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Glossybox - August 2013


Behold! Another late sub post! ::facepalm:: Hey, I'm trying to catch up here. I only have one more after this! However, this time, Glossybox sent me my box awfully late, so I literally JUST finished trying out the products for what I considered to be a decent time period for a good and well-rounded review! So, moving on.....

This month is a gorgeous Bohemian Summer and I love, love, love what I received! The sneak peeks, once again, were very hush hush, but here is the sneak peek post that I had previously written if you'd care to see - 

There were only two products revealed from this box, with no theme spoilers at all! Sneaky, sneaky! But here is what I received this month!....

 I received: A makeup bag, hair cream, eyeshadow duo, facial spritz, lip crayon and pressed face powder

Here is what Glossybox had to say about this month's box! -

"What is it about the end of Summer that inspires an urgent sense of carpe diem? There is an inherent sadness attached - perhaps it's the knowledge that pretty soon the weather will start to chill and foliage with morph from green to gold, and the ample summer flings and social events would soon come to an end.

Here at GLOSSYBOX, we're all about seizing the day. There's still time for that last summer vacation or weekend getaway with friends and loved ones, or to put on that daring shades of eyeshadow or bright lipstick you would never attempt in any other season. This month, we've gathered a collection of products you can use all year round (but there's nothing like enjoying it now). We hope you make the best of the last weeks of summer!"

Stay Glossy,


How very exciting! Although, I must admit, I'm not sad to see Summer go, other than the fact it's back to work time for me! With my skin tone and eye sensitivity I'm much more of a Fall/Winter gal! ::wink wink:: Bring on the rich foliage, cool air, crisp breeze, overcast skies and fuzzy sweaters!...but until then, let's look at this fab box's procucts!


"This hair care cream is an essential preemptive treatment in anticipation of drier seasons. It contains replenishing hair proteins to restore shine and smoothness for all hair types. Start using it now for a healthy head of hair in the fall." - from Glossybox August 2013 card

I hear some of you fellow curly-haired lasses now..."a Brazilian Keratin hair cream!? Won't that straighten my hair!?" Haha, no, no, no....this hair cream is not meant for straightening as far as I can tell and it certainly did not straighten mine, so no need to worry! 

Ugh, oh my, this hair cream is HEAVEN! I absolutely adore it! It is rich, luxurious and spreads so nicely...in fact, I actually highly recommend my favorite method of applying hair cream treatments which is upside down! So I was in the shower, I shampooed my hair, then bent over and flipped my hair in front of my face, then starting from the roots I applied a nice coat of the hair cream and added some extra to the ends for that boost of conditioning. Before I stood back up I very gently (as so not to break any strands) twisted my hair and tucked the end under so it made somewhat of a bun on top of my head. I then left it for 5 minutes to let the cream sink in and moisturize! Afterwards, I carefully unwound my bun and rinsed it upside down under the shower fall and gently squeezed the water out. Taking a towel (and turning the water off...I'm done showering of course, since I so obviously utilized the 5 minutes by washing my body...did you expect anything less? I thought not!) I then lightly pressed my hair between my towel-covered hands - in order to not pull or break my hair and retain some moisture - and finished by lightly shaking out my hair and scrunching it into it's normal at-home style! 

My hair felt nice and soft after it dried! My strands actually felt slightly thickened with some body and not at all weighed down from the conditioning. I've used other hair creams that soften my hair even more, but none that give it the same body and seeming nourishment that this product does! I even noticed that my highlights looked a bit brighter and all over more satin that before! I really love this cream and will definitely be using it all up, as well as probably getting more! 

in Quiet & Still

"Formulated with nourishing green tea and brightening vitamin C, this lightweight pressed powder controls shine and evens out skin tone while setting makeup. It's soft, natural-looking skin contained in a compact, a perfect companion to have in your purse while basking in the sun." - From Glossybox August 2013 card

I HAVE FOUND MY HOLY GRAIL FACE POWDER! I kid you NOT, I am so madly in love with this stuff....I....I.....WHERE'S my FAINTING COUCH?! 

And of course....Sue Devitt is out of business as of last March. I know, I know...say what?! However, they are still being sold on select store's websites, so I will probably be snatching them up! They come in 7 different shades*: 

Quite & Still - Fair
Tanami - Light
Great Sandy Desert - Light Warm
Summer Monsoon - Medium
Granite Downs - Medium Warm
Nullarbor Plain - Dark
Kimberley Plateau - Dark Warm
Tirari Desert - Very Dark

 *I'm guessing the shades based off of their pictures online, I can't seem to find any website that shows what the actual shade is supposed to be!

I received Quiet & Still, which is the lightest, and it is a PERFECT match for me!

Blended? Where is blended? I can't see it! 

