Saturday, August 24, 2013

POPSUGAR - August 2013


Another month, another POPSUGAR Must Have box! This is my 2nd month of POPSUGAR and I must say, it's been very interesting. Definitely the most eclectic subscription box that I have. With not just beauty, but style, home fashion, and even food!

This month is POPSUGAR Must Have Box's 1st anniversary! ::throws confetti:: Here's what they have to say to their subscribers for August:

"We're thrilled to officially celebrate our first birthday! POPSUGAR Must Have kicked off last Summer, so we rewarded our amazing subscribers - yes, that's you! - with a special gift in this August box. In addition to this piece, the end of the season always makes us think about getting organized, staying healthy, and taking care of ourselves. Thank you for sharing in the POPSUGAR Must Have fun with us, and enjoy this August box!" -


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY POPSUGAR! and now let's take a look at what getting organized, staying healthy and taking care of ourselves is all about!.....

 Ooooooo, ahhhhhhh...

Let's jump on in the box!....

Must Have Beauty

in Magnolia Fig

"What's not to love about this Lulah body wash? It smells amazing, creates a luxurious lather to keep your skin clean and fresh, and is all wrapped up in cute packaging to brighten up your shower.

We picked our favorite scents to send to you to refresh your clean routine." - from August 2013 POPSUGAR Must Have card

When they say it creates a luxurious lather, they aren't kidding! It lathered SO nicely and I had no trouble completely covering my body with just a small amount of product so this bottle will last a LONG time. Soapy, soft and great coverage. The fragrance notes are:

Luscious fig. Sparkling petitgrain. Sweet mandarin. Tart lemon peel. Creamy magnolia. Soft woods. -

As you can probably guess, if you're a regular Charming Cheshire reader, I'm not crazy about the scent. It IS refreshing, but the magnolia, fig and woodsy scent are too earthy for me. It has an interestingly bright, musky sweet smell. It cleansed well, and left the skin smooth. I wouldn't say it moisturizes as well as it claims, but it definitely cleanses gently and gives your skin a nice refreshed feeling afterwards. The scent, although not necessarily strong, but very apparent, didn't last long at all after I dried off and wasn't detectable when I smelled the skin an hour later. That may or may not be a plus for some! Lulah also has these other body wash fragrances:

  • Citron - pink pamplemousse, tart lemon, sweet basil, herbal tea leaves
  • Peony - sweet hyacinth, white magnolia, soft angelica seed, tranquil iris, sensual woods, gentle musk
  • Tamarind Grind - uplifting ginger, zesty lime, tangy tamarind, moist cucumber, airy ambrette seed
  • Vanilla Orchid - lush orchid, sweet jasmine, comforting vanilla, soft sandlewood, warm tonka bean



"Meet the two-step process that will change your skin regimen. First up is Dermalogica's PreCleanse, which is an oil-based, water-soluble cleanser that rids skin of oil-based debris and pollutants. It's formulated with plant oils, so it won't clog your pores and will leave your skin ready for the cleansing gel.

The special cleansing gel is a soap-free foaming cleanser that is gentle, yet thorough on your face. The mint and lavender will leave you feeling cool and relaxed." - from August 2013 POPSUGAR Must Have card

Oooooooooooo, I am in LOOOOVE with this stuff! This is the first time I've ever tried a two-step process cleanse, especially one that starts with applying pre-cleanse on a dry face. The PreCleanse is formulated without fragrances and colors, and it's comprised of many different oils. It gives you an excellent surface cleanse, breaking down the dirt while nourishing the skin. It doesn't have the most appealing scent to me, it's a strange mix of....well....oils. ::giggle:: I almost have the urge to use it in my cooking! However, it leaves my skin feeling and looking so good, I couldn't care less about the smell! Afterwards, my skin is a bit shiny, but not oily, and feels nice and smooth! I wouldn't recommend this with a Clarisonic cleansing brush though, both because of the oil consistency and as it's meant to be used on a dry face.

The Special Cleansing Gel is a fantastic light cleanser that's used after the PreCleanse. You put a small amount in your hands, add water then apply all over the face, rubbing it into the pores. It also is formulated without fragrances and colors, and it contains Balm Mint and Lavender extracts to soothe the skin. Having rosacea, I'm always on the lookout for a good face wash that can really get deep into the pores for a refreshing cleanse, but also is light and soothing as to not irritate my rosacea spots and this product is JUST the thing for me! It was nice and lathery, and I actually can use it either with just my hands or apply to the face then use my Clarisonic brush for better exfoliation. It leaves my skin smooth, bright and super clean. It doesn't dry your skin out, but I would recommend at least a light moisturizer afterwards. 

