Friday, January 10, 2014

Beauty Spotlight - ft. BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Palette


Oh my! Cookie's doing an eyeshadow palette review again!? She hasn't done one of those in.....well heavens, I don't even remember how long it's been since I've done one! ::giggles:: Honestly, I have SO many palettes that I've been meaning to review and INTEND to review, but I definitely wanted to start with this one as this is one I've been dying to play with!

"Look out of this world with our astronomical 18 baked eyeshadows. This Galaxy Chic Palette will take you from Plain Jane to an infinite trendsetter. Inspired by the moons and planets of the universe, eyeshadow shades range from hot sun-orange to cool earth-blue and colors of the Milky Way. Be as chic as a sparkling star!" - from

I will tell you right now, BH Cosmetic's photos online of this palette do NOT do it justice, at all. AT ALL. That's one of the reasons it took me so long to purchase it because I really was not that impressed. However, some Ipsy subscribers received a sample of one shadow in their Ipsy Glam Bag a while back and once I saw a swatch I knew I just had to try it myself. I was NOT disappointed, in fact, I was IN LOVE....check this pretty baby out...

::shock, stagger, gasp!::

Couldn't you just die? LOOK at those colors and those beautiful baked shadows! Is it not stunning? In love really doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this palette. 

Here is a front-on view of all the shades:

L to R top row:  
Sun, Jupiter, Prometheus, Aphrodite Milky Way, Cosmic

L to R middle row:  
Saturn, Venus, Meteor, Comet, Earth, Neptune

L to R bottom row: 
Mercury, Mars, Asteroid, Uranus, Moon, Eclipse

Here is some drool worthy closeups of the baked goodness....

Some of the shades, such as Neptune here, come in a single baked color with that gorgeous metallic-shimmery finish. 

Other shades, such as Moon above, come in a main shade (off white as shown here) and also have smaller sections of secondary and even third colors combined (brown and grey-blue as seen in this picture). Again, as most baked shadows, with that metallic-shimmery finish.

The third and final type of baked shadow in the palette is that like Asteroid shown above which is highly mixed of two shades so you only pick up the blended combination of the two colors when you use your brush or fingertip. Also with the metallic-shimmery finish. With the blend, though, sometimes it can almost look duochrome as you can see each color shift to an extent when moving around.

Not all palettes look EXACTLY alike from what I've seen in photos online, as the mixing of colors in the dome itself can differ in appearance, but once swatched or applied, the color comes out the same!

Oh, were you wanting swatches? Haha, of course you were! Let me show you the gorgeous pretties....

Left Side of Palette 

The first six we're going to look at are Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Mars, which coincidentally (or not, haha), are the first planets - aside from Earth - from the Sun! Color-wise they just work that way, don't they? They really did match the colors fabulously with the corresponding planet, in my opinion. 

 Sun - a warm gold
Saturn - a pale wheat gold
Mercury - a pale brown with heavy lavender sheen (near duochrome)
Jupiter - a cool coral
Venus - a bright orange
Mars - warm auburn brown

All of the shadows have the same finish, and I'd just like to add that all of the swatches are done WITHOUT primer and dry. I typically give both with and without primer swatches but to be honest, I was so darn excited about swatching the palette and once I saw the pigmentation I completely forgot about primer...whoopsie! These are about 2-3 swipes for each shade and you can see they are nicely pigmented! I wouldn't necessarily say they're "creamy" in texture, since they're baked, but they are very soft and easy to work with. They blend beautifully and are buildable for a deeper, richer color. Once I used these over primers on my eyes, they really popped! 

Center of Palette

The next six are Prometheus, Meteor, Asteroid, Aphrodite, Comet and Uranus. What I love about this palette is the awesome range of colors, and that each color does have at least one matching or corresponding shade that goes well with it.

Prometheus - a deep rosey red
Meteor - pale mint green
Asteroid - brown/teal duochrome that shifts to grey
Aphrodite - deep cranberry
Comet - mint green
Uranus -  pale sky blue

I absolutely ADORE the mint greens and the pale sky blue, they look PHENOMENAL on the eyes. The really brighten them up and they're very pigmented. I'm sorry Aphrodite in this photo just....well really this picture does not do it justice, it's feminine, gorgeous and so rich. They're all so gorgeous! Again, this is dry, no primer and with 2-3 swipes each. Asteroid is definitely a fun, interesting shade to work with, since it does have brown and teal in it but still shifts to steel grey. You can work it in with a brown or teal to make it lean more towards those shades. It's very versatile!