Well that's the point! This powder just seamlessly blends right on in! Notice how very smooth the skin is in that spot though. As you can see by the actual product case picture above, it comes with a super thin sponge for dabbing/swiping the product on and believe it or not, as much as I'm a makeup brush gal, I preferred the sponge application! I tried both, one side of my face with the sponge and the other with a brush and the sponge application was smoother, softer and absolutely flawless. It completely evened out my skin tone and although it seemed like it was a thick layer of product, it really wasn't. I couldn't feel it at all and it didn't cake or smudge. It did fade a bit after about 7.5 hours of wear, but not completely, there was still decent coverage. It fills in the lines on your face and creates a beautifully smooth and MATTE canvas. I'm also totally digging the slim compact with the sponge and mirror, that way I can indeed just toss it in my purse in case I need touchups throughout the day! All in all, as I said, madly in love, all that jazz, etc. 

in Bronzed Goddess

"An eyeshadow duo featuring two complimentary shades that can take you from day to night, season to season. Each slim, compact has a built in mirror and double-ended applicator for touch ups on the go." - From Glossybox August 2013 card

 This cute little compact is thin, chic and superdupes cute! First of all, THANK YOU ModelCo for providing a double ended applicator, I really just go bananas with single ones...it's like whyyyyy? I could have had more options? Whyyyyy! ::dramatic pose:: Ahem, even though, yes, there are only two colors, but shoosh. I actually prefer dual ended applicators with two colors because that way I can actually use the TIP of the applicator for more precise lines when needed instead of possibly accidentally blending the two colors together on the tip. Keep them better separated! 

 The peach-toned highlighter had about 4 swipes and the brown only had about 2. As you can see, the shimmer of the highlighter is to die for, it's gloriously bright and warm, while the brown is richly pigmented with a very, very light golden satiny shimmer that's hard to detect. Both are very luxurious and warm looking and super creamy and soft while applying. 

The highlighter goes on a bit thin, however, it really is very hard to make it look even remotely close to the 4 swipes I put on my hand and if you tried to do it, you end up with quite a bit of fall out. It IS, however, a fantastic eye brightener! You can swipe this underneath your eyebrows, or on the inner corners of your eyes, or even in the center of your eyelid to make your eyes pop a bit! It's shimmers just pick up the light from every which way! The brown is much more pigmented and starts as a soft, smokey cooler brown when first applied, then as you add more it warms up. 

I would actually recommend not using a brush with this highlighter as it is VERY easy for fall-out, even with a packed brush. The most controlled method for me is using my fingertips, but the applicator worked fairly well, too. With the brown, it was much, much easier to work with, you could use fingers, brushes or the applicator. 

The staying power wasn't quite as long as I would have liked, it started to lightly fade after about 6.5 hours (with a setting spray), but that still isn't bad at all! I'll definitely be keeping this duo around as I feel like it can cover a variety of events. You could use it for a rich, luxurious nighttime smokey eye, or do a lighter daytime look, or even add other colors to it like teal, gold, maroon, or purple to give it some pop!


"This facial spray is wonderful for a spritz while lounging at the beach or hiking the trails. It contains calming lavender and refreshing peppermint extracts, which help to rehydrate and revitalize skin. Suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin." - From Glossybox August 2013 card

I get facial mists and I also DON'T get facial mists. To me, using a facial mist while I have on a full face of makeup is just, well, uncomfortable and unsettling. I also really don't feel the want or need to spray this on while I'm just relaxing at home sans-makeup as well. However, once I sprayed this on, I must say, it really did smell fantastic! It was such a pleasant mix of lavender and peppermint that I can see how this would be amazing to have the office! Say it's the middle of the day, things are dragging, you're tired, unmotivated and possibly have a small headache, etc....just spray a bit of this on your face and neck and the lavender just calms your nerves and mindset, relaxing you and refocusing you and the peppermint refreshes and energizes you! PERFECT!

The name just cracks me up, and it has the most hilarious picture of Clint Eastwood on the back spraying this bottle! (If you don't quite get it, there's a movie starring Eastwood called "Play Misty for Me" ::lightbulb moment::). In fact, all of the names of the Anatomicals products had me giggling and laughing to no end...for example: New York, London, Paris and Foam: Fashionably Fruity Body Cleanser, Snog Me Senseless Mints, I Should Be So Mucky Body Cleanser. ::giggles::

 It didn't really moisturize OR dry my skin out, but it did refresh me quite a bit. I probably wouldn't buy this for it's moisturizing properties, but I highly recommend this as a refreshing face-safe pick-me-up spray!

in Marshmallow Pink

"A vibrant hue on your lips is the perfect accessory for the end of summer! This lip stain is made with beeswax and ceresin wax, which results in silky, lightweight texture and hydrates like a balm while providing long-lasting color to your lips." - From Glossybox August 2013 card

How cute is that name? Jelly Pong Pong! I just love saying it out loud! That aside, this lip crayon is just lovely! I was worried at first glace because it looked very, very similar to the Pop Beauty lip crayon I received in my July Ipsy Glam Bag, but it was juuuuuust different enough for me to love it! 

