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January REVEAL - Birchbox


We are back with the Birchbox Sneak Peeks! Are you excited? ARE YOU?! Birchbox's Facebook page is slowly starting to pop up with Sneak Peeks and the Sneak Peek Video just recently uploaded, so I'm here to share the goodies with you!....Here is what they have to say for this month's theme....

"A new year means it’s Go Time for Birchboxers! Not only is that this month’s theme, it’s also a mantra for taking on new adventures this year. We know you’ve done the resolution thing before—but this year we’re flipping resolutions on their head and pledging to do things we really want to do. It’s less about giving things up, and more about taking new things on—new products, new superfoods (yum), new workout moves, and more! Watch this month’s video to see a few of the products our members are receiving this month (keep in mind, most of them will be a surprise!) and learn about some very special promotions coming up!" - from

So this month's theme is:


And now on to the featured products from their September Sneak Peek video! (*Note - all products are shown here in full-size, you may instead receive sample or deluxe sizes. There is also no guarantee that you'll be receiving these products in your own Birchbox if you are a subscriber, these are just featured products.)

100% PURE

"Fruit Pigmented Mascara from 100% Pure...which is made with black tea in addition to fruit extracts..." - Mollie

"So this is lengthening with a great gloss..." - Hayley

"Really, really good if you have sensitive eyes." - Mollie


"This is a brand new product from Serge Normant. You may know him from being a celebrity stylists. THIS is his Dry Conditioner. If you're spending a lot of time styling, second day hair blow outs and all that, you kind of neglecting this part of your hair (ends to mid-way up) and it gets not shiny, not pretty....what [the dry conditioner] is made for is to really condition the ends, the mid-lengths of your hair....this stuff is amazing and it really gives your hair that kind of a soft, silky finish." - Mollie


in Morelia Monarch


Midnight Monarch

"So...winter...all about scaly skin....this is going to help! Body Butter! Camille Beckman's Body Butter, this is not your typical body butter." - Mollie

"Body butter is really thick (Hayley)...and this is just as hydrating as, like, the richest body butter I've ever tried. It has shea butter, it has jojoba oil, but it doesn't feel slippery and goopy...I actually tried this in the office the other's incredible....they have a really subtle but not overpowering scent, which is really nice..." - Mollie





"These products are all made with olive oil, which, as we all know, are very good for you...good to eat, good for you hair....great for shine, great for healthiness. These products are fantastic." - Mollie

That's it for the Sneak Peek video special featured products! If you want to watch the actual video, here it is:

They also had January Box Spoiler #1 (single product) recently revealed on their Facebook page! Here's the spoiler for it:

January Box Spoiler #1

"This skincare product, which some subscribers will get to sample this month, is designed to be added to your moisturizer to give it a "boost"." - from Birchbox's Facebook

and here is the reveal! (again, remember this is only a featured product reveal, not all subscribers will be receiving this) -


"If the skincare world had a gifted program, this vitamin C face treatment from Paula’s Choice would be a shoo-in. The light-as-water formula visibly brightens skin in a matter of weeks, fading dark spots and wrinkles caused by everything from acne to sun exposure. Not only that, but it promotes plumper, younger-looking skin with a blend of smoothing antioxidants and collagen boosters. If acne is still a nuisance for you, fear not—the fast-drying liquid is ideal for all skin types and won’t clog your pores." - from


That's all the current Sneak Peeks and Spoilers, but I do have a special promotion to share with ya'll if you were interested in signing up! Join by January 17th to receive your own January box. Special offer: Use promo code CRSUB to get a FREE Cynthia Rowley Beauty Liquid Liner in Black Ink—a Birchbox exclusive ($18 value)—when you purchase a women's subscription. But hurry, quantities are limited! You can use my referral link to start the sign-up process, just click HERE!

 The links for the January boxes have begun to go live. Here is the list of box links if you'd like to peruse! (Remember, not all are fully loaded, so if the box is showing fewer than 5 products, it may not be completing updated yet. Eventually, all the links will show all the items. Also bear in mind that it may be showing the full-size image of each product, not the sample size that you may be receiving):

That's all for now! If there are any more product Sneak Peeks or Spoilers I'll update this post! So what products are you hoping to get? Are you excited about this month's theme?


 Hello again! I have some more sneaky peeks for you! It's only a couple days away from Birchbox uploaded your boxes on your profile but for now, we still have some products to drool over and wish for!

