Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bag Full of Beauty

Ft. CoverGirl, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Milani, Revlon, Rimmel, Wet n Wild

Haha, you didn't believe me when I said I was thinking of doing a haul post, did you? Tadaaaaa! In fact, I'm going to be introducing two new series of posts that aren't going to be scheduled posts, just done every once in a while...first is this one, Bag Full of Beauty, which essentially will be a haul post, mainly drugstore, but I may do Ulta hauls or other beauty stores as well. The post will consist of a presentation of each product, swatches, a full review, photos and a summation, including whether or not I'd repurchase. It will end with a list of the retail prices of each item, along with, oooof course, a Finale including looks from products! I also want to introduce another new post called Sample Session, which is very similar but will be a review of multiple beauty samples either collected all at once from one goodie bag (if large enough) or from samples gathered, including perfumes, creams, makeup, etc. 

It took me a bit to get all organized with this haul, since I didn't want to just SHOW you what I bought like most drugstore hauls are, I wanted to completely review each product, wear them and, of course, true to Cookie form, give you some looks! I also purchased a mix of brand new products, as well as older ones. Basically anything that tickled my fancy!

Let's jump into it, shall we? We have SOOOO much to cover! ::wink, wink::

in Very Black (800)

" Flaunt the next big thing in lashes with Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara! The brilliant two-step Bombshell Boost System combines extreme volume with an intensifying top coat for big, sexy bombshell lashes. Step One: Apply the extreme volume basecoat. Step Two: Finish with the intensifying top coat." - from

One of THE most talked about products out there right now, the new CoverGirl Bombshell Volume Mascara. It's a double-sided mascara with TWO different style brushes. 


Step One is a chubby plastic bristle wand that is supposed to give you extreme volume as a basecoat. It is recommend to use between one and three coats. 

I'm not usually a fan of chubby rubber or plastic bristle wands. The bristles tend to be a little too short for me and as a result I always tend to get mascara on my eyelid behind my lashes when I try to fully apply the coat since I pressing in so much. I am disappointed at how much it tapers off at the top, as well, so I really can't use it to angle in and grab those stubborn little lashes on the inner and outer corners of my eyes. While not the best brush I've used, it's not exactly the worst, though, and it does give good layers without getting clumpy or layering on too thick.


Step two has a wired standard bristle wand that is supposed to intensify your lashes as a topcoat, giving them a deep color and shine with keeping the lashes separated.

I MUCH prefer this wand to the plastic one, but they both have their purpose. The bristles are nicely spaced, they leave no clumps and keep the lashes nice and separated, and they do give a teensy bit of length in addition to the volume from Step One. 


Now, as far as maneuverability, the wand is a LITTLE hard to hold compared to others, since it is so thick in size, but it really doesn't bother me all that much. There is decent length between the thickness of the end of the tube, out to the wands, so it doesn't get in the way while applying, but it would be nice if it was a SMIDGEN longer. 

Here we have one swipe from each wand. Step One is on top, Step Two on the bottom, as shown. You can see the formula isn't clumpy at all, and there is good spacing between bristles. You can really hardly tell a big difference between the two swipes! 

Here we have two swipes. You can see the black deepened quite a bit! NOW you can see some small differences between brushes. Notice how even the lines are for step one, which is excellent for applying good even coats. Also see how well spaced apart the wire bristles are, which is great for keeping those lashes separate, as I said before. 

I neglected to take photos of just the mascara on my eyes alone (pardon me!), but I am wearing it in the finale! (Not ALL the finale pics, though, so you can compare!)


The longevity of the formula is AMAZING. It doesn't flake, doesn't smudge and really...doesn't go ANYWHERE. It will stay alllll day long, with little to no change. Herein lies a bit of it's problem though, when it comes to taking it off, you'd better be prepared to take your time and give it some lovin'. If you have a tendency to be lazy with taking off your makeup or you want makeup that you can easily and quickly remove, yeah, you are not going to like this mascara. It does NOT like coming off without a fight. It acts exactly like a waterproof mascara, even though the formula I bought isn't advertised as one. To take this off without hurting or pulling on the delicate skin around the eye I first used a makeup remover spray and spritz my eyes while they were closed and let it sit for a while to break up the formula. Then I soaked a cotton pad in makeup remover and placed it right on top of the lashes to coat them a bit. I waited a minute or two, then gently slid the pad down the lashes. I then gently placed my lashes between my thumb and forefinger (while holding the pad on the them), and softly pulled outward a few times to slide the mascara off of them. On the bottom lashes, it was a tad trickier, since mine are too short to grip, so I just brushed lightly over the back and forth, left and right till the mascara came off. I then rinsed my face, and proceeded to take off the rest of my makeup with a makeup remover towelette, and used it on my lashes as well to take off the remaining mascara.......told you it was a pain! If you try to take off the mascara with just a makeup remover towelette or just soap, you will be yanking on those poor lashes to try to take any of the mascara off.


