Friday, August 16, 2013

Bondi New York - August 2013


EDIT 2/8/14 - At this time I no longer recommend purchasing from Bondi New York.

EDIT October 29th, 2013 - Bondi New York's Bondi Box subscription service was suspended as of October 28th, 2013.  Right now they are only selling individual polishes.

Most of you may have heard me go on and on about this incredible company called Bondi New York and their ahhh-mazing polishes, or you may have heard me gush about their fantastic high-quality customer service or "Rockstar" service as they like to say! AND you also may have read my post about them starting up a monthly subscription service! Well you MAY have, if you haven't, my darlin's, then never fear, here is the link -

August was Bondi's first month for their new service and YES, I absolutely DID subscribe! (As should you, ahem ahem. ::enable::) and without further ado, here is what I received!

I received three polishes, a perfume, lip glaze & a lip gloss

 This month's box included three mystery polishes from their Spring/Summer 2013 collection, as well as mystery grab bag beauty items from various companies. September's box (which is now available to sign up for!) will include 3 polishes from their new Fall/Winter 2013 collection and a deluxe beauty item but it won't be a mystery grab bag item, everyone will be receiving the same product. Here's the awesome part though, Bondi will be be letting subscribers pick the three polishes for their box! That personal touch, I love it! 

Let's take a closer look at what Cookie received in her box...

100% PURE
in Strawberry

"Sheer berry pink red. Gorgeous colors from fruit pigments in a moisturizing base of avocado and cocoa butters. 100% natural formula will give your lips a sheer wash of fruit pigmented color while nourishing your lips with vitamins and antioxidants." - from

How cute is this sleek little tube? Positively adorable! The color is a beautiful strawberry pink-red and the formula is soft, buttery but not sticky and applies nicely.

Being a glaze, it's not as pigmented as a lipstick, but the color payoff is still fantastic and it's easily blended as you can tell by the picture above. It has a glossy, shimmery sheen that looks gorgeous in the daylight.

I love how natural it looks, but it still gives you a beautiful wash of color. The consistency is light, it doesn't feel heavy or thick on your lips, even with a couple of layers applied. It also doesn't have that stickiness that some glaze or gloss lip products tend to have. The color lasts about 2 hours before fading (without eating or drinking), but you'll still have a soft color fade. It also keeps your lips very nourished hours after use!

LOVE & TOAST by Margot Elena
in Gin Blossom

Fragrance: Citrus Zest, Spring Dew, Mandarin Blossom, & Verbena Leaves

 Mmmmmmmm.....the fragrance is fresh, light, with a tangy sweetness from the citrus and mandarin blossom. It's absolutely delicious! This is the perfect mix for people like me who aren't partial to floral scents because it has a brighter zing of notes. The scent lasted pretty much all day after I applied in the morning and by night it was a light airy lingering aroma. Love & Toast also has 5 other fabulous sounding fragrances that I will DEFINITELY be needing to try:

  • Honey Coconut - sweet honey, sugared vanilla, violet, sandalwood
  • Mandarin Tea - african rooibos, pomegranate, neroli, orange blossom
  • Paper Flower - waterlily, dewberry, rose, ylang ylang
  • Pomme Poivre - vanilla orchid, white musk, jasmine, ebony woods
  • Sugar Grapefruit - pink grapefruit, orange citrus, warm musk, lily

 This adorable little bottle is 0.33 oz, but they also have full size bottles that are 3.4 oz as well as roller balls, handcremes, and balms!

100% PURE
in Mauvely

 "100% Pure lip glosses made with Vitamin E from organic rice bran and beautiful colors from fruit pigments. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant that drenches your lips with moisture and deeply softens." - from

Is it strange that I keep smelling my lip gloss tube? Because I DO! It smells SO good, just like fresh yummy fruit!

As you can see the consistency is a tad thicker than some glosses and the color is a beautiful pink-mauve nude. The two swipes looks thick and sticky, but it's not at all, it's very creamy from the shea butter and honey beeswax in the formula. You can also see it's very blendable! 

