Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beauty Spotlight - Ft. Demeter


Hello there! I have a fun and unusual little post today for everyone! (I know you are BEYOND excited, my darlin's). In last month's Ipsy Glam Bag, there was a variation perfume product from the Demeter Fragrance Library in the scent Salt Air for the beach theme. I did not received this particular variation product in my Glam Bag but I had also never heard of Demeter Fragrance Library before and I was positively curious to see what all they might possible have....ladies and gents, I was BLOWN AWAY by all of the scents they carry! Each Demeter fragrance is made up of a single scent instead of a mixture of aromas as most fragrances are. They have over 250 scents in their library! Ranging from the most subtle and sweet of scents such as Honeysuckle, Lavender, and Cherry Blossom to the most scrumptious sounding delights like Devil's Food, Marshmallow, Vanilla Cake Batter and Creme Brulee to the CRAZIEST and most bizarrely random aromas such as Dirt, Glue, Sushi, Mildew, Paint, Play-Doh, and even Rubber

Here is what Demeter has to say about their incredible fragrances:

Simple. Subtle. Singular scents. Each day. Everywhere. 

"Simplicity and familiarity are critical parts of the Demeter approach to fragrance. We isolate and highlight the beautiful scents that surround us everyday, in wearable formats. It is a unique perspective, because we find the beauty in everyday things, while the familiarity also makes Demeter highly personal." - from

How fantastic is this? I positively fell in love with them! So of course, I had to order some stuff to show all of you! Here is what I ordered:

SURELY you know me well enough by now to know that OF COURSE I was going to go absolutely chocolate crazy! ::grins::

Here is a list of what I purchased:
  • Brownie
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Devil's Food
  • Honey

Mmmmmmmmmm.....::smacks lips:: Shall we take a look at the tasty treats?


"The name comes from the deep-brown color of the cookie. The first known published recipe for "brownies" appeared in the Sears, Roebuck Catalogue in 1897. It was created when a careless cook failed to add baking powder to a chocolate-cake batter (the dense, fudgy squares had been made for some time by women who received the recipe by word of mouth). Our version is rich, deep, and of course, chocolaty, based of memories of those special afternoons when we would come home from school to find that grandma had been baking. These days, however, the most important part of the experience is that Demeter Brownie is NO-CAL." - from

Brownie smells EXACTLY what you think it's going to smell like....A SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS brownie just out of the oven! I was positively blown away at how spot-on this scent was. I've smelled a lot of so called "chocolate" fragrances, aromas, scents, etc and they miss the mark by a mile, but if you're looking for a realistic brownie scent....THIS is what you want. It's warm, rich and'll make you drool! In fact, I wore this to work the other day and one of the children exclaimed: "Momma! I want some brownies! Who has the brownies!". Teehee!


"Deep, rich and exotic, Dark Chocolate by Demeter Fragrance Library is a silky smooth, absolutely sensual and indulgent chocolate fragrance.

Dark chocolate history goes back at least 3000 years. What began, as a bitter drink in the pre-historic tropics of South America has become one of the world's most popular treats. Dark chocolate was the only form until the addition of milk in the 19th century, so chocolate history is really the history of dark chocolate." - from
Dark Chocolate was also very similar to Brownie with that yummy chocolate goodness, but what set it apart to me was that it has just a slight edge to it and was not as warm and rich. It has a slightly smoother scent but still quite decadent. I'm going to call this my "Nighttime" chocolate perfume! Scandalously dark and delicious!


"God of the ancient Mayas, aphrodisiac of the Aztecs (and they weren't kidding), and spoils of the conquistador Cortez, Chocolate doesn't just melt in your mouth, it's the history of the world. The Demeter chocolate is suitable for gods and conquerors, so use with caution. 

This particular version is not a mix of chocolate and mint, but the actual herb, chocolate mint, itself. Used in deserts, cookie and ice cream, chocolate mint smells like a "Thin Mint" cookie or a chocolate peppermint patty." - from

Combine two of my favorite scents ever? Oh my, YES PLEASE! However, I like it, but I'm not crazy about it. Since it's not a mixture of chocolate and mint, but rather the scent of chocolate mint leaves themselves, I'm not entirely sold on it. A little more chocolate for a richer aroma or a little more mint for the burst of freshness would add to the aroma for me. It also leans a bit on the alcoholic side as you can smell a lingering air of it. Still enjoyable though, but not my favorite. It doesn't quite seem as fresh and popping as a chocolate peppermint patty is.


