Monday, July 22, 2013

Glamour Doll Eyes OTM - July 2013


It's time once again to glam up our doll eyes with some fabulous Glamour Doll Eyes Of the Month eyeshadow pigments! You see what I did there, eh? Eh? ::nudge nudge, wink wink:: These pigments are by far my fabulous new eye product obsession. I absolutely adore them. If you have yet to hear about the awesomeness of this little beauty mail-out then check out my first post here for more info! -

So new month, new Of the Month and here is what came!....

YES, I AM conveniently covering up the goodies with the business card. Unlike last month, this pouch is see-through....I must maintain some sort of mystery for the moment...

See, now you're just dying to worked!

Heeeeeere is the July 2013 eyeshadow Of the Month! - 


 This picture does not do it justice, it sparkles like mad!

Sherbert: Coral with an Orange sheen and Green sparkles
Safe For: Eyes, Lips, Nails, Face

I LOVE this shade for this month, I think sherbert is EXACTLY what we need for these hot summer days! Cool yourself down in the classiest of styles...mmmmm, tasty.

On the top right I have it swatched over NYX's jumbo pencil in Milk as a primer, and on the bottom left is just one swipe blended out. Over the white primer, it does lighten up a bit, it's not quite as coral-orange, but still very vivid. You can see the sprinkle of glitter all over, but let me tell you, in person it is just divine. This picture also doesn't quite capture the brightness of it. I tried it in different lighting, but this one came out the best. It blends fairly well, maybe a teensy bit splotchy, but I only used my fingers. With a brush I'm sure it'd blend just fine. It's very soft and easy to work with and ridiculously pigmented, so fab. 



Last October Glamour Doll Eyes requested everyone who was interested to submit their own OTM eyeshadow color ideas and some lucky ladies would be chosen as winners and have their color created! For this month Rachel was the lucky winner for her Sherbert! HOWEVER, GDE also had a special beauty extra for her since she's expecting her first baby soon named Casen! Another gorgeous eyeshadow in honor of him!


 Blue-tiful! (hehe)

Casen: Baby to Medium Blue with Green sparkles
Safe For: Eyes, Lips, Nails, Face

Once again, I NEED to find a good camera that captures the sparkle! This one sparkles even more than Sherbert does.

Blow me away with brightness! (It blue me away? No? Well it can't hurt to TRY to be funny, now can it?) Once again on the top right I swiped it over NYX's jumbo pencil in Milk and on the bottom left I blended it out straight onto the skin. You can see the sparkles much more on the blended area than on the primed, but look how vivid and bright the primed area is! Such a gorgeous deep baby blue. 



From the fun and fabulous Kiss My Sass Cosmetics, we also have another cute little beauty extra!


From pics I've seen on other blogs that received the GDE OTM bag this month, I do believe this little sample WAS in the shape of lips! You can barely make it out on the top...but the poor city's awful heat must have just melted it! Oh well, works just as gorgeously in a lip-shape or a...well...bloopy goop shape! 

Emma: Light Pink/Coral with a Satin finish
(Lip Safe and Vegan)
Flavor: Pink Lemonade

I LOOOOVE this color. It is beyond beautiful. 

On the bottom left is 3 swipes and on the top right is only one. As you can see it's very easily buildable or can be worn sheer for a light color. It's a soft as a balm, and glides on very easily. It also has a very light shimmer which you can somewhat see in the swatch. As far as flavor, I can BARELY make out the Pink Lemonade taste, but it is there. It keeps your lips lightly moisturized and gives them a nice soft sheen of color. It lasted almost 2 hours before needing touch-ups. I'm very interested to see what other products Kiss My Sass Cosmetics has now!


 Have all these sweet, sassy and bright eyeshadows, colors and flavors given you a sweet tooth? Yeah, me too....good thing Glamour Doll Eyes included some Starburst in the bag! LOVE IT! Hubby just went and stole the strawberry one....drat. 


So with all this sweetness and yummy looking eyeshadows, I went for a bright, spunky and scrumptious look!

My Hubby says it looks like cotton candy! Personally, I immediately traveled back into my childhood when the Ice Cream Man used to come down my Grandma's street and the neighbor's kid (who was my bestie) ALWAYS used to buy this:

YUMMY! I haven't had one of these in YEAAAARS

I used Sherbert on the upper eyelids and blended it outwards towards my eyebrow. Then I used the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on my eyelid and patten Casen on top. I then took Sherbert again and blended it directly on top of Casen on the outer corners which turned it into this gorgeous dark coral leaning towards a purple. Of course, I also an wearing the gorgeous Emma lipstick! I love how well it goes with the Sherbert. I'm also wearing Anastasia Beverly Hill's Brow and Lash Tint in Electric Blue on the bottom lashes from the middle to the inside just to give it some pop and open up my eyes. 

and now I want some Ice Cream......


Happy Makeuping my scrumptious friends! Now who has the ice cream....
Love, Cookie



  1. that lipstick looks amazing and really suits you! great colours and so much fun for summer.

    1. Thank you very much! I really love playing around with brights in summertime :-)

  2. that coral shadow is soo pretty

  3. Love that blue on you Cookie

    1. Thank you :-D I have a sweet spot in my heart for blues <3