The formula was similar to the Pop Beauty crayon, except the Jelly Pong Pong seemed to have a bit more moisturizing balm which resulted in it feeling a bit creamier and smooth when applying. The color is adorable, it's a super soft, girly flushed pink that can easily be built up for a richer vibrant flushed color or blended out to a super light pink tint. 

It adds a fantastic moisturizing barrier on your lips and glides on SO nicely. The tube has a twister at the bottom that extends the product out so there is no need to sharpen which is always nice, however, it's a bit of a loose twister, so I'd be worried that it may twist up accidentally when it gets moved around in my makeup stash! I'd recommend setting this product in a place where it has little to no movement, just to be safe. If you want to toss this in your purse, just set it in an empty zipper/pocket, etc where it might not get bumped or rubbed on as much. 

The staying power isn't very strong, though, and I certainly did not see any staining on my lips from it. It lasted about 3-3.5 hours (light eating and drinking) before needing touch-ups, which isn't too bad, but I'm not sure why they'd call it a lip "stain"? To me, staining would give you lip color for at least a good solid 5 hours. This color just completely rubbed off after 3.5, with no trace. I still adore it though, and will be using it quite often! 



"Hello gorgeous!

Welcome to the world of Guess

You're invited to shop our all-new Fall Collection with this exclusive offer for GLOSSYBOX members only." 

- from Guess card in Glossybox August 2013 box

How fabulous! The soft jean material makeup bag is adorable and the card includes a 30% off coupon for Guess that's good until September 11th (which I'm not too happy about since Glossybox got my box to me so late, but oh well!). I always love getting little makeup bags since they come in so handy for storing things. I use one for nail tools, one for face sample foils, one for body sample foils, one for hair sample foils, one for a travel first aid kit, one for travel sewing supplies, one for feminine products to keep in my purse, one for my nail stamping plates, you name it! Handy dandy little bags of joy! 


1. Novex Brazilian Keratin Hair Care Treatment Cream:
  • Full-size (3.5 oz) - $4.99
  • I received full-size!

2. Sue Devitt Triple C Weed Pressed Powder in Quite & Still:
  • Full size (0.35 oz) - $28
  • I received full-size!

3. ModelCo Eyeshadow Duo in Bronzed Goddess:
  • Full-size (2 x 0.08 oz) - $25
  • I received full-size!

4. Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz:
  • Full-size (100 ml) - $9
  • I received full-size! 

5. Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush in Marshmallow Pink:
  • Full-size (0.09 oz) - $18
  • I received full-size!

Total Paid for Box:  $21


Quick! I need my fainting couch again! Not only is the box worth $85 (4X what I paid!) BUT I also received full-sizes of EVERYTHING! ::shock, awe:: I don't think that has ever happened to me before with a beauty sub that typically sends out samples and deluxe sizes! Well, needless to say, I'm very happy with this month's box, albeit a bit sad that Sue Devitt is no more, however, I'll be snatching up all the Quiet & Still I can find! 


We are up to the makeup fun portion of our review! I decided that since I've gone for some brighter, more vivacious looks lately (cause I'm crazy like that) that I'd do a more subdued daytime look that still has a slight flair for the dramatic without being overboard! Plus I wanted to stick to the Bohemian Summer feel! Light, aloof and warm. 

I started with a face primer, then a BB cream, added concealer where needed and set it all with the Sue Devitt powder. FLAWLESS skin, I tell you! That stuff is magic! It really just perfectly mattifies and brightens! 

I used the lighter shade of the ModelCo duo all over my eyelid and towards the inner corner just to keep my entire eye bright. Typically I do shading in the crease, but today I just kept it all bright and simple. I then used the tip of the applicator to apply the brown shade in a cat smoky cat-eye, bringing it 1/3 of the way in below my bottom lashes. I just used my finger to lightly blend it out where needed.

I finished up with some brown mascara to soften the eyes up and also added soft very light peachy-pink blush, as well as the Jelly Pong Pong lip blush and VOILA, there you have my simple, bohemian daytime look! Easy to do, and great for when you're in a hurry or just want a more relaxed but still chic and glam vibe. 

We have reached the end of my Bohemian Summer Glossybox review and well, basically the end of summer I guess you could say as well! I hope you enjoyed the review and happy start of Fall to everyone!

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Happy Makeuping!




  1. Ahh, I might resub to Glossybox...of course the last couple of months have been much more my style than the last several while I was subbed! Dangit...

    1. That's why I'm positively TERRIFIED to unsubscribe to anything LOL! I just unsubscribed to my 2nd Ipsy account and after I saw the Nyx eyeshadows and all the glorious colors I was like Noooooooooo ::tear, sniffle::

  2. Awesome box, the powder looks great!

    1. It seriously is the bombdiggity! I'm obsessed with it! lol

  3. This month's Glossybox looked so great, especially that powder! I knew the first month I unsubbed this would happen, figures, haha. That's awesome that you got so many full sized products, too. :D

    1. I know! Can you believe all full-sizes? I keep checking the labels like I was reading it wrong! LOL