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Glossybox - June 2013


At last! The June Glossybox American Beauty Box review has arrived on The Charming Cheshire! Whew...what a whirlwind this box has been. So much conflict and interesting developments. It all began after Glossybox announced their collaboration with fashion illustrator and It-Girl, Dallas Shaw. Shortly after they began sneak peeks and spoilers, one of which included Dallas Shaw and Glossybox's collaboration with the new up-and-coming nail polish company, Bondi New York, which fell through at the last second (amidst a bunch of...well...brewhaha and whatnot....) and a substitute item was needed to complete the box and it was sent out shortly after. If you missed all of that news, feel free to catch up with my previous posts!

So let's take a look at this fabulous collaboration box!...

This particular Glossybox is different from the usual, as it has a print of a Dallas Shaw specially made illustration of the "Glossy Girl" as well as her signature. The illustration itself, I think it just adorable, and I LOVE the long legs (seeing as how mine are riduculously long!) and I love how she's clutching a Glossybox! Work it, hunnybunch!

Here is this month's GLOSSYMAG

 On the front, of course, is a picture of the collab's featurette herself, Dallas Shaw. Inside are...well...I'll leave that for the Finale, because I KNOW you are just dying to see what's in the box and I don't want to go on and leave you waiting in anticipation!

 My June 2013 Glossybox:

 I received: A lipstick, nail polish, fragrance samplers, dry oil mist, & shampoo/body wash

Shall we begin the review?

in Fair-to-Light

Helloooo tarte goodness! This little stick of wonderment certainly made me a happy gal. It is so unusual and so gorgeous! There are two different shades that this lipstick comes in, either Fair-to-Light or Medium-to-Tan. The center contains a glossy tinted core that is supposed to give your lips a fuller, luscious appearance. It also contains complexion-enhancing pigments that make this nude lipstick perfectly unique for you as well as emollient waxes to keep your lips smooth and silky. 

It glided on very smoothly and as you can tell, I didn't blend it so I could see what the core would come out as. It's very soft and the two shades are just beautiful. The outside its a deep nude and the center is a bright but sheer pink berry. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's going in my purse this very second! It's quite amazing actually, in some lights it looks pink and in others it can look more coral-pink. It definitely blends into your lip-tone and just brightens it up. It's just a teensy bit on the thick side if you swipe it straight on, but you could lightly dab a tissue on it to thin it out a bit. It lasted about 3 hours on me before needing touch-ups but it still looked gorgeous. You could easily get away with just putting this on and leaving it for hours since it fades nicely into your lips and wouldn't be noticeable. My new favorite lipstick!


Another fun and interesting product, this dry oil mist is meant for softening and smoothing the face and skin while providing hydration. It's also lightweight and there is NO JOKE there, my darlings. I spritzed it on my face, didn't feel a thing, thought it didn't come out...opened my eyes...and my face was covered! I was shocked! Can I just say it smelled DIVINE...sweet, light and delicious. As far as hydration goes, it's not intense, but it does feel nice on the face. I actually think I prefer it for the face, as I did not notice as much of a difference on the skin for hydration and softness. You won't feel much when you spray it on, but it does look oily (without feeling oily). I like to spritz it once, then lightly pat and spread it with my fingertips and add more as needed. It also gives your skin a soft glow, making it look brighter and more awake! The fragrance lasts a while as well, just lightly lingering a little more than most fragranced body spritzes, but less than a perfume. My Hubby kept walking by me about an hour after I sprayed it stating: "Mmmm, you smell tasty!" ::smiles and blushes:: I'll definitely be keeping this yummy little product around! 


How darling is this bag? Seriously. 

A very exciting piece of this box, in my opinion, were the SIX fragrance samples from Oscar de la Renta's Essential Luxuries fragrances. This bag was just the icing on the cake! 

