Sunday, October 13, 2013

Positively Polished - 30 Manis Marathon #13


I know, it is so, so, soooo cliche to do a leopard design for an animal print, but I COULD NOT HELP MYSELF! I adore leopard print! I figured, why not combine my fav polishes and my fav print and bust out a fab that's exactly what I did! My friend even told me after I showed it to her: "That mani just screams The Charming Cheshire! It just has you written all over it." LOL! Why yes, yes it does, doesn't it?! I seriously didn't have to think twice about what my favorite all-time polishes were.....

 From Left to Right -

        • Bondi New York - Teal Magnolia
        • Bondi New York - Lady Liberty
        • Julep - Zelda
        • OPI - Black Onyx

*Not shown: Bondi New York - I'm Vers (bottom and top coat)

For this mani I started with one coat of I'm Vers as a base, then two coats of Lady Liberty on my pointer, middle and pinky finger and two coats of Zelda on my ring finger. After that dried I used a dotting tool to create small splotches of Teal Magnolia and Zelda on my middle finger, then small splotches of Lady Liberty and Zelda on my ring finger. I decided to use Teal Magnolia as a secondary teal shade so the spots would have more color and not all be the same, but the teals are similar enough so they still blend nicely with each other. In the pictures it's harder to see a difference between the two, but in person it's much more noticeable. Once those dried I then used a smaller dotting tool to create the uneven "C" shapes around each splotch with Black Onyx and also randomly added small dots between the spots. The fabulous thing about leopard print is that it's hard to mess up. It's all supposed to be uneven, random and different, with no spot matching another. Definitely one of my favorite chic designs that's easy to quickly do and looks gorgeous afterwards! I finished the mani with one coat of I'm Vers for a glossy finish and raaaaaawr!, I mean, tada! ::wink::


 Next on the list is FLOWERS! Not my favorite mani of all time, but let's see what crazy thing I can do with it! 

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Happy Makeuping and Polishing!



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