I'm a bit on the fence about this mascara. Do I think it gives good volume, yes actually, it really does. Do I like the wands? Hmmmm....ish. They are not the best wands I've ever used, but they're not bad. Do I think it does what it claims? Yes, I do, it does give you some bombshell va-va-voom! The volumizing is good, the lengthening is good, and you don't have to purchase two different mascaras to achieve that look! The darkest black is quite black and does make your eyes pop with a good fringe. The reason I am on the fence is because it is a bit of a pain to take off, which I don't mind sometimes, just not all the time. Since mascaras only last around three months, I wouldn't want it just sitting around for lengths of time without constant use. However, this is one of the best drugstore mascaras I've tried, and certainly one of the best double step ones I've tried. Since it doesn't budge all day, this is perfect for a long day out, or evening out where I need my eye makeup to stay put! I probably will be repurchasing!

in Nude Ballet (601), Fuchsia Orchestra (106) and Plum Adagio (502)

" Transform lips from ordinary to extraordinary. Color is richer, lip surface is smoother and shine is magnified. Formulated with precious micro-oils and rich color pigments, Extraordinaire provides the ideal balance of color and care for perfect lips. The unique soft-touch applicator allows for a silky-smooth, gliding application." - from

Another new product out right now! I was actually first introduced to this when I saw it in the Allure Holiday Beauty Box for the winter. I tried looking it up for the sneak peek but I couldn't find it! I assumed then it was a brand new product, and I was right!

Imagine my surprise and excitement at seeing a fabulous display of them in my local CVS! I wasn't sure if I wanted to pick from these for my haul, but the moment I saw the names, I was HOOKED....they come in these shades:

    • Blushing Harmony (103)
    • Caramel Solo (703) 
    • Coral Encore (202)
    • Dancing Rose (104)
    • Fuchsia Orchestra (106)
    • Molto Mauve (500)
    • Nude Ballet (601)
    • Orange Tempo (300)
    • Pink Tremolo (105)
    • Plum Adagio (502)
    • Purple Prelude (403)
    • Rose Melody (101)
    • Rose Symphony (201)
    • Rouge Allegro (303)
    • Ruby Opera (304)
    • Scarlet Concerto (306)

    Oohhhhh my goodness. I LOOOOOVE the names! Being a ballerina, I practically squealed when I read them! I seriously picked the ones I did strictly because I fell madly in love with the names! Haha!

    Nude Ballet

    Yes, yes I did pick this one because it said Ballet! ADORE! It is a slightly darker nude with some slight peach undertone. The brush is very unusual to me. Have any of you seen one like it before? 

    It does collect a good amount of product when you pull the wand out, but not too much to where you're applying globs of product on the lip. 

    Fuchsia Orchestra

    Could you just DIE. Forget the name of this lippie, I bought it because of that COLOR! Ba-bam! Bright! It is a HOT pink-fuchsia! I'm madly in love with it!

    Plum Adagio

    I've been meaning to add some darker lip shades to my stash, since I typically go for corals, pinks and reds. I know the Winter season is slowly slipping away and we're starting to see some bright Spring shades coming out, but when I saw the name had Adagio in it, I was sold. It's a deep dark plum shade.


    As you can see they are quite pigmented! It's definitely more like a liquid lipstick, but still with some heavy gloss. I do love the range that I picked up! 

    Nude Ballet

    The Extraordinaire by Colour Riche formulas are a tad tricky to work with, especially with lighter shades. Because they are pigmented, and glossy they do go on fairly thick, which can be difficult for ladies like me that have very pink lips. For a shade such as this I needed to apply some BB Cream on my lips first to cancel the pinkness, then brush on the product. It did streak a bit, so I applied a medium coat, blotted them with a tissue, applied another coat, blotted again, then at last a third coat. I realize that this application can be a tad tedious, so this product may not be for everyone. If you have paler lips, though, you may have no issues with this shade! It really is gorgeous, isn't it? 

    Fuchsia Orchestra

    You adore it now, too, don't you? I call this my Barbie lipstick now! ::grin:: This shade is stunning! With the brightness and pigmentation, you really don't need to use the blotting and reapplying technique, but it works so well if you want longevity. It only lightly stains your lips if you have one coat, but the more you blot and reapply, the longer the color will last throughout the day.

    Plum Adagio

    This was another tricky shade to work with, and if you look closely in my picture above, you can see the coloration is a bit splotchy in some areas. This is with blotting and reapplying a couple of times. The formula just isn't as creamy as I would have liked for this color, and it didn't go on quite as smoothly as I would have hoped as well. It still gorgeous, though. The more you blot and apply, the better it will look. However, this may not be good for those of you who want to only apply one layer and be done. 

    So the formula takes a bit of lovin' to work with, but they all blend fairly well if you want less pigmentation and they don't streak as much that way. However, if you want stronger color, then as I said, be patient while working with it!


    The longevity is quite good! After blotting and reapplying three times in a row the gloss lasted about 3 hours and the actual color lasted about 8-9! This is with eating and drinking! It did not fade away splotchy, and still gave a lovely tint after 12 hours (with the exception of Nude Ballet). They also have a very light, fresh fruity aroma!


