Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Positively Polished - 30 Manis Marathon #7



In sleep he saaaang to me, in dreams he caaaame....that voice which caaaalls to me, and speaks my naaaame, and do I dream again? For now I fiiiiind....the PHAAANTOM of the opera is there...inside my miiiiiind......

::Ahem::....I do apologize, every time I look at this mani, I can't help singing that song! So I LOVED, loved, loved working on this mani! This is my 2nd time stamping (ever) and I had so much fun with this one compared to my last. I actually was able to do them all in one go, instead of having to continually redo and reapply polish like my previous stamping catastrophe!

I kept it simple with the polishes this time, since it was only black and white....

 From Left to Right: 

        • Nails Inc. - Kensington Caviar Top Coat
        • Konad - Special Polish in Black
        • Nailgirls - White #1
*Not Shown - Bondi New York - I'm Vers (base coat)

For this mani I applied one coat of Bondi's I'm Vers as a base, then two coats of Nailgirls' White #1. I used two different Bundle Monster plates for the stamping.

Bundle Monster plate #BM08 
for the Chandelier (bottom)

Bundle Monster plate #BM21
for the swirl design (top center)

I used Konad's Special Black Polish for the stamping, and if you look closely at the swirl design and my nails, you'll see that I chose not to use the entire design. I did not apply polish to the top left corner above the center swirl! My nails are fairly large compared to these stamping plates so I knew it'd be better if I had an image that didn't have a straight edge at the top. 

After I rolled on each design, I applied a teardrop rhinestone to the bottom of the chandelier, and small dot rhinestones to the center of each swirl on the other nails. I then used a tiny dotting tool to make the chain for the chandelier. I finished everything with a coat of Nail's Inc. Kensington Caviar Top Coat!

Coming up next....METALLIC Nails!

Happy Makeuping and Polishing!


  1. LOL I loved that musical! I sat in the front row and could basically see up the Phantom's nose lol. This mani looks really good!

  2. very nice manicure!

  3. Hey Cookie, I know you share my love of Coastal Scents and I just posted a look using the 88 shimmer palette :) Thought I would stop by and share.