Left to Right - Coralina, Granada, Oriental Lace, Mi Corazón, Santo Domingo & Sargasso

From Glossybox's product card:

"Inspired by the designer's mastery of fashion, Oscar de la Renta introduces a tailored line of six unique scents imbued with his love of beauty and luxury. Comprised of specially sourced ingredients of the most exceptional quality, each fragrance echoes the close connections to Oscar's vibrant life and loves, and perfectly speaks his language - find joy, be sparkling, feel gorgeous." - From Glossybox's June 2013 product card

So what I shall do is start with my least favorite and work my way up!...


"A timeless, classic floral bouquet as elegant as the women who inspire Mr. de la Renta's luxurious designs: ladylike, refined and rare. The scent is an unforgettable blend of mimosa, violet and orris, softened with luxurious woody green notes." - From

I wouldn't necessarily say that Coralina isn't my favorite, but it is the least likely for me to ever wear and for one particular reason: It smells EXACTLY like the perfume my Grandmother used to wear. I never really knew what she wore and I find it highly unlikely that it was indeed Oscar de la Renta, but the fragrance must be quite similar. However, after reading the description, it certainly made me smile. Sounds EXACTLY like my Grandmother...ladylike, refined and rare. This fragrance, in my opinion, is perfect for your elegant, mature woman with just the right blend of muskiness and sweetness. 


"A smooth, smoky tobac fragrance inspired by the tropical setting of Oscar de la Renta's birthplace, Santo Domingo. Fresh, citrusy notes of mandarin and coriander embrace the rich warmth of tobacco, patchouli and spices in this luscious scent." - From

Well, I'm sure you can guess why this didn't make my favorites! I smelled it several times but it to me it kept leaning towards the tobacco and coriander. I did detect at the very end of the notes a faint citrus scent but not enough to blend evenly with the coriander. It's just a little too heavy for me, leaning towards a more manly essence. Definitely a richer fragrance.


"A romantic citrus floral accord with a radiant, feminine air inspired by the memory of the majestic Alhambra patios. The sweet scent of jasmine petals and bitter orange enlightened by exotic roses reflects off a fresh stream of water, leaving a lingering impression." - From

This is a very feminine fragrance, full of bright floral notes and ending with that bitter-sweet orange. I'm just not a floral perfumed person for some reason, so this particular fragrance did not appeal to me, however if you love high note florals with a small hint of tartness then you'll adore this fragrance. It's very nicely lined up, starting with a lovely aroma and ending with a romantic but punching tone. This would absolutely be a top fav of mine if I preferred florals.


"A daring, dark oriental laced with gourmand nuances that embody the opulent textures in Oscar de la Renta's celebrated runway collections. The fragrance unfolds to a warm, inviting blend of the unique hoya carnosa flower with hints of honey and bitter almond surrounded by dark cacao and patchouli for a mysterious, delectable treat." - From

This one I will definitely save and wear on a special day! It is a RICH luxurious fragrance, perfect for that romantic night out or special occasion. The spices are heavy, but they are nicely evened out by the honey and bitter almond, leaving just a smooth, warm aroma. The dark cacao is also barely punctuating the end notes, which I just love. Another very well blended perfume from beginning to end!


"A crisp, green, invigorating accord is the essence of "sea spray" in a splashy Eau de Cologne. Fresh citrus notes, watery cucumber and an unexpected revitalizing greenness combine with warm sunshine and patchouli for a lasting serene finish" - From

Right after I spritzed and smelled this, I had the strongest desire to hop into my car and take a drive to the beach! Which is saying something, because I am NOT a beach-going gal! It's light, airy and with that perfect salty aqueous blend but with a sneaky little citrus note that will float throughout it. It's a wonderful summery fragrance that you can wear day to night! I've never really found a good "sea spray" perfume that didn't lean heavily on the ocean-water scent, but this didn't and it absolutely blew me away! Love it!


