Sunday, September 15, 2013

Positively Polished - 30 Manis Marathon #5



I'm Blue da-ba-dee, da-ba-di.....half way through the color section of the 30 Manis Marathon! We're at #5 - Blue! I was DETERMINED to do something with my stamping set that I purchased almost a year ago but have never had any luck using. It took me literally two days with constant trying, restamping, repolishing, etc. to finally be somewhat pleased with the result! Haha! and now here we are...My inspiration fluctuated somewhat but I wanted to do something Parisian. It started with the stripes, then I started looking at gorgeous french blue and white china plates, then the Fleur de lis idea came up get the idea!

The polishes I used for the mani were very simple! Only two!

  • Right: Bondi New York - Blue Skies
  • Left: Bondi New York - NYPD
        • Not shown: Bondi New York - I'm Vers

I started with a base coat of I'm Vers, followed by two coats of Blue Skies. I then used striping tape for the middle and pinky finger and painted one coat of NYPD on them, then removed the tape. For the stamping I used two different plates for the Fleur de lis and lace design, here are the plates:

  Konad Plate - M15 
Center - Fleur de lis

 Bundle Monster Plate - BM11
Bottom Left - Lace Pattern

I used a Konad plastic scraper along with the small end of the Konad double ended stamper. I did in fact use Bondi New York's NYPD for the stamping polish and in my opinion it came out pretty well! A bit thinner than a Konad polish would, but still well pigmented to see the pattern. 

I finished up by applying small dots above the lace pattern then used french tip tape from a Sally Hansen french tip set to apply NYPD to my pointer and ring finger tips. I completed everything with two coats of I'm Vers. 

Next up are VIOLET nails! Can't wait! I'm going to try to put it up by Tuesday (hopefully). ::wink wink::

Happy Makeuping and Polishing!



  1. You are so talented at doing nails! These really look better than a lot of professionally done nails that I've seen.

    1. Oh my goodness ::blush:: you are too kind! :-D If you knew the ridiculous amount of time it took me and how many messups and redos I did though! LMAO!