Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Positively Polished - with Dynamite Does Nails

with Dynamite Does Nails and YOU!

 Hello everyone! Because of the ridiculous lack of Positively Polished posts on here, I've decided to collaborate with the awesome Sarah (aka Scooby) from Dynamite Does Nails for this awesome newly created 30 Manis Marathon! At first we had talked about doing the typical 30 Day Nail Challenge, but let's face it, with jobs, housework, can be HARD to do a mani EVERY DAY! So this marathon will be a bit different! This will not be an everyday challenge, we'll just be featuring each mani probably every 3-4 days till we finish the list! 

AAAAAAaaaaand......We want you to join us! Add this Marathon to your blog, and Tweet, Facebook and Instagram about it, with our new hashtag:

We'll be starting on Sunday, September 1st, so if you're a blogger, be sure to let your followers know before then! I'll be doing a new Positively Polished post for each new mani, but you can set up your posts however you'd like. Please feel free to use our 30 Mani Marathon picture for your post!

Need some nail-spiration? (that's inspiration and nails put together...yeah I know, SO clever) Check out Dynamite Does Nails Blog! She has the most FABULOUS manis!


Hey everyone! Just wanted to give ya'll a handy dandy little update and include a schedule of all of  manicure dates for the 30 Manis Marathon! If there's a particular mani you want to do instead of doing them all like us, then please feel free to schedule the days on your calendar and join in then! Let me know if you have any questions! My thanks to Scooby for providing this timeline!

Manicure 1 - Red Nails: Sunday Sept 1st – Wednesday Sept 4th
Manicure 2 - Orange Nails: Wednesday Sept 4th – Saturday Sept 7th
Manicure 3 - Yellow Nails: Saturday Sept 7th – Tuesday Sept 10th
Manicure 4 - Green Nails: Tuesday Sept 10th – Friday Sept 13th
Manicure 5 - Blue Nails: Friday Sept 13th – Monday Sept 16th
Manicure 6 - Violet Nails: Monday Sept 16th – Thursday Sept 19th
Manicure 7 - Black & White Nails: Thursday Sept 19th – Sunday Sept 22nd
Manicure 8 - Metallic Nails: Sunday Sept 22nd – Wednesday Sept 25th
Manicure 9 - Rainbow Nails: Wednesday Sept 25th – Saturday Sept 28th
Manicure 10 - Gradient Nails: Saturday Sept 28th – Tuesday Oct 1st
Manicure 11 - Polka Dots: Tuesday Oct 1st – Friday Oct 4th
Manicure 12 - Stripes: Friday Oct 4th – Monday Oct 7th
Manicure 13 - Animal Print: Monday Oct 7th – Thursday Oct 10th
Manicure 14 - Flowers: Thursday Oct 10th – Sunday Oct 13th
Manicure 15 - Delicate Print: Sunday Oct 13th – Wednesday Oct 16th
Manicure 16 - Tribal Print: Wednesday Oct 16th – Saturday Oct 19th
Manicure 17 - Glitter: Saturday Oct 19th – Tuesday Oct 22nd
Manicure 18 - Half Moons: Tuesday Oct 22nd – Friday Oct 25th
Manicure 19 - Galaxies: Friday Oct 25th – Monday Oct 28th
Manicure 20 - Water Marble: Monday Oct 28th – Friday Nov 1st
Manicure 21 - Inspired by a color: Friday Nov 1st – Monday Nov 4th
Manicure 22 - Inspired by a song: Monday Nov 4th – Thursday Nov 7th
Manicure 23 - Inspired by a movie: Thursday Nov 7th – Sunday Nov 10th
Manicure 24 - Inspired by a book: Sunday Nov 10th – Wednesday Nov 13th
Manicure 25 - Inspired by fashion: Wednesday Nov 13th – Saturday Nov 16th
Manicure 26 - Inspired by a pattern: Saturday Nov 16th – Tuesday Nov 19th
Manicure 27 - Inspired by artwork: Tuesday Nov 19th – Friday Nov 22nd
Manicure 28 - Inspired by a flag: Friday Nov 22nd – Monday Nov 25th
Manicure 29 - Inspired by supernatural: Monday Nov 25th – Thursday Nov 28th
Manicure 30 - Inspired by a tutorial: Thursday Nov 28th – Sunday Dec 1st

Happy Makeuping and Mani Marathoning!



  1. Good luck with this. I am not that creative with my nails nor do I have the patience for this hun lol.

    1. LOL, aw just throw some polish on and call it modern art! <3 :-D

  2. ohhh just saw this but what a fun challenge! i don't think i'd have a chance to do my nails every day but looking forward to seeing what you come up with!