    Yes! I actually would! I don't often wear lip products, so when I do I don't mind taking the time to work with them. The pigmentation is lovely, and the longevity is good. Did I mention I love the names?

    in Porcelain Ivory (10)

    "100% Smooth-Buffed Perfect! Experience our first smooth-whipped pressed powder. Powder is smooth-whipped with 60% less talc* (versus Maybelline FitMe Powder), so there’s no chalky dust to cling to flaws. Our powder glides on smoothly for smooth-buffed perfection." - from
    I'm always on the lookout for good pressed powder that offers decent coverage without getting cakey. This, also, is a newer product from Maybelline. I heard it had good medium coverage, so as soon as I saw it on the shelf, I swiped that baby right up! There is actually quite a large range of shades:

    • Porcelain Ivory (10)
    • Ivory (15)
    • Classic Ivory (20)
    • Buff Beige (25)
    • Nude (40)
    • Creamy Natural (50)
    • Sandy Beige (60)
    • Classic Beige (65)
    • Natural Beige (70)
    • Pure Beige (75)
    • Medium Buff (80)
    • Golden Beige (83)
    • Sun Beige (85)
    • Caramel (90)
    • Honey Beige (93)
    • Coconut (95) 
    Quite a selection, isn't it? I would say everyone should be able to find a decent match with these!
    The case is fairly thick, and sturdy.  
    The inside container with the powder actually lifts up to reveal an opened area below with an applicator sponge...

    I'm not a huge lover of powder sponges, I much prefer to use brushes, but I love that there's a mirror inside! Because of the larger size of the compact, I wouldn't really like to pop it into my purse often for touch-ups through the day, but luckily, I don't really have to with this formula!....

    I actually am quite pleased with the amount of powder there appears to be inside the case. I also love how finely packed it appears to be, so hopefully it should last quite some time.


    The way the powder was pressed is a very interesting pattern, something of a tweed look! Of course, once you start using it, the pattern disappears. 

    Matches me PERFECTLY, I love this powder! I only used my fingertips to apply both with the thick swipes and blended. As you can see, it gives fantastic coverage without getting powdery and cakey, and it blends beautifully.


    I was amazed and quite impressed with it's wear! My favorite way of using it is to buff it over my BB Cream. It gives me perfectly matte smooth skin and enough coverage to hide my rosacea without looking like I have layers and layers of makeup on. If you don't have any problems with redness, then I'd say you could wear this powder without a foundation or BB Cream at all! As for it's longevity, the powder stayed matte and smooth with no fallout for a good 8+ solid hours before needing major touchups (used with setting spray). 


    YES! Most definitely! In fact, this is probably my new holy grail powder! Next time I go to the store I'll be purchasing a few of these to have on standby!

    in Nude (10)

    "Light-boosting blushes and bronzers. Because those in the know don’t overglow. Each light-boosting blush and bronzer palette has an expert balance of 4 shades + shimmer for a natural glow. Skin goes soft-lit with zero glitz." - from

    Another new Maybelline product, and I'm telling you, I've been seeing more and more mosaic style blushes popping up here and there lately. I really love the look of Maybelline's! The only thing I'm sad about is that it doesn't come in a variety of shades...

    • Nude (10)
    • Pink Rose (20)
    • Coral (30)
    • Mauve (40)
    • Light Bronze (50)
    • Deep Bronze (60)

    I know those are the basic blush shades, but the mosaic is so darn adorable, I would have loved to have seen more!

    The compact is made very similar to their Dream Wonder Powder, with the top lid being clear, then the powder section lifting up to an open area. The only difference being instead of a sponge applicator there is a flat brush. I wouldn't ever use it, though, as it's very flimsy and not densely packed as I prefer. 

    Each mosaic has four different shades consisting of a highlighter, bronzer, and two shades of the main color, one being lighter and one darker. The only thing I will say about the packaging that I'm NOT happy with is that the mosaic tiles seem to shift quite a bit, and appear to be a tad loose. I just hope they don't fall out! If you own one of these or plan to, I'd be a bit careful with storage. Possibly keeping it flat on it's back as often as possible and not dump it in with other products that could get rummaged around.


    HOW PRETTY IS THIS! Because the blocks in the mosaic are small, it's fairly impossible to apply without using all four colors. 

    I absolute adore this blush! I've been wanting to add some neutral shades to my stash, because I have sooooo many pinks/mauves and a few corals. It has a very, very pale peach undertone with a beautiful glowy shimmer. The finish is very candlelight-esque. This is wonderful if you want a soft, feminine glow! I really think this shade is very versatile, as well. It could easily be used as a blush OR a highlighter! So pretty!


    Because this shade isn't too pigmented, it didn't last quite as long as I would have liked. I had a glowy finish for about 2 hours before needing some touch-ups. I still noticed some color for a good 5 hours though.


