Monday, July 1, 2013

Starlooks - June 2013

Starlooks is having one groovy box this month! Not only is it full of some hip, retro important makeup staples that every chick needs, but it's also the Starbox's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! Can ya dig it?!

 Happy Anniversary Starbox!

Previously in June I did a June REVEAL post for Starlooks, showing of their Looksbook for this month, as well as theme info...if you missed it, here's the link! -

 So I'm way too giddy that I actually did guess all three of the products that came in this month's box! In my post I mentioned that the Looksbook is a little bit like I-Spy, you have to look at what the models have on and guess what the products are being featured!

So! You all jazzed about what's in this month's box? Get set to deck yourself out with these classic products...

My groovy starbox

Here is everything unwrapped! - An liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, bronzer, peace sign pin and my starlooks quartz crystal

Time to look at some fab swag....

in White (J201)

I LOVE Starlooks pencils, both lip and eye. They are so smooth and soft on application. No tugging, or pulling, and they are very pigmented. This white is WHITE, it's very bright, very buildable and can be used for multiple areas around your eye. You can use it as an inner corner brightener, as a waterline color to widen the look of your eyes, as a graphic eyeliner, or even as an allover white eyeshadow base! It barely fades away after a short time with no primer or setting spray but WITH one, it will last for hours. It blends excellently and doesn't smear off when working it into the skin (like some thicker, dryer eye pencils do), and it's easily sharpened to a nice point with any normal makeup pencil sharpener. FAR OUT! 

Told ya it's a bright white! On the left (closest to my wrist) is a single line, triple line in the middle and squiggle line on top. Notice how soft and smooth the lines are, even the squiggle line. That's my best way to tell how soft and easily manageable a makeup pencil is, by the squiggles ::smiles:: It will tug the skin very easily if it's too dry and difficult to work with and you won't see that consistently smooth motion and line. Definitely my new fav white pencil!

in Montego Bay (super satin BR6)

 I have been NEEDING a good bronzer, so hello there my pretty! This bronzer is one of their four single shade bronzers, however, this is the only super satin one. When I first saw it I was a bit worried that it'd be too dark for my skin tone, but the swatches were hopeful!

It's gorgeous! Not my favorite, but still quite lovely. It's a little bit on the difficult side to work with, only because once you put it on, it's tricky to blend out. My best suggestion is to always start light and work your way up to a deeper pigmentation. On the bottom towards my wrist is a blended out swatch and towards my fingers is about 2 straight on swipes. It's very coppery/gold with shimmer when it's layered, but it softens into a more warm bronze with copper tint when it's blended. It's quite soft and a beautiful shade, but if you're not a fan of shimmery bronzers, than this definitely isn't for you! However if you want that sun-kissed glow, than right on, baby, come and get it!

(long tip)

Stop my beating heart...A PRECISION LIQUID FELT TIP EYELINER! This is CHOICE, my darlin's! I love myself a beautiful liquid felt tip eyeliner and this one did not disappoint!

AH-mazing. From left to right - single line (couldn't you just die, look how THIN that is, it's phenomenal), a thick line done by turning the tip on it's side (will make an awesome cat-eye eyeliner, look at the very tip of the top of that line), the Cookie squiggly line (smooth, precise and even), and I even made dots with the tip! (that's how thin it is!) You NEED this eyeliner in your stash, ladies, NEED. This eyeliner will give you the perfect cat eye, or just basic simple, tightly drawn eyeliner...ever have difficulty getting your liner close to your lash line? Me too....that's why this liner will be your best friend! It also will last forever. Right after I took this picture, I wiped my fingers across the lines to smudge them out, and it didn't budge....not a millimeter. I rubbed harder...nothing. I smeared and smudged as hard as I could (my skin turned red) and it didn't fade at all! Then I took a makeup wipe and it wiped cleanly off! My A+, holy grail, best of the best, most-fabulous, classic black liquid eyeliner. No contest! I'm madly in love. ::clutches eyeliner::

Hippie 60's Peace Sign Button (

Well....I just don't know. lol....I mean, I totally get how this goes with the theme, but I feel like this wasn't thought out well enough. I can see a lot of people wondering what they might do with an item such as this. The rainbow style is not quite my thing, and well...I don't think I've ever owed a pin button??? It if had been earrings or a necklace, sure thing, I would have tried to rock it, but a pin is a very interesting choice. Definitely retro and it totally fits with the era, but I can't think of any use for it that fits my style. I do appreciate the extra gift, however! It's just a very odd one. Probably the most unusual item I've yet to receive in a beauty sub! 

