Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Maybelline Colorsensational Vivid Lipsticks (3 Shades)


Ok, so I'm not typical a lip gal. I'm most definitely an eye makeup lover. Show me a palette full of gloriously colorful eyeshadow and I shall make it mine. Or a bunch of gorgeously vivid and luxurious eyeliners...they shall join my stash instantly. Lip products? Hmmm.....maybe.

 BUT THESE.....I could not resist.

The name says it all, ladies, these lipsticks are BRIGHT, VIVID, COLORFUL and full of gloriously KA-POW! pigmentation! There are ten total in this collection and they are:

  • Pink Pop (860)
  • Fuchsia Flash (865)
  • Shocking Coral (870)
  • Vivid Rose (875)
  • Electric Orange (880)
  • Vibrant Mandarin (885)
  •  Neon Red (890)
  • On Fire Red (895)
  • Hot Plum (900)
  • Brazen Berry (905)

 At first I was just going to buy one, but I absolutely (and very dramatically) could NOT make up my I picked three!


I ADORE Coral. So as soon as I saw the name, I knew I'd just love this one. The packaging, I think, it's gorgeous. I love how bright it is, and it certainly stands out! All ten colors come in this same silver tube, with a vibrant orange cover. 

In the tube, this color appears to be orange, but once swatched, it comes out bright coral. This is definitely leaning toward a coral pink than a coral orange, which I love. On the left I swiped the product about 3 times and on the right, just once. These lipsticks are certainly made to wear brightly as a full-coverage, pigmented lipstick. You probably won't have much luck starting light and building up/layering for more color as it starts very lush and thick right away. However, this lipstick CAN be easily blotted for a lighter effect!

Madly in love with this lipstick! It swipes on smoothly, doesn't feel sticky or heavy and lasts at least 3-4 hours (no eating, drinking) before needed any major touchups. This color I could totally see paired with a classic black or brown cat-eye, turquoise eyeliner, brown/coral eyeshadows, silver/grey eyeshadows or even a smokey eye for a bright seductive nighttime look! I certainly am going to be pulling this lipstick out often!


  This lipstick was definitely one of those...Hmm...looks interesting ::swatch:: OH MY WORD! It seriously (pink) pops out at you! It's a vivacious bubble-gum color that goes on slightly matte-satin, but definitely leaning more towards the satin compared to the other two lipsticks I purchased. 

See what I mean? SWATCH POP! I think because it's a lighter color, it seems a little less opaque than the others, but the color is still ridiculously bright on the lips! All of the lipsticks are very creamy and glide on easily from the honey nectar formula which is supposed to nourish lips as well. 

Very eye-catching! It reminded me a bit of Venus (the mystery item shade that I ordered from Starlooks - Click HERE to read post), especially with the shimmery frost effect, but obviously Pink Pop is MUCH brighter and MUCH pinker! I'd probably wear this either with heavy black eyeliner, pink eyeshadow (cause I'm rebel like that), or I'd even attempt to pull off a white, baby blue or orange eyeliner (like Lime Crime's). Hey, think out of the makeup box! Go big or go home! All that rigmarole ::wink wink::


 I think the lipstick lid was MADE for this matches it PERFECTLY. THIS color is redonkulously (yes, I said it, redonkulous) bright, fun and funky! It's a gorgeous orange-red and is the brightest of the three that I purchased. Every time I've worn it I get a billion compliments (Ok, maybe not quite that many, but you get the idea). 

Isn't that a crazy orange! I love it! Once again, no problems with the formula on this one as well. Soft, creamy and very opaque. This color out of the three lasted the longest on me, even with eating and drinking, I still had a color stain after 6 hours. One awesome way I tried wearing this color was by putting on a nice lip balm then gently brushing my fingertip on the end of the lipstick, I blotted it on over the balm. It just gave me a nice rich orange-red tint.

Please excuse my crimped hair and bright cheeks! I took this photo on a different day before I purchased the others because I couldn't wait to try it out. It took FOREVER to find this shade and it was top of the list to get! Isn't it just to die for though? I normally don't go for reds/oranges but I personally think I'm rocking this shade!


All of the Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids are available at all stores that carry Maybelline products. They retail around $6-7 dollars per lipstick. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing at least two from this fabulous collection. You never know when you're going to need to have a show-stopping, eye-catching, mood-spinning, pucker-primed vibrant featured lip! So be prepared and snag yourself one of these phenomenal lipsticks!

Happy (vibrant) Makeuping!
Love, Cookie



  1. I have the vibrant Mandarin and love it!!

    I wanted to get more colors but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    1. Why not?! I'll bet the Vibrant Mandarin looks fantastic on you!

  2. Maybelline did these right, without a doubt. I bought 4, and I'm not usually a bright - or even a lipstick - person!

    1. Absolutely! I usually don't go for lipsticks, but I couldn't pass these up. :-)

  3. I bought Shocking Coral and Pink Pop and I love them both! I am loving the Vibrant Mandarin on you too!

    1. We need to have a Pink Pop day, Jorden...go get our Starbucks with our fabulous eyecatching, showstopping lips!

  4. I love these lipsticks! They are on my wishlist!

    Great blog, I instantly fell in love with it!

    Natasha xx

    1. Thank you so much and welcome to my blog!

      I've just joined your awesome blog as well!

  5. Pretty! I've seen many good reviews on these. I think I want one in Fuchsia.

    1. Definitely! I recommend everyone should have at least one! :-D