    Hmmmmm...I'm VERY intrigued to try out the other shades! While I may not repurchase this exact shade because of it's longevity, the other shades looked absolutely gorgeous, so I may try them out soon!

    in Sangria (21) and Black Cherry (24)

    "Make a statement without saying a word!  True Instant Color. One stroke, full coverage application. This next generation lipstick gives the ultimate in color, texture and finish.  The lightweight creamy formula contains Vitamins A, C, & E to moisturize and nourish lips." - from

    I actually don't have too many Milani products in my stash, so I was dying to try these out. Once again, I have been seriously needing to get more darker, rich shades of lipsticks, so my eye went straight for these two!

    This is Milani's only lipstick line, so they have tons of shades...

    • Best Red (07)
    • Black Cherry (24)
    • Bronze Beauty (31)
    • Cabaret Blend (40)
    • Candied Toffees (30)
    • Cherry Crave (06)
    • Chilled Brandy (22)
    • Chocolate Berries (37)
    • Cinnamon Spice (44)
    • D'Oro (36)
    • Double Espresso (38)
    • Dulce Caramelo (27)
    • Flamingo Pose (12)
    • Flirty Fuchsia (16)
    • Fruit Punch (11)
    • High Voltage (04)
    • Hot Pink Rage (15)
    • Naturally Chic (25)
    • Nude Creme (26)
    • Orange-Gina (03)
    • Pink Frost (09)
    • Pink Love (41)
    • Plumrose (17)
    • Pretty Natural (43) 
    • Raspberry Rush (19)
    • Red Label (05)
    • Rose Amour (33)
    • Rose Femme (42)
    • Rose Hip (14)
    • Ruby Valentine (08)
    • Sangria (21)
    • Sugar Glaze (41)
    • Sweet Nectar (01)
    • Teddy Bare (29)
    • Uptown Mauve (20)
    • Violet Volt (34)

    Whew! And yes...yes I do need them all. Sooooo many little space in my stash ::giggles:: 


    Sangria is an absolutely gorgeous matte deep purple berry. When I saw this shade, I just HAD to try it out. I've never tried Milani's lipsticks, but I must say, I am SUPER in love with them!

    Black Cherry

    Black Cherry is a very deep, dark cherry red cream. I've been hearing so many people talk about how much they love this lipstick and shade so I had to try it for myself! 


    Do you love them? Do you LOVE them?! The formula is absolutely wonderful! They're very pigmented, creamy and they dry beautifully. This is just with one swipe each! Now I see why everyone just adores Black Cherry, it's such a sophisticated, feminine shade! I think Sangria is a great addition to a lipstick stash, as well. It's a great matte berry that can lean either dark or can be blended on to be a softer shade.


    Even though it's matte, it's not drying at all! It still has a soft muted shine, though, it's not a flat matte. This lipstick is definitely a quick swipe on and go, there's no need to blot and reapply. You can, though, if you want a bit more staining effect and to mattify it more. The formula for this lipstick is great, however, it's very creamy and thick without being heavy, so it gives you fantastic coverage.

    Black Cherry

    OOooooo, dark, seductive, dangerous.......grrrrrr, darling! Actually, this reminds me a bit of of Plum Adagio that I reviewed above, except it's a creamier, thicker more pigmented version. A MUCH better alternative if you don't want that high gloss and prefer better coverage, but you could actually wear them together if you want to add some gloss on top! Just swipe on a light coat of Plum Adagio right over Black Cherry! However, I think the soft shine of this one is stunning by itself. 


    The wear time for these lippies are AMAZING. I wore Sangria just the other day...applied it at 2PM and had strong color till....oh....almost 10PM. This is WITH eating and drinking. I didn't need to do any touch-ups at all, then 12 hours after application I still had a gorgeous light berry tint on my lips, no patchiness at all. That was after two meals and two snacks and soooo much talking, haha! They don't really have much of a scent, other than the typical lipstick smell.


    Um, YES, a million times YES. In fact, I have big, big plans to get them that crazy? Especially the darker and brighter shades! If you haven't tried Milani lipsticks yet, I highly recommend them!

    in Amber Nectar (01)

    "An ultra-smooth, multi-color blush, bronzer & highlighter. Gives skin a hint of color with a lit-from-within radiant healthy glow. Suitable for all skin types and tones." - from

    I've seen these for quite some time now and when I was perusing through products for the haul, I just couldn't keep my hands off of this pretty rose bouquet pattern! They only have three shades:

    • Sweet Nectar (01)
    • Hermosa Rose (02)
    • Beauty's Touch (03)

    I'm kind of sad they don't have more! It's such gorgeous packaging! Very chic, feminine and pretty!

    The case is made with a fairly thick plastic , but very sturdy and well made. It's one of those beautifully packaged pieces that I would just love to keep displayed on a counter with other pretty products! 

    Each blush consists of around six or seven different shades that blend together for one solid color. This one has an off white, taupe, mink, buff-muted gold, peach-pink, dull puce and chamoisee. They have a soft highlighting shimmer, but it's not too overwhelming, just a soft glow. In fact, it looks more shimmery in the compact than it does applied on the skin.