"An unmistakeable, white floral bouquet intrinsically associated with Mr. de la Renta's devotion to family and his passion for gardening embodied in a lush, creamy accord of tuberose and ylang-ylang that mingle with peach for a warm tropical twist and an intoxicating trail." - From

When I first read the description, before I had a chance to sample it, I thought, oh my, peach, I won't like it. I have always had problems with peach and have yet to actually FIND a peach fragrance that smells like peach! They all either smell too sweet or too heavily ripe. I took one little whiff and I was in love. It's a frolic-y, sweet tropical blend with a very bouncy peach aroma surrounded by exotic airy florals. It's a tad bit on the heavy side for what I normally like, so this will definitely have to be a spritz-and-step-into perfume instead of spraying it directly on the skin, but I love it nonetheless! A happy fragrant surprise for me!

 All in all I think it was a fantastic mix of fragrances, each with their own specific design and impression and I'm so very glad they chose to include all six since they were all so incredibly different! I'll be keeping three of the six (Oriental Lace, Mi Corazón, Sargasso) and probably either gifting or giving the other three to my friends and/or family! 

in Spirit Child

This is the brand that was chosen to replace the Bondi New York collaboration collection, and I was excited since I had not yet tried SpaRitual polishes, but I had heard so much about them! There were a variation of colors that went out and I received Spirit Child.

Spirit Child is part of SpaRituals Fall 2011 collection Wilde (which I thought was a very strange choice for a Summer box, especially since it's from 2 years ago). It's a warm fiery red with some orange/gold shimmer throughout. In darker light it can appear as a deep cranberry but when the sun hits it, it can change into an orange-red slight duochrome. 

Application was very smooth, albeit a tad bit thin. One coat was a bit streaky and even after two I might lean towards putting on a third coat (Picture shows two coats). The brush was very easy to handle and I had no problems with pooling or runnyness. I love the shape of the bottle and especially the soft rubbery handle with the edged side grips. I would have preferred to have received a summery shade, but it's still a lovely polish! I have not had any issues with chipping, even with daily household chores. 


This was the one overall disappointing product for me this month. Out of all of the options for this brand, the Nordic Wood scent was the the last one I would have picked. As soon as I read the description while doing the REVEAL post a while back I knew I wouldn't like it. Sure enough, unfortunately I don't! Such a shame, because I'm so fond of the bottle and the actually LOOK of the product, but it just smells so much like pine, cedar, balsam fir and other woody scents that I just couldn't enjoy it. I had just stepped out of the shower after shampoo and washing with this and my husband called out: "Hun...why does it smell like the woods in here?". Oh heavens! ::smiles:: It lathers excellently, both on hair and skin and the fragrance does last quite a while after bathing (Trust me, I know). I'm very intrigued, though, to try out other Philip B. products though since the quality of this one was wonderful! I was crossing my fingers for the Peppermint and Avocado in my Glossybox, but alas, it t'was not to be!


1) tarte Complexion Enhancing Lipstick in Fair-to-Light:
  • Full-size is 0.12 oz - $14.50
  • I received a full-size!

2. C.Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist: 
  • Full-size is 4 fl oz - $8
  • I received a 2 fl oz sample - $4

3. Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxuries Fragrance Samples:
  • Full-sizes are 3.4 fl oz each - $150 each
  • There is no listed size on the samplers, but an average perfume sample bottle is about 1 ml (0.3 fl oz) so based off of that - $13 EACH!!! ($78 TOTAL) - Oh my, I nearly fainted

4. SpaRituals Nail Polish in Spirit Child:
  • Full-size is 15 ml - $12
  • I received a full-size!

5. Philip B. Nordic Wood Hair and Body Shampoo:
  • Comes in 2 fl oz size - $8 
  • I received this 2 fl oz size

Total Paid:  $21
Total Worth of Box:  $116.50

Oh my stars and wonders! I do believe that is the highest worth box I have EVER received! It makes me totally question my calculations, but every time I go over it, it comes out right. Definitely an amazingly high worth box this month!


