Thursday, September 12, 2013

Positively Polished - 30 Manis Marathon #4


Moving right along, with the Mani #4 of 30! GREEN! I seriously used ALMOST all of my greens for this one, haha! I just pulled them all out and I could NOT decide what to do, but they all looked so lovely with each other and it reminded me of this gorgeous green stained glass artwork that my Mother had hung in the kitchen window of her house for so long, so I decided to go with that inspiration and try out a stained glass look! 

I wouldn't say I really ACCOMPLISHED the stained glass effect, it looks something more of a puzzle or just geometric shapes, but I ADORE the colors together. 

 Here are the polishes I used:

 Told you it was quite a few!
From Left to Right:
  • Chaos & Crocodiles - Rawr!
  • Bondi New York - Tavern on the
  • Bondi New York - The Limelight
  • Julep - Etta
  • Julep - Denver
  • Julep - Angelina
  • Julep - Francis
  • Julep - Adele
  • OPI - Black Onyx
  • Bondi New York - I'm Vers 

I started with one coat of Bondi's I'm Vers as my base, then I switched between green shades just randomly painting on different shapes next to each other carefully. I wiped most of the product off of the brush as most of the polishes are opaque enough with one coat (except Etta, which needed three). I then applied three coats of Chaos & Crocodiles Rawr! onto my ring finger as my accent nail. Isn't it STUNNING! I adore that polish. Afterwards I then used Julep's Adele on my three stained glass fingers (well four if you count the thumb, which I did as well!), brushing on a VERY thin single coat just to give it some shimmer for the rich stained glass effect as well as making the greens blend with each other so they're not as stark from shade to shade. Afterwards I used a detail nail brush to paint on the black lines with OPI's Black Onyx and I finished it all with two coats of Bondi I'm Vers to make it shine and look glassy!

Have you been following along with the 30 Manis Marathon? Be sure to let me know down below in the comments! Leave your blog post, blog name, Instagram name, Twitter name, etc, anything and I'll be sure to check it out! Be sure to use our hashtag: 30manis3013

Next up is #5 - BLUE nails! Should be up this weekend!

Happy Makeuping and Polishing!



  1. Replies
    1. Send pictures when you do, I'd love to see :-D

  2. That is pretty! You are good at nail art, wish you could do my nails I have been so lazy about it.

    1. You're so sweet! I only recently started really trying out some fun stuff, the 30 Manis Marathon has brought me out of my comfort box to try some crazy, wild stuff!