    See how almost matte it looks? It can be applied quite pigmented if you want to build it up, but it can also be blended out for a natural finish as well. I absolutely ADORE this color! I think the name Amber Nectar is perfect for it. It does have this yummy sweet appearance. I'm excited I bought this right before Spring as I'll probably be wearing it often for the season! I think this would also be lovely to apply as an all over bronzing finish in contouring for that sun-kissed glow look. I'd even consider wearing this as an eyeshadow!


    I did like the longevity of this shade, I used it along with a face primer and setting spray and the color lasted a good 6-7 hours before needing some touch-ups. I'm only sad that because the packaging is a little bulky, I wouldn't want to carry it in my purse often. 


    Yes! Definitely! I also would like to try the other two shades as well! I think the fact that it can be so pigmented but still easily blendable makes it a great addition to my blushes. I also love that it's not too shimmery! 

    BALM STAIN in Crush, LACQUER BALM in Coy 
    and MATTE BALM in Mischievous
    Balm Stain - "It’s a pampering balm fused with a lightweight lipstain in an adorable chubby crayon. Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain gives softer, smoother lips with a perfect flush of color that lasts hour after hour. The gel formula comes in 12 vibrant shades that match any look or mood." - from
    Lacquer Balm - "High Shine Lacquer. Moisture Rich Balm
    A lacquer finish that’s beyond brilliant. Balm that’s beyond comforting. Our Triple Butter Complex of Shea, Coconut and Mango butters nourishes lips. In 10 collectible, craveable color" - from
    Matte Balm - "Velvety Matte Look. Moisture Rich Balm
    A Matte finish that’s beyond plush. Balm that’s beyond comforting. Our Triple Butter Complex of Shea, Coconut and Mango butters nourishes lips. In 10 collectible, craveable colors." - from
    I'd heard quite a bit about Revlon's Balm Stain sticks, but when I saw the NEW Lip Lacquer and Matte versions I decided it was time to try out all three! So I tried to pick a variety and interesting range with them. The Matte shade I actually didn't have a choice with, haha, although I was very intrigued to try a bright light orange. Those Matte Balms are the bombdiggity right now! I've looked at at least four different stores and they're either all gone are all swatched ::tear::. 

    They each come in a good range of shades. I think the names are adorable! Here are the Balm Stains:

    • Adore (055) - brown-toned rusty red
    • Charm (035) - apricot nude
    • Cherish (015) - light bubblegum pink
    • Crush (005) - deep berry red
    • Darling (010) - cool toned lightly dulled pink
    • Honey (001) - rosy nude
    • Lovesick (020) - bright pink
    • Precious (050) - nude/natural
    • Rendezvous (040) - dull orange
    • Romantic (045) - bittersweet orange-red
    • Smitten (030) - mauve-pink with light fuschia
    • Sweetheart (025) - medium pink 
    These are the shades for the Lacquer Balms:
    • Coquette (110) - barbie bright pink
    • Coy (140) - mahogany brown
    • Demure (105) - soft pink
    • Enticing (150) - apple red
    • Flirtatious (125) - rosy pink-red
    • Ingenue (145) - dark nude
    • Provocateur (135) - strawberry red
    • Tease (130) - slightly dull orange
    • Vivacious (120) - deep medium pink
    • Whimsical (115) - plum berry 

    and last but not least, the shades for the Matte Balms:
    • Audacious (245) - bright coral
    • Complex (230) - caramel nude
    • Elusive (205) - cool toned pink
    • Mischievous (235) - bright light orange
    • Shameless (215) - deep purple
    • Showy (220) - blue-based bubblegum pink
    • Standout (250) - deep cranberry
    • Striking (240) - dull bittersweet red
    • Sultry (225) - dull mauve
    • Unapologetic (210) - warm deep pink

    Quite a lovely selection! So here are my picks....

    Crush (Balm Stain)

    So pretty! It's a twist up stick, so it doesn't require sharpening. I was a little disappointed to find out that the actual product inside only goes down to about the mid point of the tube, so even though it looks like you're getting this long stick compared to other lip balm crayons, it's not a huge amount. Don't get me wrong, it's not a small amount! Of course, there also needs to be room for the mechanism inside to push it up, as well, but it was just an observation. I chose Crush as my Balm Stain since I had heard a lot of great things about it!

    Coy (Lacquer Balm)

    I'm sure with the Balm Stains being such a big hit Revlon wanted to provide more variation on finishes, so they came out with a shinier glossier finish with the Lacquer Balms, then of course the matte finish with the Matte Balms. The design of the sticks are exactly the same except the Lacquer Balms have a glossier tube. I chose Coy because I was SO intrigued by the brown shade! I was curious to see just how brown it looked on the lips.

    Mischievous (Matte Balm)

    Isn't the color of this stick so pretty! Even though it was the only one I could purchase that wasn't swatched or gone, I was excited to try this one out! As you can see, the tube for this variation in balms is completely matte (It's like they want us to tell them apart easily or something, say what?! ::giggles::). 