On my lips, it doesn't show up quite as much since my lips are already pink, but in person the color looks beautiful! Again, from 100% Pure, can you believe a lip gloss does NOT GET STICKY! Immediately once you rub your lips together you can feel how well moisturized they are and they last like that throughout the day, but the color does fade in about 1.5 hours as most glosses do.


::swoon:: Hellooooo beauties!

From Left to Right: 
  • Teal Magnolia
  • Top of the Rock
  • Botanical Beauty 

Can I just say I nearly fell over with joy upon receiving a teal polish? BONDI HOW DID YOU KNOW?! They know everything, I kid you not, they are phenomenal! I know you're just dying to see swatches, so I'll keep you waiting no longer!


"A luscious lilac may have them fooled into thinking you're a lady, but we know a tantalizing temptress lies beneath the soil. Plant the seed of intrigue and watch it grow - they won't be able to resist your bouquet." - from

Feminine, soft, but still with a bright, sprightly edge, this color is darling! It was the thickest of the three polishes, but still very easy to work with if you take your time. I only needed two coats for full opacity. One coat was pretty opaque by itself, but I used two just to make the color pop more. It's classic, yet modern, girly, yet can be edgy. I think this would be amazing as a base for a stamping design, or as a feminine french tip, or just by itself! Beautiful!


"Paint this posh grey on your paws and claw your way up to the top. A monochrome mani/pedi is the new powersuit, so get to workin' it. Three words: Stone. Cold. Fox." - from

This color is incredible, it's a cool steely grey with a very, VERY soft brown undertone that's hard to detect unless you inspect it closely. It's the sheerest of the three, but this picture shows only two coats which I found to be adequately opaque for my taste. It does brush on sheerer towards the edges, but I think that looks lovely as it softens them. At the most, you might need three coats if you want a strong solid color. Also, to note, I'm not wearing a top coat on any of these as I want you to see the formula by itself. If you noticed, Botanical Beauty was a bit semi-glossed in finish, but Top of the Rock is very glossy! I think the color is very unique and stunning!


  "You'll never have the blues again when you make teal your signature color. It's a beautifully bold move for a delicate flower such as yourself. Now's the time to blossom into a bad-ass." - from

Ah, babydoll, teal has BEEN my signature color! Does that make me a bad-ass? Cause I would LOVE to think I am!....oh who am I kidding, I'm a cuddly little kitty ::grin:: However, is this color not DIVINE? The formula is wonderful, it only needed two coats for full opacity and to brighten the shade. It has a beautiful semi-gloss finish as well. I could just stare and stare at this shade forever! It's definitely a brighter more jade-mint toned teal, but I think it's one of my favorite teal polishes I've ever seen. Love, love, love!


100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Strawberry (full-size):  $15

LOVE & TOAST Little Luxe Perfume in Gin Blossom:  $9

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Gloss in Mauvely (full-size):  $13

 Bondi New York Nail Polishes:  $12.50 each x 3 = $37.50

Total Paid for Box:  $19.99

Total Worth of Box:  $74.50

Wooooooooow. UNbelievable! I received almost FOUR times worth the amount of what I paid! Not only that, but I adored absolutely everything I received! The polishes alone are worth more than what I paid. Well done, Bondi, well done! You know how to make a gal happy!


 Well, you didn't think I'd leave you without a mani finale, did you? Haha, silly.....

 I love the way these three colors look together! A bit of brightness, a bit of girlishness and a bit of edge! I painted the base colors, then used french tip tape from a Sally Hansen set to line the edge and painted just a single coat of each color for the tips. I am also wearing Bondi's clear polish I'm Vers as both my base and top coat! 

I am so excited to be adding this sub to my list of subs for my blog, as I know it will ALWAYS be stunning and knock me off my feet! After September's box, the polishes will be all new never-seen-before colors! ::stoked:: Already looking forward to seeing the Fall/Winter collection! 