"Devils food cake is usually thought of in terms of dark chocolate, but originally it was red. This was due to a chemical reaction between early varieties of cocoa and baking soda, which also gave the cake a soapy taste. Today cooks, using modern processed cocoa, sometimes add a touch of red food coloring to bring back the authentic color. A light-textured chocolate layer-type cake with a deep reddish brown color, the cake generally has more baking soda, a stronger flavor (and fragrance!), and a darker color than regular chocolate cake. Devil's food cake was the favorite dessert of the early 1900s in America. Today it is also a new entry in the Demeter chocolate scent collection, as deep and rich as the traditional dessert itself." - from

Droooooool....this perfume has such a mouth-watery aroma that's both moist and full of will have you positively CRAVING devil's food cake! Even though it's a very rich scent, it's not overpowering, it just floats in the air while still containing such decadent sensory goodness! This is probably my 2nd favorite, right next to Brownie! Once again, Demeter got the scent just right, no ifs, ands or buts. There's no denying that this is not a liquidized devil's food cake! After I put this on, my Hubby demanded to know WHY I had purchased it...because now all the wanted to do was take a bite out of me! Ha!


"We think this scent is lick-able; just sex in a bottle. Sugary dripping nectar, the result of a love affair between blossoms and bees. There are hundreds of varieties all over the world and you can eat it straight from the honeycomb. Cave people ate it in Spain. The ancient Egyptians loved and revered it. And certainly the Romans had a hand in popularizing it. The flavor and scent of honey is destroyed by heating. So, eat it straight from the Jar. Or hive if you're lucky enough. Or just get our Honey and breathe it." - from

::blushes:: woo, woo! What a scandalous tidbit of info! So, I hate to end of a bit of a sour note (no pun intended, hehe), but unfortunately I should have known to stick to chocolates, as this is definitely my least favorite of the bunch. It just doesn't have that sweet honey aroma I was hoping for. It's a bit on the edgy leaning towards bitter side or maybe just TOO sweet with an alcoholic odor floating around in it. I keep trying to smell it, hoping it might be different or I may detect a more likeable side to it, but it always smells the same to fact this one was the only one that gave me a bit of a headache. It may be just me, as I know it had a good rating on the website! However, if you are a chocoholic like me then you may have the same issue with Honey's scent. Alas! Everyone's natural body oils may react differently to the fragrance oils though. That's why sometimes a perfume may smell delicious, but when you put it on you notice it changes somewhat. Most of the time though, if I don't particularly like a fragrance that much, I know it won't blend well with my skin oils. Have you had this experience before?


Demeter's website, as I said, has over 250 different fragrances and I'm sure EVERYONE can find at least one (if not dozens!) fragrance that calls to you! They have a selection of different sizes and product selections for each particular scent as well. They have:
  • 1/2 oz Cologne Mini Splash - $6
  • 1/2 oz Cologne Purse Spray - $10
  • 1 oz Cologne Spray - $20
  • 4 oz Cologne Spray - $39.50
  • .29 oz Roll On Perfume Oil - $10
  • Pick-Me-Up Body Lotion 8.4 oz/250mL - $22
  • Pick-Me-Up Shower Gel 8.4 oz/250mL - $20
  • Pick-Me-Up Massage & Body Oil 2 oz/60mL - $12
  • 4 oz Atmosphere Spray - $14
  • 4 oz Atmosphere Diffuser Oil - $25

They also have sales, and special deals constantly and if you join their Facebook Page, they even have a Fragrance of the Day that is 50% off on their website! Here is their website link and Facebook:


If you haven't gone to their website yet, why haven't you?! Just to peruse their outstanding collection of both the beautiful and bizarre, common and curious is SO much fun! I highly recommend them! If you've already purchased some of their fragrances of when you DO, please be sure to let me know which ones you bought and what you think of them, I'd love to hear it!

Happy Makeuping Smelling Positively DELICIOUS!

Love, Cookie 


  1. Very interesting scents! That's a lot of chocolate perfume :) I don't think I would wear the chocolate scent but apparently one of the perfumes I like has chocolate 'notes' in it so maybe I would! I thought honey would be great, how disappointing. Your photos with the brownies are amazing, I hope you ate them after :)

    I just posted my july empties at if you're interested ! :)

  2. Ooo, what perfume do you wear?! lol and those brownies didn't last 5 seconds after I was done taking pics! They had been sitting on the counter all day since I knew I wanted to use them for this post but I was busy until later in the was very hard to see them just deliciously sitting there!

    I'll definitely come take a look at your post! Right now! :-D

  3. wow, just reading the names of these made me want to have some chocolate lol.

    1. I have enabled the chocolatey-ness! Mwuahaha! LOL

  4. that I am drooling all over my keyboard...

    Still thinking about placing an order with the Ipsy code but I CANNOT decide what I want. I have it narrowed down to like 10 different scents hahaha.

    1. Let me know whatcha get! :-D I'm probably going to place another order at some point, but there's some I'm very iffy on!

  5. I love food scented products, especially dessert ones!! If I wore these, I think I might be tempted to lick my own arm. ;)

  6. I've actually purchased room sprays as Christmas gifts for co-workers in their favorite scents. It was actually quite a hit, they had no idea, it was unexpected as I had just asked in passing in day to day conversation. I believe some of the scents I purchased were leather, lilac, grass, and jasmine.

    1. That's such a fab idea! You can easily find out what their fav scent is! Love it <3