Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Glamour Doll Eyes OTM - June 2013

JUNE 2013

Yes! Cookie has a new sub post for you! So I recently came across on a fabulous thread regarding this adorable little beauty sub from Glamour Doll Eyes. Glamour Doll Eyes, which was started back in November of 2008, sells the most INCREDIBLE eyeshadows, pigments, glitters, blushes, balms and glosses with that KA-POW factor! We're talking some glorious shades that will knock you off of your feet! They have a fantastic OTM "Of The Month" sub that you can sign up for to receive a brand new monthly shadow that is featured and sold for ONLY that month. Subscriptions open up on the 8th of each month and you have to grab 'em fast ladies, since they are limited quantity, however, when the OTM DOES open you can sign up for either for a single month or multiple months! Since this is my first time trying them out, I subscribed for three months ($21)...and this is my first! 

::GASP!:: a MYSTERY BAG! How exciting!

The OTM's arrive in a corresponding small bag and I have to admit, this is one too too adorable. I love it. Inside the bag was the jar of pigment shadow itself, as well as a little goody!

Here is the shadow - Flicker Pop!


There was a small card included that read:

Flicker Pop!: Bright Blue with Red & White Sparkles
Safe For: Eyes, Nails, Face

Glamour Doll Eyes was ever so kind to send us this particular color in JUNE so that we could have in for the 4th of July! (Which by the way, that is why I am so late posting about this...I wanted to wait till it was closer to the 4th and I'm afraid time slipped away a bit! I do apologize that my June OTM is being posted in July!)

LOOK at that COLOR! This is without primer! On the left towards my wrist, I blended it out some, but on the right I swiped on about two times. Notice the delicate beautiful sparkle? Be sure to click on my pictures for a closer view, you can see the sparkle so well then! It's very very soft and easy to work with. No issues with pigmentation, obviously. It blends incredibly well and will last for HOURS (especially with a setting spray). A very high and wonderful quality eyeshadow pigment!

BONUS! - She was also awesome enough to include this perfectly themed matching extra! Pop Rocks!

You know, I've never actually tried Pop Rocks? I KNOW...I'm saving them for tomorrow! Gotta have some Pop Rocks while watching the fireworks, dontchathink? I call the Watermelon one!


My fun, bright and American Gal 4th of July look!

It is BLUE! I love it! I placed the pigment directly over a white eyeliner to give it some OOmf! I don't know why I drew a star...because I feel like everyone draws a star...and yet, I did it anyhow! Oh, and if you were worried from my Starlook's June Starbox pics...Haha, NO, I obviously did NOT cut my hair! As you can see ::wink::

 This pigment was so wonderful to work with around the eye area. I've placed pigments on my waterline before and I've had some trouble with eye watering or sensitivity, but with this product, I had no issue at all! Well done GDE!

I wanted just a simple but still flashy pop of color, so I went with my "Cookie-style" cat eye but I also lined my waterline with the same color and added some very very light black and white eyeliner just to up the contrast a bit. However, I still wanted this to be a very wearable day-time look. I also swiped on some blue mascara on my bottom lashes to keep the color fresh!

I hope you enjoyed my new sub post! I HIGHLY recommend giving Glamour Doll Eyes a try! Here's their website - 

Check them out and their products and be sure to keep the OTM in mind as next month's slots will be opening next Monday!

Happy Makeuping! ::flutters and flicker pops lashes!::

Love, Cookie

PS. darling dearest friend of mine has decided that I MUST post this pic...even though I think there is MORE than enough pics of me (::ahem, narrows eyes at friend::) PRIMARILY because he CANNOT stop singing a particular song when he looks at it...


(To friend: There, I posted it...ya happy? STOP SINGING! LOL)



  1. So cute! That look says 4th of July all over it. I haven't had pop rocks in ages.

    1. Is is silly that I'm very giddy to try it out tomorrow? LOL

  2. Wow, I just checked their site. They are soooo cheap I might go for the blogger/vlogger collection

    1. YES! You should definitely try them out! I'm very impressed so far ;-)

  3. This look is GORGEOUS! If I didn't have enough shadows already I would definitely give them a try.

    1. Thank you so much! Wait....there's so a thing as having too many eyeshadows?...that can't be O_o LOL

    2. This is true....hmmmm maybe I should place an order after all....