Right Side of Palette

The last six shades are Milky Way, Earth, Moon, Cosmic, Neptune and Eclipse. These shades are...well.....::swoooooon:: they might be my favorites. Although, I'm always a lover of the blues!

Milky Way - pale lavender
Earth - sky blue
Moon - iridescent white with pale blue sheen (slight duochrome)
Cosmic - lavender
Neptune - deep azure
Eclipse - grey-toned purple

Didn't I tell you they were gorgeous? Neptune is, by far, my ultimate favorite of the palette. I may have purchased this whole palette JUST for that one shade, although I do absolutely love all of them now. Moon is also another beautiful highlighter, with it's stunning sheen. Eclipse is the darkest of the shades and can easily be layered to darken it a bit, but it still has a very definite pale purple tone regardless. 



BH Cosmetics is CONSTANTLY having sales, discounts, etc on their palettes, and at this time it is discounted to $12.95 (plus tax and S+H), which, an INSANE price to pay! As in, super cheap! You never know, though, when they may have more sales and specials. Here's the link for the palette on their website:



Haha, well you didn't think I'd leave you without a makeup finale, did you? I have quite a surprise for you! I have a DUO finale! As you know, I typically have finales with looks that I actually wear to work...but for THIS finale, well I was quite inspired....

So here is:

Finale #1 - The Artistic Galaxy Chic Look

I wanted to do something a little alien in feel. I just had fun and played around with the colors, I really had no design in mind! I think I used all the shades except Jupiter, Venus and Mars.

All of this is done with the palette except the mascara (which as you can see is bright blue! I love it so much). This is all also done with only NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk as a primer under only certain areas such as the eyes, and part of the forehead. 

My Hubby calls this my Cirque du Soleil picture! Haha, I was actually trying to use the mirror on the top of the palette because I had an eyelash stuck in my eye, and I noticed how awesome it looked to see only the eyes, so I tried to get all fancy with my photography...did it work? ::wink, wink::

Just to note, you may think with all the color I used on my face, that I've seriously gone through the shadows and have used most of it would be SO wrong, I can hardly tell I've made any sort of dent in them! This really excites me, because I know that they'll last me so long, which is quite impressive for paying under $20!

Finale #2 - Everyday Cookie Look

Who said blue eyeshadow was so 80's and out of fashion?! Haha, yes, I do go to work this way in case you wondered. I am NOT afraid to rock some color!

For this look I used both UD's Primer Potion in Original and NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk as primers, then I used Uranus and Moon on the inner corner of my eye, fading it into Earth, then Neptune for the deeper blue, then into the purples which began with Cosmic and ended with Eclipse for my darkest outer shade. I also dusted Mercury and Milky way lightly under the outer edge of my bottom lashes and waterline. I finished the eyes with a thin line of liquid black eyeliner near the lashes and I blended a purple eyeliner on the outer wing of the cat-eye and well as lightly lining it below the outer edge of my bottom lashes. Voila!

I hope you enjoyed my review of the BH Cosmetic's Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Palette! Let me know if you love reading these palette reviews and what palettes you might like to see. I must away to my space ship now!

WHWENO PFGIKID SGHUW (Alien Cookie talk for Happy Galactic Makeuping!)



  1. Lovely palette, and very creative "alien" design!

  2. That alien design is stunning. I got Asteroid in my Ipsy bag and really loved the two colors. Now I want the pallette just for Comet. It's so pretty!

    1. Thank you! Haha, yeah, it was the Ipsy swatches that convinced me that I needed this palette!

  3. As always, lovely post & photos! I have this palette but haven't got around to playing much with it yet but now I will soon!

    1. Thanks Shelby! Let me know when you try it out, I'd love to see pics!

  4. Beautiful palette and I love the alien look! Very creative! The every day look is also very pretty. Great job Cookie I'm impressed!


  5. I read a lot of beauty blogs and this is seriously one of the most creative things I've seen anyone do! :) And now I really want to buy the palette because those colours are PHENOMENAL!

    1. Why thank you, what a wonderful compliment, you're too kind <3 Haha, I highly recommend this palette, I absolutely adore it!

  6. I am so so impressed with your alien look! the everyday one is gorgeous as well. Your skill with makeup is just incredible, as is the work you put into every review. seriously impressed! great job! :)

    1. Thank you very much, you've just made my night, you're too kind! :-D I enjoy doing this so much and I'm so glad you enjoy reading it <3

  7. So pretty and creative! I ordered this palette last week and can't wait to get it in the mail! I'll have to clear my day so I can spend hours playing with it!