    I love them! I have so many corals, but none that are quite near that shade of orange. It's definitely more on the matte side, but not terribly drying on the skin. Crush and Coy actually both have a very similar finish, which I was surprised about. The only major thing differing between them is that Crush is just the TEENSIEST bit more pigmented and it does stain more than Coy. 


    Do I see what all the fuss is about these Balm Stains now? Um, yes, absolutely, positively. Isn't this just gorgeous?! The pigmentation is fabulous, the staining power is awesome, and it gives a lovely soft glossy finish that looks like you applied a lipstick then a light gloss over it. I did notice, also, that all of the balms (stain, matte and lacquer) have a pleasant light minty aroma, which I love!


    I am SO PLEASED with this shade! It could be because my lips are so naturally pink but it goes on like a rosy toned brown....a deep pink mocha if you will. YES! I have been looking for a shade similar to this for so long! If you have naturally darker lips, then the brown won't appear quite as vivid, but if you want a deeper brown tone, then you can always apply a concealer or foundation over your lips first, then apply the balm. The finish is just a tad more glossy than the Balm Stains, but not overly so. They're not quite as glossy as a typical lip gloss and not as goopy. The formula is nice and creamy.


    OH my, my, my. I LOVE THIS! Love it, love it, love it! Now, as much as I love the color, this little baby was a bit trickier to work with. Because of the matte finish, if you have any dryness/cracks on your lips it looks very apparent. I actually needed to work a lip scrub on my lips first, then apply some chapstick, THEN apply a coat of Mischievous, blot it off a bit, reapply, blot it off, then apply a final coat. If you have no issues with dry lips then you may not have this problem. I, however, get cracks in my lips so easily, even with constant application of balms, etc. so I have to work some more drying lipsticks before they look good! I still ADORE it, though! It's bright, fresh and so pretty. Almost like orange sherbet!


    They stain so well! Of course, as I said the Balm Stain is the best, it lasted a good 9+ hours with strong color. The Lacquer Balm didn't last quite as long, only around 6 hours before needing major touch ups but the Matte Balm did have good color for about 9 hours as well! They all faded nicely with some lingering tint on the lips, too. 


    Yes! Absolutely! I do prefer the Balm Stains and Matte Balms to the Lacquer Balm, but I am quite impressed with all three types. I'm hoping to find all the Mattes, though, mostly because I think the bright packaging is so darn adorable....psh...I'm such a sucker.

    in Comet (200) and Aurora (401)

    "It's the End of Colour as you know it! The intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine. It's neither a lipstick nor a gloss... It's BIGGER than both! LONG LIVE THE COLOUR!" - from

    If you've been a Charming Cheshire follower for a while you may remember that I actually did a review on these quite some time back! I chose seven of the fourteen available shades and wrote a review on them. Here's the link if you wanted to check it out!

    When I saw a display for them at my CVS I was actually quite surprised! It had been a while since I had seen them out on display, so I just had to grab a couple!

    Here are the fourteen shades available in the US:

    • Apocalyptic (303) - bright pink fuschia creme
    • Aurora (401) - warm coral-red creme
    • Big Bang (400) - bright true red creme
    • Celestial (101) - mauve-pink creme
    • Comet (200) - pink toned brown-nude
    • Galaxy (301) - cool mauve shimmer
    • Light Year (601) - light brown with pink undertone shimmer
    • Luna (500) - peach creme
    • Nova (102) - blue-based pink creme 
    • Nude Eclipse (600) - warm nude creme
    • Out of This World (300) - cool pink shimmer
    • Solstice (201) - light pink-mauve shimmer
    • Stargazer (701) - gold-beige champagne shimmer
    • Stellar (501) - hot coral-pink creme


    I really love the look of this product. The tube is cute, I love the edgy chiseled cap and the ombre fade on the tube. It's very chic! A small note worth re-mentioning from my original post. If you notice the top of the tube, just below the opening, you can see a clear cylinder with some of the product at the top of it. If you were to ever find these at your store and the tape has been ripped on the side, you can veeeeery carefully twist the cap and gently and quite slowly start to pull it out and if you DON'T see any product up in the top portion of the cylinder, then it hasn't been used! The product only collects up there after it's been opened! Aurora was another shade I'd be wanting to try since I first purchased them. It's almost a slightly muted flamingo pink.


    As you can the wands come with a doe foot applicator that scoops out the perfect amount of product. I also like that when you pull the wand out, the sides of the applicator are wiped off of extra product. You just get the liquid in the scoop of the doe foot! Comet is such a gorgeous pink toned brown.


    I've always thought of these lacquers as a liquid lipstick. The formula is fantastic, they're VERY pigmented, and very bright. The provide excellent coverage as well. They can also be blotted for a lighter, softer shade.


    Didn't I tell you they were fantastic? SO pretty! They go on very smooth, just like melted lipstick, then they set a bit and dry just slightly but still keep a light gloss. 


