle of the wing to the outer corner of your eye, creating your cat-eye triangle). It's important to keep the lid a light highlighted shade like a bright nude or cream. Then I'd go with a teal eyeliner that you can either leave graphic for some extra pop or you could smudge it to soften your look!


 Well that is all of the rows for the first tray....and here is the look that I created from it! -

 Did I mention that I can't WAIT for a better camera! I apologize profusely for the quality of this pic! Agh! So I went with the coral and bronzed oranges for a warm but bright eye. I used the palest peachy nude shade for my upper eyelid, then the lightest two coral oranges for my lid and the bronzed oranges for the outer edge of my eye and blended inward. I also used black mascara on my top lashes and brown mascara on my bottom lashes to soften the look, as well as using a bronze eyeliner on the center of the eye and a rich brown on the outer edge into the cat eye. 

 I also darkened my eyebrows to add some warmth and richness with my eyes as well, and silly me...I forgot to contour my nose. Shame on me!


 Like most of all of Coastal Scent's multiple tray palettes, the secondary tray is much darker. This tray has a glorious array of ridiculously rich jewel tones and NOW we get to peek at the hidden duochromes!

 You know what this is saying? It's saying BUY ME. Trust me, I know.


 I saw the most incredible makeup look the other day, so I'm going to take it a few steps further and put my twist on it. So you've got a very faint grey smokey eye (very lightly blended, not dark at all). The lightest white/silver on the far left is more heavily concentrated on the inner 1/3 of the eye and towards the inner corner and very slightly down towards the bottom of the inner corner. Then you do HEAVY black mascara, very layered and WHITE mascara on the bottom. with the dark grey on the far right very lightly lining the outer edge of the eye both top and bottom lashes. ("V" without winging). THAT is the Cookie twist on the look I fell in love with! Makes the eyes look HUGE!


 Paired with a deep smoky grey eyeliner, this row would look AMAZING. Use the lighter shade on the left for the eyelid and blend in the darker colors for a rich cat-eye. Use a lightly lavender-pink tinted blush, and a lavender-mauve lipstick or even a fuchsia lipstick.


 I love the contrast between the bright orchid purple and the deep rich navy blue so I think I'd do a contrast eyeliner top and bottom. So a smudged/blended navy blue line on the top lid and the bright orchid on the bottom! How awesome would a matching orchid mascara on the bottom be? YES!


 The blue on the far left is our first hidden duochrome and I'm SO SAD this pic does NOT do it justice! It's a beautiful wash of pale dove grey blue and some silver and some sky blue....BEAUTIFUL. HOWEVER....this row would be my ultra blue shocker eye look. So I'd cover my whole eyelid and out to a large cat eye ALL with blue, then I'd lightly blend the outer 1/3 of my bottom lashes with the same shadow....THEN I'd put blue mascara on both top and bottom.....yeah...I'd do it. I love my blues!


 My friend is so funny, she looked at this row and said: "Aren't they all the same?" and I simply said..."Look at the one on the far left, now look at the one on the far they look the same to you?" "Nooooo! WOW!" I've learned that's seriously the easiest way to assess the color range of a row. Look at each end. Because most of the time if you look in the middle, they will all sort of blend together, but if you look at the ends, you can better tell from what side of a spectrum it starts at and what it finishes at, then you can check out everything in between! the look! - Since I may have terrified you with the blue look I did above....I'll tone it down for ya for this one, heehee! Let's go with a neutral lid, very natural looking with crease contour in a darker tone than your skin. Do a very natural thin brown cat-eye just to open your eyes up a bit. Then a bright white eyeliner on your waterline and pat one of these pretty little shimmers on top of the white to give your eyes a little OOMF of blue pigmented pizzazz!


 ANOTHER hidden amazing duochrome is second from the left (next to that obviously rogue grass green!) It's the most fabulous gold/green/blue. SO amazing, seriously one of my favorites of this palette. But for this look, I'm going to do another simple technique of just lightly dusting the inner corners of the eyes with one of the pale aqua shades for the pop of color....match it with either a black, brown or gray light smokey eye. Along with a nice flushed blush and some soft pink lips!


