Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Starlooks - October 2013


Hello there! This month for Starlooks I had to step out of my typical Cheshire Cat personality and slip into Alice's shoes for a bit. The box, although not outright saying it's from the world of Wonderland, had very much an Alice feel from the colors, looks and vibe in the Looks Book. If you haven't seen my spoiler post with the Looks Book pictures, here's the link - 

This month's Looks Book pictures were full of gorgeous, simplistic style....very soft, modern, and girly. I was very much hoping for that silvery-blue shimmer product on her eyes as well as the rosy-pink blush....and I did!

Here is my box!.....

I received: a lipstick, eyeliner, blush compact, quartz crystal & coupon

 To the review!......

in Puzzy

"This Tendergloss is the ideal, natural lip color enhancer for all skin tones. Smooth over lips directly for a sheer, metallic finish or apply with a lip brush for a deeper coverage." - from October 2013 Starbox card

I LOVE Starlook's Tendergloss! I have a few of them from past Starboxes or from ordering on their website and they're GORGEOUS and so soft when applying. 

 As you can see Puzzy is very, very sheer with a soft metallic sheen. The single swipe is barely visible on my super-fair skin, just adds a pretty pale-pink sheen, and even after swiping SIX times it's still barely visible! It glides on very softly but really can't be built upon much at all, however you can wear it by itself for a soft, girly sheer lip or worn over a bright, colorful lipstick for a pearly finish!

On my lips it's just barely visible since my lips are very pink already but I LOVE the pearly sheen! It's not at all sticky, in fact it's fairly moisturizing and creamy feeling on the lips though it's not thick at all. It doesn't last as long as I would like though, only about an hour or two before needing touch-ups but I think it's soooooo pretty and I'll definitely be wearing it often since I love to play up the eyes!

in Mirage

"An amazing fall/winter color addition to your Starlooks Gem collection! This smooth, rich, satin formula can be used as an all-over shadow base or as an eye liner - both outside and inside the water line." - from October 2013 Starbox card

I've tried out a couple of their Gem Pencils as well and...may I ramble excitedly again?....I LOVE THEM! Haha! At first I thought I had this particular one already since I have their silver one, but then I read the name and swatched it and realized it was different after all!

The silver Starlooks Gem Pencil is called Deja Vu whereas Mirage has a soft blue-ish tint...

How pretty is that color?! The single line shows up relatively's more difficult to see unless the light is shining on it as it blends on my skin when in the shadows...the thick line is STUNNING in color....the squiggling line was very smooth and soft during application with no dragging or creasing...the dots was the only way to apply that doesn't show up very well. I would say the thicker the line, the better this applies if you want to really see the shade.

It does wipe off very easily, though, but it leaves quite a bit of shimmer behind. The best way to use this is to be sure to use a primer as WELL as a setting spray afterwards. With both of those I was able to wear this for about 6 hours before needing major touchups.

in 3B1

"It has been a while since we've sent you a blush, so we decided to make sure you're all set with three, wonderfully pigmented colors suitable for any occassion!" - from October 2013 Starbox card

I have such a weakness for a gorgeous palette and of course this one is no exception! I love the variety as well. It's a very sleek, beautifully designed compact, and I was very happy to see a nice full coverage mirror on the inside of it...the only thing it's missing is a brush, however, I don't typically use brushes that come with compact since they're smaller than I'd prefer. 

Look how gorgeously pigmented they are! The thick swipe was in fact done with just one swipe but I did lightly swirl my finger in the powder to show you the full color and shade of each. Such a beautiful mix...a babydoll pink, a soft peach and a dulled blush red. Notice how almost creamy they look for a powder! Not a bit of patchiness, not even once blended! I love how natural they look blended. They're very, very soft and blend super easy and the color does last for about 7-8 hours with a setting spray. I really can't pick a favorite shade from these as I think they're all just darling!


"Rivet & Sway offers a smartly designed eyewear collection exclusively for women, and has generously awarded our Starbox Subscribers "$50 off" of their entire line of fabulous frames! Add to that their Free Home Try-Ons and a Free Personal Stylist and we think you will have found your new favorite eye glasses brand!" - from October 2013 Starbox card

Well I think this is very generous of Rivet & Sway as well as Starlooks for provided all subscribers with this awesome coupon! Unfortunately, I don't wear glasses or contacts! Oops! I have a fab friend of mine who does, though, and I have given her the coupon to use which she is oh so ecstatic about! 


Tendergloss in Puzzy:  $13

Gem Pencil in Mirage:  $14

3 Shadow Blush Palette in 3B1:  $46

Total Paid for Box:  $17.68  ($15 Sub cost + shipping)

Total Worth of Box:  $73

Wow! I am SO happy with this month's worth! It is beyond fantastic! The blush alone is worth about three times of the sub cost itself (as well it should, it's quality is fantastic). Well done Starlooks and thank you for the awesome goodies!


I was so inspired by the Looks Book pictures that I wanted to recreate something similar to it! I did also get a chance to use all of the products for these pictures as well!

Did I use all three blush colors? YES I DID! Go big or go home? No? Haha...well I went for it! I used the dull red blush towards the ears and blended in with the bronzer I used to sculpt my cheekbones a bit. Then I used the peach shade towards the bottom center of the apples of my cheeks and the babydoll pink up above the apples of my cheeks AND dusted a bit on my upper eyelids towards my eyebrows. 

 I swiped on about 3 layers of the Tendergloss but as I said, it blends with my lip color well so it doesn't show much...just adds a bit of sheen. For my eyes I started with a warm brown shade, then lightly swipes on the Mirage pencil over it, blending it over the brown with my fingertips. Then I used a black liquid line and drew on a soft cat eye from the middle of my eyelid (instead of the inner corner) and out to keep it soft and less graphic. Then I applied Mirage over it on the top for a stronger shimmer with the liner. I finished the eyes with mascara and there you have it!

Happy Makeuping! ::puts back on Cheshire grin::




  1. your looks are always so gorgeous, the blush compact seems nice the other two items I wouldn't be too excited by but you do a gorgeous look with them!

    1. Aw, thank you very much! <3 I must admit, I'm reaching for the blush compact every day now since I've gotten it and I have yet to reach for the eyeliner once since I took these pics. I have used Puzzy a couple of times though :-)

  2. I like the blush but I think the lipstick would be a bit too tame for me, I would have to use it on top of something else as a mid lip highlight or something.

    1. That's cause you are funky fabulous! :-D LOVE IT! You gotta rock a gorgeous lip! I actually think Puzzy looks gorgeous over a fuschia or lavender lipstick!

  3. The blush palette looks exciting to me.

    1. Oh I absolutely love it! :-D I've been grabbing for it almost everytime I do my makeup!