January Box Spoiler #2

"This product, which some of our subs will get to sample this month, comes in 10 colors which range from demure to bold, matte to shimmery, plus it's made from all-natural ingredients. Can you guess what it is?" - Birchbox's Facebook

is is................


"Our morning makeup routine is sometimes a bit, well, rushed—which means that eyeshadow is often an afterthought. But these mineral eyeshadows from Inika are worth sacrificing a few minutes of shuteye. Richly pigmented colors range from demure to bold, matte to shimmery—and all-natural ingredients make them a great choice for those with sensitive eyes." - from

Some subscribers will be receiving this mineral eyeshadow in their January Birchboxes, in the shade Eternal Marine (shown below)

How gorgeous!

January Box Spoiler #3

"Our third January box spoiler comes in options like glitter, sequins, velvet, and caviar. Can you guess what it is? (Hint: It's NOT a trip to Vegas, sorry!)" - from Birchbox's Facebook

Any guesses? Hmmmm, IS....


" Nail art will always have its place, but a new twist on this that we’re digging is the idea of nail architecture. Thanks to celeb nail artist and Nail Rock founder Zoe Pocock, we can build gorgeous nail looks with the likes of glitter, sequins, and other fancy add-ons.

How it Works: Every kit comes with two pieces: a polish for a solid foundation and a pot that houses a textured topper. Accent options include Nail Sequin, for the ultimate disco-ball mani; Nail Glitter, to create serious sparkle; Nail Caviar, for a rich encrusted look; and Nail Velvet, which leaves a luxe matte finish." - from

Nail Rock Manicure Kits come with a polish and a textured topper that you dip your finger in while the polish is still wet for it to adhere to. There are four different types of texture - glitter, sequin, velvet and caviar. It SEEMS based off of Birchbox's online magazine post regarding the Nail Rock kits, that some subscribers will be receiving them in these four possible color variations....

#1 - Red Glitter

#2 - Sequin Green

#3 - Velvet Burgundy

#4 - Moon Caviar

It does show different color variations in the Birchbox Shop, but since these four were the ones mentioned in the article, I'm merely guessing. They may in fact send out other color variations to those that are receiving the kits.

January Box Spoiler #4

"'Like' this if you'd like us to put an end to your search for a non-greasy, fast-absorbing, awesome-smelling body butter. When this post gets 1,500 'likes' we'll reveal our final January box spoiler product which comes in yummy flavors like Pomegranate and Coconut." - from Birchbox's Facebook

Oooooo, a body butter! If you've been a Birchbox subscriber for a while, you'll definitely recognize this brand!.....

shown in Pomegranate 

 "From no-calorie cupcakes to pinch-free stilettos, we admit that we’re prone to wishful thinking. Another item near the top of our if-only-it-were-real list: a truly non-greasy body lotion. Much to our surprise, this decadent organic body butter fits the bill. It contains a trio of antioxidant-rich moisturizers that nourishes skin and wards off sun damage. The rich scents include Almond, Blueberry, Coconut, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Pomegranate." - from

 Same as the Nail Rock Kits, there ARE other fragrances shown in the Birchbox Shop, but Pomegranate is the only one mentioned in the Birchbox article. 


So that was Birchbox's final official product sneak peek, but I DO have an extra sneak peek for you! I was graciously contacted by a company earlier today for a request to be added to the January Birchbox sneak peeks! How exciting! 

Some subscribers will be receiving products from the brand:


If you do receive ZENMED in your box, you will sample one of these two products:

Support Serum

"This product is a highly punctuated Vitamin C serum which visibly reduces the swelling, redness and inflammation associated with Rosacea. Provides restorative strength to protect healthy skin tissue and promotes curative cellular regeneration. Helps prevent permanent damage from occurring to the skin." - from

Gentle Cleansing Cream

"This product is a highly punctuated Vitamin C serum which visibly reduces the swelling, redness and inflammation associated with Rosacea. Provides restorative strength to protect healthy skin tissue and promotes curative cellular regeneration. Helps prevent permanent damage from occurring to the skin." - from

As I said, Birchbox will be updating their website to load the actual boxes to your profiles in just a couple of days! I wish you all the products you hope for! Which of these new sneak peeks look exciting to you?


Happy Sneak Peeking!


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