Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beauty News! - Bondi to start Beauty Subscription Box!


EDIT 2/8/14 - At this time I no longer recommend purchasing from Bondi New York.

EDIT October 29th, 2013 - Bondi New York's Bondi Box subscription service was suspended as of October 28th, 2013.  Right now they are only selling individual polishes.

There is a NEW nail polish subscription in town and this is definitely one you won't want to miss!  

Bondi New York is a new up-and-coming nail polish company that strives to be not only fashion-foward with their amazing 5 Free polishes but COMMITTED to their amazing customer service! They have 24/7  live chat on their website with someone there to answer any questions you may have, AND they also can ship out an order within 15 minutes of it being placed! Trust me, I know, it has happened to me. I've seen them reship an order when someone missed a promo code, with the additional item inside that was part of the special...I've seen them send out a replacement when a brand new bottle was accidentally dropped and shattered...I also know for a fact that the CEO, Richard Annington, himself is available to speak to if you contact him. They love being dedicated to - what he likes to call - "Rockstar Service" and personally I have seen nothing less than that! Earlier this month I wrote an article about my introduction to Bondi through the beauty subscription service Glossybox and some drama that went down in a collaboration with Bondi coming out on top as the classiest, straight-forward and most admirable company I've seen to date. Care for a read? - 

Classy classy guy. 

So, I am beyond excited to announce that Bondi New York is going to be launching their OWN subscription box! 


This box will contain 3 of the fabulous Bondi polishes, a deluxe beauty gift, as well as other membership privileges for only $19.99 per month! If you haven't checked out Bondi New York yet, here is their website and be prepared to DROOL:

They also have an upcoming Fall/Winter collection coming soon as well as many other various exciting pieces of news, so be sure to "Like" their Facebook Page as well for updates!

Are you as excited as I am? Come jump in line behind me! This company is definitely one that you'll want to become a fan of.  Time to "Discover a World of Color"!  

Right now Bondi New York is running a special BOGO sale! Use the code GETONE for a Buy One, Get One.....GETTWO for a Buy Two, Get Two.....or even GETTHREE for a Buy Three, Get Three special! (Only one code per order). It's good from now till Monday 6PM EST! SALE IS OVER!


 UPDATE 7/22

The Bondi New York Subscription Box Sub is NOW LIVE!

        • Month to Month - $19.99 per Month
        • 3 Month Sub - $49.97  (save $10)
        • 6 Month Sub - $99.95  (6th month is free)
        • 12 Month Sub - $199.90  (11th & 12th month free)

Here is the link to the Subscription Page! -

Just a recap on what subscribers will be receiving:
      • 3 Full Size Bondi Polishes each month
      • A Deluxe Beauty Gift
      • 25% Off all additional polish purchases from Bondi New York
      • Free Shipping! (even internationally)
      • Ability to Skip a Month (even with 3, 6, 12 month plans)

The only question remaining now is....WHY haven't you signed up YET?! For more info on the Bondi New York sub, check out this article by their CEO, Richard:

Happy Makeuping Polishing!

Love, Cookie


  1. Who could resist that coupon code? NOT ME. I just bought Top of the Rock and Botanical Beauty. I try NOT to buy nail polish because at work I'm not allowed to wear it, but I really, really wanted to try out the brand! At least I'll have some colorful toes. :D

    1. OOoooo, those two I haven't bought yet! Lisa, darling, you can ALWAYS rock beautiful toesies! YES! You need them all! lol, problem solved ;-)

  2. lol, I'm afraid you will be behind me ;) I've been stalking that facebook page for a week waiting for that announcement

    1. I know right?! I feel like a giddy lil kid, I've been bothering Richard for over a week now..."Can I tell them now? No?....How bout now? No?....and nooooow?" XD

  3. Oooh this looks awesome!!! Thanks so much for the heads up!

  4. pretty colors! Cookie you have me buying so many things lol, Last night I was on the Coastal Scents website for an hour lol :)

  5. Oh, I am all over this! :) I mean, can you ever really have too much nail polish..?