Must Have Home

BENTGO in Green

"Even if you're not kicking off a new school year, there's no time like the present to try out a new lunch routine. This Bentgo meal-storage container can keep your lunch well-organized and offers a great, eco-friendly way to eat healthy every day.

The containers nest together so it's incredibly easy to transport, and you'll never lose your silverware. The durable containers are also microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe." - from August 2013 POPSUGAR Must Have card

I don't really need a meal-storage container for my line of work, but my Hubby said he could definitely use this! Which is A-OK with me since they actually sent me my least favorite color out of their four shades - Grey, Blue, Purple & Green. Alas! Haha! It's very cute and handy dandy with the different compartments for different foods, and I love how you can store the utensils in it and not get them full of food. However, unlike a lunchbox, there is no handle so you'd still need to put this in a bag or carrying box of some sort AND I read on their website that it's not leak-proof although they do they do say it seals well but I prefer containers that can seal tighter that way I can use it confidently with soups, dressings, chilis, etc. It'll still work well for typical lunch though and I can easily fold some paper towels and stick them where the utensils are, which is a plus! Or even a cute little MWUAH, LOVE YOU XOXO note in there for Hubby ::blush:: 


"You don't need a class schedule to kick your personal organization into high gear this Fall. We love the colorful design of this notebook, and inside is everything you need to keep an eye on your days and week ahead. 

There's only so much electronic calendars can do, and we're still lost without our good old-fashioned weekly agenda stashed away in our bag everywhere we go." - from August 2013 POPSUGAR Must Have card

::SQUEAL:: This has to be one of the cutest little agenda books I've ever seen! If you go to May Design's website, you will be on there for HOURS. They have the most fabulous, personalized notebooks for not just weekly, monthly, yearly agendas but also meal planners, budget journals, baby diaries, calorie/exercise journals, address books, etc. They also have so many designs you can choose from as well as options to add your monogram or name! Plus, the font is.....::sigh::....well, it's just SO ME! I die. ::sniffe:: It's BEAUTIFUL! Electronics may have taken over our way of life, but there's just something so darn adorable about a little agenda book with cute font and empty pages! 

The covers are all made with soft canvas and are individually stitched down the spine that make them more eco-friendly instead of using binding glue! They come with a standard 80 pages, but some agendas may have more. 

Have you gone and bought something from May Design's website yet? Because you should!


"An apple a day keeps the doctor away! This adorable apple bowl may not be keeping you healthy, but it's a great decorative addition to any desk, entryway table, or tablescape.

Designed in our home city of San Francisco, the bright red enamel won't chip and is also suitable for any hot or cold foods. The possibilities are endless, and really, how could this little red bowl not put a smile on your face?" - from August 2013 POPSUGAR Must Have card

As cute as this little bowl is, I really don't have any place to put it in my house! Trust me, I'm very imaginative with home accents, but I'm at a loss with this one! My living room is contemporary cityscape (black, white and teal), my dining room is asian/Victorian era (brown, teal), the kitchen is whimsical french bistro (black, cream with cafe/coffee pictures), the bedroom is modern asian (creamy yellow, deep green, crimson red and dark brown), the guest bedroom is bohemian (golds, rich jewel tones), the office is architectural (black, silver, grey) and the bathroom is tropical (green, brown and tan).......yeah....doesn't really work anywhere does it? Not that I'm saying this little bowl isn't the cutest darn thing EVER! I wish I knew a friend who was a school teacher, I feel like this is the PERFECT gift for one!

The outside of the bowl is shiny silver proprietary metal alloy and the inside is coated porcelain enamel. Very chic, elegant but fun! The size is 3.5 x 4.5 x 1

Must Have Anniversary Gift


"It's no secret that we're huge fans of gorjana & griffin, so we were thrilled to team up with the brand for our POPSUGAR Must Have special anniversary necklace. 

This simple, yet sophisticated piece is perfect for everyday wear. We'd style this with a cute day dress for a weekend with friends or everyday workwear." - from August 2013 POPSUGAR Must Have card

Although I'm a little disappointed to be receiving ANOTHER piece of gold jewelry from POPSUGAR, this is still a very gorgeous, simplistically elegant piece. It's on a 17"
 long chain, the circle is 3/4" wide and the metal is 18k gold plated. It's a bit shorter than necklaces I prefer to wear, but since it IS such a simple necklace, that makes it perfect to use in addition with other necklaces at different lengths for layering. I think this would even be lovely by itself paired with a simple, starched collared blouse and blazer!

