Sunday, September 1, 2013

Positively Polished - 30 Manis Marathon #1


It's time for the 30 Manis Marathon! So excited! If you missed my first post, just a catch up,  my good friend Sarah from Dynamite Does Nails and I had been playing around with the idea of following along with the 31 Day Nail Challenge, where you do a different mani every day for 31 days. You're given a chart of different themes for each day, starting with colors, then patterns then ending with inspirations. Well, unfortunately, with both of us being workin' gals we knew it'd be quite difficult to redo our nails every single day. I know, it's called a challenge for a REASON, but still! So we decided to go ahead and do this challenge, with one little tweak! We created the 30 Manis Marathon! Essentially it's the same thing, except instead of every day, we switch it up every 3-4 days! 

Here is our chart:

Today is theme #1 - RED NAILS!

If you're a blogger, please feel free to follow along with us and use our chart! We created our special hashtag for the marathon:


Be sure to use it when you instagram a photo of your mani! If you're not a blogger, you can still Instagram and Tweet about it, and you can also join us on in this thread: 

Here are the polishes I used for my Red Mani -
From Top to Bottom:

        • Bondi New York - Strawberry Fields
        • Julep - Coco
        • OPI -  First Date at the Golden Gate
        • Bondi New York - Horny Mistress
        • Sephora X - We Are in Luck Here

For the mani I used Bondi New York's I'm Vers as a base coat, then applied 2 coats of Julep's Coco, which is a gorgeous deep rich oxblood. I then used different sized dotting tools to dot on all four of the remaining shades all over my nails, except my ring nail which I dotted a heart design on! I left my thumb just with the oxblood and I finished up with another coat of I'm Vers as my top coat. Voila! My red mani!

Mani #2 - Orange should be up probably on Wednesday or Thursday! I hope you'll follow along! Don't forget to use the hashtag! 

Happy Makeuping Polishing!



  1. this is gorgeous! I didn't realize it was every 3-4 days, that is more manageable but I still don't think I'm up for the challenge at the moment :)

    1. Thank you! You can totally join in and not have to do every single one! Just whichever you feel like doing, we just love seeing everyone's inspiration :-)

  2. Love, love, LOVE the nails! My favorite color is red, so I find these exceptionally gorgeous. I love how you used so many different shades of red in your nail art.

    Did I mention that I *love* your nails? ;)

    1. OMG! lol, I was actually laughing so hard reading your post my Hubby kept giving me these looks O_o

      Hahaha! and thank you!