 I think you should DEFINITELY utilize that pretty olive-tinted gold at the end! I'd do a pretty green eyelid with some of that pale grey/green (3rd from right) above it to blend lightly from the crease up and pat on with your fingertip some of the olive-gold just on the center of your eyelid to give it depth, dimension and help it to catch the light!


I love the mix of this whole row so I'd start with the greens on the eyelid, then soft blending of the lighter green-browns on the crease and the outer 1/3 of the eye. Then I'd wet the deepest brown and use it as my eyeliner and finish with lightly blending the slightly lighter dark brown right on top of the eyeliner!


 These would be soooo pretty with some gold glitter patted on top. Especially the three on the right. Get yourself a gorgeous, sexy girls-night-out look with the dark shades on the eyelid, the dark gold-bronze (3rd from the right) blended up and winged in a sexy cat eye and pat some shimmery (and I mean SHIMMERY) gitter and set it with a setting spray and VOILA....SPARKLE BABY, SPARKLE! ::flutter flutter flutter those eyelashes!::


 his is a great row for featuring a bright lipstick. So you could easily work the three colors on the left for a cool look or the three on the right for a warm look and rock your favorite bright lipstick! Just remember for a more natural daytime look, don't go dark and big with the eyeshadow if you're featuring your lip color. Do a subtle smokey eye, with lots and lots of blending, and it's more natural looking to use a darker eyeshadow as your eyeliner as the line is less harsh. Now pop on that bright fuchsia, red, coral, or hot pink lipstick and pucker up!


One color in particular JUMPED out at me screaming PICK ME PICK ME! Can you guess which one it was?

  BINGO! That purple! I really wanted some color today, but I also wanted to blend it with some warmth, so I started with the lightest nude below my eyebrow, then I used the dark purples (rich purples and navy row) for the outer part of my eye. Then I blended some of the browns into the crease and outer wing. To finish I patted on that AMAZING bright orchid!

I'm so in love with that orchid color, you have no idea. To get that extra KAPOW of the color, I used a white cream eyeshadow underneath, as well as a good primer. I also use a purple eyeliner thinly towards my lashes on the middle and a rich deep purple AND brown eyeliner out the outer part of the wing. I finished with lavender blush and lavender-pink lipstick! 

 WELL, that's it! I hope you enjoyed my 120 Palette FOUR post, especially the new "look" ideas, and please, do show me your inpirations, ideas, etc. on my new Facebook page! I always love seeing how everyone's creative artistry is used! Also, be sure to check out this palette on Coastal Scent's website - 


It's on sale for $19.95 right now (regularly $29.95) and all orders receive a free eyeshadow quad and bumper sticker that says I <3 Makeup! You'll love it, I promise you!

Happy Makeuping!
Love, Cookie


  1. Cookie leave some for the rest of us!! lol just kidding I'd love to have as many palettes as you do, I love Coastal Scents and your blogs are making me want to go buy 100 palettes too. I love those colors and they look beautiful on you. I use my Coastal Scents palette to do many of my eye shadow looks on my blog.

    1. LMAO! I noticed you love your Coastal Scents too! Did you see they now have a points system?! So exciting!

  2. Too much gorgeousness! I am drooling over the plums. I love the purple eyeshadow on you - you look so pretty :)

  3. Weeeellllll....I WAS just gonna pick ONE of the 120 palettes and was happy to find your blog posts with all the lovely swatches and super-awesome-kickass color descriptions (chartreuse? HELIOTROPE?!?!? YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!). But NOW after drooling over all this gorgeousness, I just ordered THREE of the 120 palettes---3, 4, and 5 to be exact! No matter that I already have literally all of Urban Decay's palettes and about a bajillion Coastal Scents Hot Pots. I don't have THESE colors! So bring on the Eye shadow Palettes Anonymous group---I'm IN!!! ;D

    1. Hahahaha, well thank you for stopping by! Oh I shall definitely be standing side by side with you in the Eye Shadow Palettes Anonymous group! Let me know which of the three palettes you like best! :-D