    SO rich. Every time I see this shade on I just think it looks yummy! What I really love about this shade is that it's almost a nude, but still can lean towards a pink so it can be quite versatile. 


    These lacquers just last forever on me. They have a fairly good staining effect (except the shimmer ones, they're not as pigmented and staining) and hold up well during eating and drinking. The gloss lasted about 2-3 hours, the deep color lasted around 6-7, and the stained pigmentation lasted around 10-11. I'd say that's pretty darn fantastic for a lip lacquer!


    Hahaha, well...needless to say, I DID! If I ever run into them again, I'll definitely pick up any more that I don't have! So fabulous. 

    in Pagan Angel (A042)

    "Soft, velvety lipsticks glide on silky-smooth for weightless wear. These longwearing formulas are specially formulated with anti-aging technology, as well as vitamins and minerals to keep lips soft, smooth, and kissable all-day. Moisturizes and conditions for rich colors that won’t cake, feather, or bleed." - from

    Haha, no, don't adjust your screen, that is a BLACK lipstick, folks! The Fergie Center Stage Collection isn't that new anymore but I hadn't really had a chance to look through the lippies, only the eyeshadows and the minute I saw this black one, I HAD to have it! I've just never owned a black lipstick! It was staring at me and calling me....please take me! 

    I was quite surprised to see so many color options in this collection for lipsticks! They have:

    • Bebot Love (A034) - deep nude with pink undertone
    • D-Vinely Chilled (A040) - shimmery wine
    • Fergie Daily (A033) - creamy nude
    • Ferguson Crest Cabernet (A041) - deep plum
    • Fuchsianista (A039) - bright fuchsia with blue undertones
    • Old School Glam (A037) - bright bittersweet red
    • Pagan Angel (A042) - black cream
    • Penthouse Sweet (A036) - bubblegum pink cream
    • Saraghina (A038) - red hot cream
    • V.I.Pink (A035) - bright light pink cream
    Totally a Fergie line-up there! I love the vivacity of the picks!

    There is no mistaking that, it is BLACK! It has a lovely satin finish and it super creamy. It's not immensely pigmented with one swipe, but it can easily be built up with more layers. 

    It wasn't until AFTER I took these photos and was adding the watermarks to them that I realized this was the ONE and ONLY lip closeup photo that I took facing the other direction. I just told my Hubby, this is OBVIOUSLY my dark side! The lipstick glides on like a dream, as you can see, it's very buildable and leaves a gorgeous satin finish. Even if you have problems with your lips cracking or wrinkles, it doesn't show at all! The formula smooths right over it. I did not notice any fragrance with the product, not even a typical lipstick aroma.

    If you follow me on my Instagram thecharmingcheshire (clickable link!), then you may have actually seen a little sneak peek of this post featuring this lipstick! ::wink wink:: Did you see it? Hahaha, here it is! -


    My, I must remember to get more sunlight....pale as a GHOST lol Would you believe if I said that was all just a trick of standing IN the sunlight? It's true!


    Haha, no I didn't wear this to work that day, but I did wear it at home on a weekend so I could review it for you! The wear was fairly good! I had completely black lips for about 4 hours or so, then it started to fade. By the end of the day, it had dulled quite a bit, but I did expect that. While the formula is great for comfort and application, it's not completely long-wearing, at least the black shade isn't. I'm very curious as to what the other colors may be like!


    Good question! Hmmm...possibly not the black one, but as I said, I'm very curious as to how the other shades hold up. With my lips being pigmented quite pink, you could easily see through the black after hours of wear, but if I was wearing, say, a pink or red shade, it may not be quite as bad and may look better longer. I probably will be picking one or two of them up at some time.

    in Catwalk Pink (345)

    "Create a luminous glow with a subtle iridescence on any complexion. Swirl the pearlescent hues together or use each individually to highlight face, neck, chest, and body." - from

    I'm no stranger to this powder, as I actually used to own one! The poor thing became of a victim of a sad depotting accident (yes, you may bow your head in sorrow), and I had been meaning to repurchase it because I loved it so much! Alas, they did not have the exact shade I had purchased before but I had been wanting to try this one as well! So it's somewhat new-ish to me! Here are the four shades they carry:

            • Catwalk Pink (345)
            • Strike-A-Pose-Rose (346)
            • Spotlight Peach (347)
            • Starlight Bronze (348)

    The case is fairly compact, much more of a weight and size that I wouldn't mind carrying in my purse for touch-ups. I love the simple, clean design.

    Each case consists of a shimmery highlighter, a lightly shimmery soft shade, lightly shimmery deep shade and a shimmery bronzer. What I REALLY love about it is that they're each spaced far enough away from each other to use all together for one solid shade OR use separately! 


    Notice how you could use just the highlighter, pink, dark pink or bronzer, OR you could use your brush in the highlighter and light pink, OR the dark pink and bronzer, OR just the pinks, the possibilities are fabulous!