If you're interested in checking out Bondi New York and possibly signing up for their fantastic sub, here are some links. They have options for a monthly sub, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, each with subsequent discounts! -

Also if you are interested in seeing more of their Spring/Summer collection, just a head's up, I have a special post coming up soon with......SWATCHES GALORE! AND a special linkup with a fabulous blogger bestie of mine, so stay tuned! ::wink::

Happy Makeuping & Polishing, a Bondi Girl forever,



  1. wow, what an amazing box! I have seen other unboxings but I think you got especially lucky as your colours are all amazing and your bonus products were THREE, how crazy! I especially love that lip tint, and I don't know which polish is my favourite as they are all gorgeous. I haven't signed up for Bondi yet but I definitely plan to in the future :) The combination mani is fantastic as well!

    1. Thanks for the compliments! You definitely should consider signing up, it is a FAB sub! :-)

  2. This looks like a GREAT BOX! I am in LOVE with the lilac color! it's gorgeous - that's going to be one of my colors for my wedding! :)

    & the lippies look great too!!! I will definitely try this box in the future!

    1. Oh how gorgeous! What are your other colors for the wedding and congrats btw! Word of advice, you do EXACTLY what you want for that wedding...I tried to be the nice bride and make everyone happy and everything went SO wrong and SO crazy (colors, hairdo, dress, flowers, limo, bridesmaids, makeup, you name it) lol I should have stuck to the colors that I wanted in the first place!

  3. Ahhh gosh darnit cookie, this is tempting me so badly, but I am not letting myself buy anything for a couple of months because I'm saving up for a few things! DRAT. I love what you did with the colors, and that perfume sounds sooooooo good.

    1. Hehehe, ya know ya want it. ;-) ::enable::

      and thanks for the compliment! :-D

  4. Whoa! I've never heard of this box, but it looks incredible!!! I must have! xo Kelly

  5. Well in my opinion stay away from Bondi. There are so many people who never got the polishes or refunds. You can read about it on MUT or many other boards. People were told their product shipped when it never did and then no one ever saw it and have lost their money. That is what they are posting on all the boards

  6. I think by leaving this post on here unedited with you gushing about how wonderful the company is while people still haven't and probably never will receive refunds for products they never received, makes you lose credibility as a blogger.

    1. Thank you very much for your concern, and I do understand what you mean, however, as this post was written back in August I feel I do not need to edit it only just to state that the subscription is no longer available. My reason for this is because this were my feelings back when I wrote this post. They did provide amazing customer service, and a great box at that time, so even if things have changed, it doesn't change how I felt WHEN I wrote this. I would hope that people would understand that since this is not a new, constantly updated post, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's my current impression, especially since this is months old. I don't see why that would ruin my credibility as a blogger. They provided me with an amazing product in August, they provided me with amazing service in August, I was astounded by the quality of the products. Therefore, I decided to leave this post up. I do hope everyone understands. :-) As for refunds, I have seen people receiving them, and I do hope everyone does receive them that is trying to get them. It's hard to say what exactly happened amidst the whole mess, but since I don't know and have no proof of anything, I'm reserving judgement on my blog since I really don't want this blog to be about drama or scandal. I want it to be fun, happy and informative in regards to quality, product info and reviews.

  7. I feel as if your credibility as a blogger has been shot to shit , how can you stand back and still support a company who has ripped off hundreds of people . Please don't try to deny it as we all know you've been so far up Richards ass since the beginning .

    1. If you'll notice, at the very beginning of this post I have edited it to add (weeks ago): I no longer recommend purchasing from Bondi New York. I'm not sure where your hostility is coming from, especially since I have edited every Bondi post on my blog to say that. That means that I no longer support them. I'm most certainly not up anyone's derriere, I can assure you. I definitely want everyone to receive their money back and can certainly sympathize with the ones that haven't as I have not received everything back myself.