Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes OTM - January 2014


It is a whooooooole new year of Glamour Doll Eyes! I am absolutely stoked! They seriously started this year off with a bang...not only is the first OTM eyeshadow ridiculously GORGEOUS but they now have an awesome Gift With Purchase deal on their website! With any purchase you get a free full-size eyeshadow featured that month (different from the Of the Month shade). This month they jumped on the popular Pantone shade for 2014 with a stunning light orchid shadow called Cliche (I seriously adore the name, brilliant!). Click HERE to check out the their website and take a look at the GWP shade! In just a few more days they'll feature their February GWP shade.

As for their Of the Month subscription, here is what we received this month!...

For some reason I get even more giddy about bags that you can't see through! It's just SO DARN MYSTERIOUS....

Let's take a look at what mysterious goodies were inside this bag....

 OTM Shadow, Bonus Beauty Item & Candy!

for JANUARY 2014


This blue just PACKS a PUNCH, doesn't it?! I love it!

Social Suicide: semi matte royal blue with a subtle blue shift and silver sparkle

Safe For: eyes, face, nails

Um, HELLOOOOOO, is this blue not insanely fantastic? It is quite pigmented! Swiped dry, it's fabulous, blended dry, it's fabulous and over a good primer like NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk it's....it's.....::faints::

It's super soft and very workable as well as buildable. These were just swiped on with fingertips, so as you can see there's no patchiness or chalky finish. The sparkle is subtle with dry application or blending, but over a primer it stands out a bit more. 


in Social Butterfly

"This month we're allowing you to test out our new gloss before it hits our virtual shelves! This Hydra Glaze is a special release in conjunction with January's OTM shadow color. It is a sheer red with the smallest hint of a blue tint that is best applied with a lip brush or doe foot applicator. The heavenly scent coming from your container is buttercream. Caution: We put our all into this product and when applied a little goes a long way!" - from GDE January 2014 OTM card

How exciting to try out a new product before it hits the shelves! Needless to say, the color is absolutely gorgeous....

Do you SEE those beautiful blue flecks? I love it!

As you can see, it can be easily blended or be built up for more pigmentation. The formula isn't sticky at all, in fact when worn sheerer it almost feels like you've rubbed a bit of light oil on your lips. In fact, it does have sweet almond oil in the ingredients. It makes my lips feel wonderfully moisturized! They are absolutely right, it DOES smell just like buttercream, in fact I was quite hungry after I took a whiff of it, haha! MMmmmmm....

As for wear, the shine lingered for about 2 hours, then the color started to fade in about 4, but for a glaze, I was pretty happy with that staying power! I still had some soft coloration after 5-6 hours (With eating and drinking). I'll be very curious to see what shades they're going to be coming out with!


in Blue Raspberry

Could they have picked a better tasty treat to go with the shadow and glaze? Haha, I think not! The color matching is spot on! Brilliant, just brilliant! And yes....Hubby has stolen them. ::wink wink::


 Makeup finaaaaale! My favorite part of GDE's OTM....playin' with the pretties! So I love being inspired by the names of their shadows, and with "Social Suicide", I wanted to do something edgy, with a little punk rock thrown in...

After applying my typical primer, BB Cream, Concealer, Face Powder, etc., I started the eyes with Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Original all over the eyelid, then blended on NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk over it. I then used a flat eyeshadow blending brush and patted Social Suicide all over my eyelid and slightly above my crease while keeping the line sharp where the eyeshadow stops instead of blending it. I also applied it just below my bottom lashes. I then used a matte black eyeshadow and patted it on from the outer corners of my eyes into an almond shaped cat-eye. I used a deep black liquid eyeliner and added a cat-eye wing to intensify the edge, and smudged it lightly under the outer corners of my bottom lashes. I applied heavy coats of black mascara on and used a dark blue eyeliner on my waterline.

I finished by blended the edges of the black and Social Suicide together so it faded nicer, and lightly patted on a pale blue eyeshadow with my fingertips on the inner corners of my eyes. 

I also used their Hydra Glaze in Social Butterfly, but I applied it lightly since the eyes were so dark and heavy. 

Well that's it for my review of my Glamour Doll Eyes January 2014 Of the Month bag...I hope you enjoyed it! As always, I HIGHLY recommend giving Glamour Doll Eyes a try! Here's their website - 

Check them out and their products and be sure to keep the OTM in mind! 
 Edgy Punk Rock pose? No? Well a girls gotta try...
Happy Rockin' Makeuping!


  1. My favorite look that you have done this far!


  2. I don't even care for eyeshadow but i LOVE your shadow reviews. They are thorough, fun and make me want to wear eye color. The best part of your makeup reviews are the photo's. I love seeing what you do. Does your husband take the photos ? The shots of your eyes downcast are always spot on!

    1. Why thank you very much, you're so very kind! I take the photos myself with my iPhone. I take various photos and just move my head around at different angles then view them quickly to see if I get a good shot. LOL It takes some time, but I try to give you awesome readers the best shot I can! :-D

  3. I so love the look you did, want that shadow.

  4. YOU LOOK AMAZING! Outrageous eye shadow is so much fun!
    - Michelle

    1. Thank you, you're so sweet! Haha, I agree, I love some funky colors ;-) Fun, fun, fun!