    Aren't the colors lovely! The highlight is very light, but very shimmery and glowy, I love the frosty pale pink and deep rosy pink, and the bronze is divine. I would definitely wear these as eye shadows, in fact, all four together in one eye look would be gorgeous!

    Blended together, it's very shimmery and glowy, and turns into a soft pink. The more you add, the pinker it becomes. It's not terribly buildable, but it does give a natural shimmery glow. I think it's funny that when separated, the colors are much more pigmented (except the highlight).


    I do like the longevity of the blush, although because it's fairly light, the color doesn't last too terribly long compared to others. It does keep a nice glow, though. The other shade I had, Strike-A-Pose-Rose, lasted a tad bit longer. 


    I already did! Well, I repurchased in a different shade, but I'm definitely planning to repurchase the shade I originally had. I may try out the other two if I find them as well! I probably won't repurchase this lightest shade, though.

    ONLINE RETAIL PRICES: (Target and Ulta)

    CoverGirl Bombshell Mascara - $11.99

    L'Oreal Extraordinaire Colour Riche - $9.99 ea.

    Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder - $8.99

    Maybelline Master Hi-Light Powdered Blush - $9.99

    Milani Color Statement Lipstick - $5.99 ea.

    Milani Illuminating Face Powder - $9.99

    Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain - $8.99 ea.

    Revlon Colorburst Lip Lacquer - $8.99 ea.

    Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm - $8.99 ea.

    Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers - $4.99 ea.

    Wet n Wild Fergie Creme Lipstick - $3.49 ea.

    Wet n Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder - $3.99

    I was able to snag some great deals with Wet n Wild and Revlon for buy 1 get 1 50% off! Love those types of deals! I belive at the moment, Ulta is having one for Revlon!


    Absolutely, my darlin's! I do indeed have some makeup finales for you! THREE in fact! (I had a hard time narrowing it down ::giggles::) Here we go!...

    Look #1 -Mod Girly Glam

    For this look I used the Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder over my BB Cream and concealer, the L'Oreal Extraordinaire Colour Riche Lip in Fuchsia Orchestra, and the Maybelline Master Hi-Light Powdered Blush in Nude. I just HAD to do a retro cat-eye with this bright lip, so I kept the eyeshadow understated with just a soft pink to go with the lips, and I decided to use the Nude blush so it wouldn't make my face look too red. In the photo you can't see the blush quite as well as in person, it just lightly tinted my cheeks with some soft color.

    Look #2 - Bohemian Beauty

    I was dying to try out Mischievous in a look, so I wanted to go simple and slightly unusual. I used Maybelline's Dream Wonder Powder over my BB Cream and concealer, a dull pink coral eyeshadow, a rusty brown eyeliner, CoverGirl's Bombshell Mascara, Milani's Illuminating Face Powder in Amber Nectar, and Revlon's Colorburst Matte Balm in Mischievous

    Look #3 - Chocolate Cordial Charm

    For this look I used Maybelline's Dream Wonder Powder over my BB Cream and concealer, a deep brown eyeshadow and deep brown eyeliner for a simple wing, CoverGirl's Bombshell mascara, Milani's Color Statement Lipstick in Sangria and Wet n Wild's Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in Catwalk. I didn't want to go overboard with the blush, especially with such a strong look and dark eye, so I just wanted a soft tint. 

    Here's a closed-eye view so you can better see the mascara...

    As you can it keeps the lashes nice and separated. I only applied about two coats of Step One, then one coat of Step Two.

    Well, WHEEEEW, I am exhausted! Hahaha, this post was looooong! I hope you enjoyed it though! Like I said, I won't be doing these often, but every once in a while. Let me know what products you found intriguing and what your favorite look was out of the three!

    If there are ever any products you'd like to see me review, let me know!

    Happy Makeuping! 



    1. Oh gosh. Now I want to go pick up... everything. I can't pick!

      Great post! And I am loving your hair this lighter red! It's beautiful. : )

      1. Hahaha, I'm such an enabler! LOL and thank you very much! I'm having fun with the color as well :-D

    2. Yay! I'm glad you finally posted your black lipstick swatch reveal. The mystery is solved! I'm a little disappointed because I have had this in my hand twice and then put it back because I wasn't sure if it was black or a deep wine. Now I wished I would've gone for it because the Kleancolor lipstick in black which I got was super patchy and not very fun. There was only one left last time - I hope it's still there. I'll check out the Milani shades too they are gorgeous on you. P

      1. Awww, I'm sorry about the lippie! and thanks for the compliment! I'm definitely going to go look for some more Milanis myself,..let me know if you get any and what shades you try!

    3. wow I can't believe how much work this post must have been! I definitely just show photos during my haul posts, you make people like me look so lazy :P these reviews are all super informative and although I'm on a no buy at the moment I do own a few of these things already, I have the matte revlon in sultry and it's gorgeous!

      1. Aw, no, don't feel like you're being lazy! LOL Everyone has their different ways of doing things :-) Sultry looks like a gorgeous shade, haha, I've already informed some friends of mine if they ever see any more matte ones they are to snag them for me and I'll pay them back! :-D