Friday, September 6, 2013

September REVEAL - Glossybox


It's that time! I've already started up the Ipsy Reveal, as well as Birchbox....and noooow it's time for Glossybox! From my subscriber emails, I've got two sneak peeks for you today....

So it's going to be a FALL THEMED box! I am SO EXCITED! As you might have read in my last Glossybox post, I'm not a big fan of Summer (don't hate me!) but I loooove Fall and Winter! Bring on the Fall themed box!

We also now know that there's only going to be four products in this box, I really can't complain though, we've been having five products for a while now!

Edit: 9/12 - Thanks to Michelle, she set my silly, fuzzy-brained head straight! LOL After realizing the Sneak Peek product #2 below is a sample size, what the picture above must mean is there are GOING to be 4 full size products PLUS any additional sample products, the perfume being one, included. The perfume may be the only other product along with the 4 full-sized ones, bringing the total number of products to 5 or them may be one or two more sample size ones as well...not sure at the moment, but to me this now seems that there will be AT LEAST five products in the box!

Here is product Sneak Peek #1


HELLO THERE! How fantastic is THIS?! You may be able to tell from my pictures that I adore big, voluminous, sexy-fied hair! A hair thickening treatment? Yes please! It is supposed to increase the diameter of each strand, and make it resistant to breakage. Looooove. 

That's it for today lovelies! I'll be bringing you more sneak peeks as they come!

 UPDATE 9/10

Happy Tuesday! I have another sneak peek for you! In my Glossybox email this morning:

It's the new BCBGMAXAZRIA Bon Genre perfume!

Which coincidentally, is being given out in some of the Birchbox boxes this month! It definitely seems like one of the must-have fragrances that's out right now. 

It has opening notes of lychee and red berries, middle notes of tiger lily and jasmine noir and base notes of sandalwood and golden amber. 

Sounds like it smells fabulous! What do you think?

If you're intrigued, interested or just downright curious to try out Glossybox for yourself, let me know and I'll email you my referral link invite! Just emal -

Happy Makeuping and Sneak Peeking!




  1. Looks good, I am always up for trying a new hair product, although my hair is so thick already I don't know what I would do if it looked thicker, may not be able to lift my head lol

    1. You poor thing -_- LOL, I'm just kidding! My hubby's hair is sooooo thick, and he's always complaining! I'm like noooo, babe, that's a GOOD thing!

  2. Are you sure there are only four products? When it said "four full sized products included" I read it as "included with your samples". I was kind of hoping that since the second reveal said it was a travel size that it wouldn't count as one of the four. Here's hoping! The last box I got had 5 full size proucts and I thought that I must've been dreaming it but when I opened it the Novex was all over everything. I got my replacement box today and got a different color of lip blush but the same powder which was amazing!

    1. Girl, you are SO RIGHT! lol Thanks for the heads up, that makes total sense once you think about the perfume size! Haha! I've edited the post now :-)