1) Starlooks Eye Pencil in White:  $12

2) Starlooks Bronzer in Montego Bay:  $19

3) Starlooks Precision Eye Pen:  $16

4) TopPun Hippie 60's Peace Pin Button:  $1.50

Total Paid for Box: $17.68 ($15 + shipping)

Total Worth of Box:  $48.50!

Now that's something to get stoked about, right there! What a gas! (Are you tired of the 60's lingo yet? I'm thoroughly enjoying myself, thank you!) Stay with me now, don't lose your cool....we are up to the...


A 60's finale?! Well know you're just dying to know what I'm gonna pull out of my sleeve for this one...of course I REALLY wanted to jump into a cat-eye...but that's just too predictable. So I decided: Hmmm, no cat-eye, but I've gotta stay on the 60's era look.....when in doubt, CHANNEL TWIGGY!

I adore Twiggy, she is just divine, and I absolutely don't do her justice at all, but it was awfully fun trying! 

I used the white eye pencil to cover my eyelid, then some dark grey eyeshadow blended in the crease to give my look that deep-set 60's sad doll-eye effect. Continuing with the white pencil, I used it on my waterline to make my eyes appear larger, as well as the inner corners of my eyes. Then I used the precision black eyeliner to make a thin tight down-dropped cat-eye, as well as the Twiggy-esque bottom lashes. The bronzer I used normally on the hollows of my cheeks and nose to make it appear slimmer, but I also brushed it under my bottom lip to make it look poutier on the inner 3rd of my eye and on the bottom of my chin to make my features more like Twiggy's (deep set, broody eyes, and to make my chin less pointy and more curved like hers). AND YES....I added some fun little freckles! 

What's that you say? The peace pin? OF COURSE I wore it! ::wink wink::

Oh yes. Gotta show that peace button some love too!

So to finish off, I decided on a whim that since this is a "Modern Warhol" box, well by golly, there should be some Warhol! So I had a little fun...and I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Makeuping, my Groovy Gals!

Peace & Love, Cookie


  1. Amazing post! These products seem to be really good quality but I don't get that pin at all. I adore the look you put together, it makes your eyes look so huge and gorgeous (though I bet they are very lovely even without makeup!) Great job on the guessing as well :)

    1. Thank you very much! I promise you, my eyes are not quite that large LOL but it was fun to do closeups and think WOOOOAHHH...SAUCER EYES! LOL

  2. Great Twiggy look! I totally get the pin, but maybe that's just me. They were so popular back in the day - people would totally cover the front of their jean jackets with them!

    1. I do agree, it ABSOLUTELY fits with the theme. People had them on their clothes, messenger bags, etc...I just don't have a jean jacket! LOL Since it's Modern Warhold I felt like they could have modernized it a bit to fit in with today's I said, jewelry or even nail strips would have been cute :-)

  3. Love the look you created! I just got my Starbox today.. it was my first one and I absolutely love it! :P I thought the quartz crystal was a piece of broken plastic lol.

    1. Thank you!

      Haha, I did the SAME EXACT thing when I opened my first. I thought: What did I break?! LOL

  4. Ummm your Twiggy look is AMAZING. Love it!
    I just ordered a few things from Starlooks with the Ipsy discount & they should be here by Friday. SO excited to finally try out their products & possibly sign up for the July box! :)

    1. Aw, thanks Allison! So what did you order? :-D

  5. Can I just say that I saw this picture of you on that 100 FB fan giveaway page and I've been clicking away at your archives to find this post?! LoL
    I LOVE THIS LOOK ON YOU!!!!! You remind me of Mad Men Christina Hendricks and Twiggy at the same time~

    1. Hahaha, bless your heart girl, you could have just asked me! LOL Thank you so much, you've made my day :-D You're too sweet <3