Special Extra


"We teamed up with the amazing monthly subscription NatureBox to bring you this healthy snack of apple rings. With no added sugars, these are perfect to enjoy when you need a quick treat in the middle of the day or when you're on the go. Check out NatureBox to learn even more about getting it's healthy, delicious snacks delivered right to your door every month!" - from August 2013 POPSUGAR Must Have card

 NatureBox is montly sub that delivers a box of 5 full-size nutritionist-approved packaged snacks for $19.95 per month with free shipping! Their goal is to provide healthy, wholesome snacks as snacks are typically 25% of a person's daily calorie intake and bad/unhealthy snacking is one of the leading causes of obesity. They also offer an option to pause or cancel your account AND even will issue a refund if you're not 100% satisfied! Click HERE to check out their subscription website!

The Granny Smith apple slices were positively SCRUMPTIOUS! The were lightly sweet from the apple's natural juices that are contained in the dried slices and mmmmmm, can I just say how much I love green apples?! I told my Hubby (Mr. Cookie!) to try one and he kept saying: "Naaaah, no. No thanks, I'm good." etc,...eventually he relented and tried a bite. Next thing I knew he was sneakily reaching around me to nab another, then another, then another! Haha! Eventually I had to hide them! They're light, but filling and only 100 calories for 10 slices. They definitely would be a snack favorite for me! I'm debating on whether or not I should jump in for a NatureBox. I was going to stick to just beauty/fashion on my blog, but oooooooooo, this one is tempting! Hey, a girl's gotta watch her figure, right? 


Lulah Body Wash in Fig Magnolia:  $11.25

Dermalogica Precleanse (1 fl oz):  $9.50

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (1.7 fl oz):  $10

Bentgo Box:  $14.99

May Designs Weekly Agenda Notebook:  $20

Lunares Apple Bowl:  $33.57*

Gorjana Open Circle Necklace:  $65

NatureBox Granny Smith Apples:  $3.99*

Total Paid for Box:  $35

Total Worth of Box:  $168.30

I'd say this is a tremendous worth box! How fantastic is that?! As expensive as this box is, I still say it's worth it to be receiving excellent sizes of products and possibly up to 7 items! *The Lunares Apple bowl is not sold on it's own, only in a set with plates and utensils costing $149 total, however, there is a different set of 7 round bowls that are similarly sized to the Apple Bowl and cost $235 total. $235/7 bowls = $33.57 each give or take. The NatureBox snack is not sold separately, but each box costing $19.95 contains 5 snacks, so the single cost could be around $3.99.



Although I wasn't a part of POPSUGAR Must Have from the very beginning, I do sort of wish they had done a more Anniversary-oriented box. Don't get me wrong, this box is still great, and I adore the Anniversary necklace I received! The box is very half and half for me. I love the necklace, notebook, Dermalogica, and NatureBox snack, but I don't particularly care for the apple bowl, Bentgo box and body wash. However, without counting the items I won't use, the box is still worth 3X what I paid, so I'm still a happy gal!

If you'd like to try out this sub, please feel free to use my referral code, just click HERE. Be sure to use the code REFER5 to receive $5 off your first month as well!

Happy Makeuping!



  1. This looks like a great box! Who doesn't love a cute agenda? Also, I love the apple bowl! Pop Sugar is weird with the gold jewelry...I don't know why they don't change it up a bit.

    1. Even if it was silver and gold, I think I'd feel differently about it, but JUST gold? lol

  2. Looks like a great box! Lots of different things as you said very eclectic! I just bought some agenda books at the back to school sales lol.

    1. LOL, my Hubby keeps getting after me about cancelling it since it's the most expensive box I have and I'm like...but don't understand. It's pretty much full-size items and it's my ECLECTIC BOX! XD

  3. i loove the Dermalogica kit! It removes makeup pretty well and my skin felt pretty soft and fresh! =) I can't wait to get next months! And they don't seem to have any previews anywhere!

    1. Previews normally start peeking out by now, don't they?! lol I think I might order the larger sizes of the Dermalogica, I adore the PreCleanse!

  4. The container and the apple bowl are are so cute! I like how this box always has a nice variety of products!