So we've come to the finale of this incredible collaboration box and here is where I have saved up what I have to say in regards to my opinion on this box and everything to do with it. The products included in the box are phenomenal, there is no doubt. Even if I don't particularly like an individual fragrance, the actual quality of the products is fantastic. HOWEVER...the star of our box, Dallas Shaw...I am rather disappointed with. 

When I first heard about the box, the collaboration and the list of products that were to be included in said box, I thought that this was the most incredible Glossybox to date. Then the Bondi New York collaboration collection fell through and I began to question Bondi and their link to the situation. At first everything seemed sketchy to me and I had some concerns regarding Bondi themselves, but to my utter amazement, their CEO, Richard Annington,  stepped forward and very kindly and openly communicated with me, answering my every question and therefor highlighting the stellar business side of his company and indeed the very high moral character of himself! The more I learned about Bondi New York and Richard Annington, the the more I was impressed at what they stood for, what they believed in and what they wanted their company to be about. Within all this...nary a peep was heard from Dallas Shaw or Glossybox. This was very disappointing, I must say, as I had no previous issue with either of them beforehand. What people (and companies) need to understand is that staying silent is just as bad and sketchy-looking as actually being in the wrong. Business is business, that's all there is to it, but for a company (or person) not to reach out to fans/subscribers/members...well that just doesn't look good to me. I do however understand that given the late timing of the product change, that Glossybox must have been quite busy rearranging, finalizing and updating the box, but I still believe in good customer service no matter what conflicts may be arising. Eventually we had a short email from Glossybox informing us of a switch in product, but the only thing we heard from Dallas Shaw was a small printed little insert at the bottom of a post regarding the upcoming box that stated that the "nail company" had "defaulted" and that there would be a "different product" in place of it (To read my first initial reaction and get more info about her post, click HERE). I was not at all pleased when I saw this. Why all the hiding? Why the small print? Why not list the company's name? I feel like it was a little brush aside (with no respect for Bondi) and very nonchalantly at that. This also made me very uncomfortable when I saw how very centered this entire box and ENTIRE magazine was around her. She was pretty much on every single page of the magazine and became too much for me after a bit. I also was a bit irked that she stated in her Glossybox post that she was excited for us to receive a print of her artwork since most of us were unable to afford one ourselves because of the "hefty price tag". Well, alright of you...I think. I was still ready to enjoy my Glossybox though.

I feel like this whole situation was unfortunately a result of just a part of what can happen in business. Stuff happens, to say simply, but it's how you deal with it afterwards that can set you apart from the norm. 

I will be staying subscribed to Glossybox as I believe they still have a wonderful monthly sub and, from what I've experienced, decent customer service. I've never had any issues with them and they've introduced me to some amazing products and brands! Here's to looking forward to next month's box!

Happy Makeuping!
Love, Cookie

A Note for Dallas Shaw and her friend Elizabeth - 

Dallas, are talented, by all means, BUT with that talent, fame, glory you have to remember that there must be a finesse and grace with handling the rough bits of the business. Frankly, I am no where near as famous as you, nor do I claim to be. I also do not claim to be a beauty guru or professional. A word of may not want to surround yourself with friends who have such low regard for people such as myself who are not as famous but still enjoy being in the world of beauty. While I do appreciate that your friend decided to stick up for you, I don't appreciate the she came to bash a bunch of members on a beauty forum for stating their personal opinions in regards to the conflict that had occurred with the collaboration. Elizabeth, hun, you are not that untraceable. There was no need to remain anonymous and hide, you're entitled to your opinion, but that was just plain silly!


  1. You got the lippie in fair to light, yay!! It looks great on you.

    1. Thank you! I really want to try the Medium-to-Tan one now though, all the swatches of it look gorgeous!

  2. That polish situation is pretty sketchy but the Tarte lipstick... I just love it!